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Post by Yarashi Kaminato on Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:40 pm

Name: Yarashi
Age: 62
Race: human/Demon/Angel hybrid
Gender: male
Occupation: Kaminato clan co leader and Vandoran detective.
Appearance: If you see a white man with wild, silky-blond hair going all over the place, and kind blue eyes  that seem to glitter in the sun, who is skinny, yet sort of muscular, its Yarashi. Most of the time, he has on an open, green jacket with 2 black stripes going down the left, and right side of the chest, and an unfolded collar that almost reaches his ears, and under that, Yarashi has a white undershirt with no sleeves. He has a black belt, holding his Special throwing daggers on the left side, he has blue jeans and white sneakers with black laces. A sword of the combination between Excalibur, Trigent Trien, and Zelulas, the 3 God swords, is sheathed to his back. He can hold many useful items underneath his jacket.

Personality: Yarashi could be called an effective strategist with a warm heart. He does what needs to be done and puts his friends first.

Physical combat relations: Yarashi can have hypersonic speeds and highly trained reflexes, but his best combat trait is his monster insurance and stamina. While his muscular strength is nothing to make fun of, it is still his least effective quality by a somewhat small margin.

Magical/special combat traits: Yarashi has mastered skills of every natural element, fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, and their combinations. His most powerful factor, however, lies in his controller of his forms of intense Ki. He can also create illusions and solid clones of himself. He has been able to mimic and use other special skills he sees as if they where his own, and he has controlled of the many dark magic properties of his swords. He has even been able to use his clan's bloodline transformation without it's cost.

Key weak points: Yarashi has a slight week point to attacks that deal spiritual damage only, and he can be warn down slowly when facing an effect of a curse or magical illness.
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