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Congratulations Nerdalius!

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Congratulations Nerdalius! Empty Congratulations Nerdalius!

Post by Razren on Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:07 pm

Hey Nerdalius, Razren here to wish everyone a congrats! We've hit 45 registered users. Crazy, I know. But we can't stop here. Everyone needs to keep recruiting and keep up the activity. Let me send out a special thank you to everyone who came here from our previous site, Chessmasters Academy. Thank you for giving this site a chance! Anyway, with that out of the way, let me mention some of the activities we have going on here at the Nerdalius! If I don't mention an event you have going on, feel free to message me and I'll add it in. We gotta keep everyone excited about what's going on after all!

Nerdalius Short Story Contest!: This is an event hosted by yours truly. In this our members pit their writing skills against eachother in an attempt to win a ton of points and a free item from the shop! Please enter, I'd love to see you there! [Full Details inside]

Nerdalius Yugioh Tournament!: Like Yugioh? Then join the first official tournament! Host by our Head Admin Pickles, it's time to bring your decks and battle it out for the chance at a grand prize! [Fully Details inside]

Two Truths, One Lie!: A forum game in which you attempt to trick everyone by posting 3 things about yourself. The fun of it is that one of the things is a lie, and people gotta guess which one it is! [Full Details inside]

Give a Nickname!: In this forum game, you give the person that posted above you a funny or fitting Nickname!

Razren's Persona RP!: Ever hear of the Persona series? If you haven't and wanna learn, or you are a fan, feel free to step inside the Velvet Room and discover the power of the bonds that bind us all together!

If we were to make a band...: Ever played any instruments? If so feel free to talk about it here! Become part of the Nerdalius Band!

Top Animes!: Like anime? Feel free to post your favorites here! Maybe you can find some people that like the same stuff as you...who knows?

Favorite PS Games!: Ever owned a PS1? If so, tell us what your favorite games are! Who knows, maybe you'll find someone that loves a particular game as much as you!

Win of the Day!: Like Yugioh? Play on DN a lot? Post your favorite wins here!

That's it for right now, but I'm sure our users have more in store, and hey THIS ISN'T EVEN ALL THERE IS. Explore the site and find what other hidden goodies we have in store!
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