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Post by Kzoki on Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:24 pm

Kzoki's Characters 306790-1920x1080
Birth Name: Unknown
Known Name: Drevak Eidolon
Title: Overlord of the Netherworld
Occupation: Overlord

Age: 1268
Species: Greater Demon
Gender: Unknown (Assumed Male)
Height: 7'3
Weight: Unknown

Skin: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Glowing Red
Markings: Symbol on helmet(in white, bonding symbol) Kzoki's Characters Satan2

Clothing of Choice: Unknown
Armor of Choice: Black Primium melted over bones of an Elder Dragon infused with the powers of necromancy and shadow magic
Weapon of Choice: Sword - Hilt made of Gravitium(Making it extremely light), Fuller made of Vibranium(has been storing energy for over 600 years), Edge is made of Zuunium infused with Aconitum (AKA Wolf's Bane)
Powers: Elemental Wing Manifestation, Supernatural Condition, Locality Tracking, Death-Force Manipulation, Intangibility, Immortality, Chaos Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Mediumship, Blood Manipulation,
Natural Weaponry: Weapon Transformation(Only works on his sword)
Pet: Qourpav(Soul-eating Demon Worm) named Princess (See bottom)

Birthplace: Unknown
Residency: Netherworld
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Education: Unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Motives: Destruction, Chaos
Fears: N/A
Personality: Clever, crafty, cruel, dishonest, fearless, formal, greedy, impatient, organized, secretive
Weaknesses: Unknown

Bio Pending
Kzoki's Characters 25fkmeh
Name: Princess
Age: Unknown
Species: Qourpav(Soul-eating Demon Worm)
Gender: Unknown (Though it is Asexual)
Length: 500ft
Width: 100ft
Weight: 1700tons

Skin: All but the under belly is scaled. These scales are 20ft thick. The under belly is considerbly softer it is 5ft thick.
Hair: None
Eyes: Pearl White
Markings: Symbol in center of head(in white, bonding symbol) Kzoki's Characters Satan2
Powers: Soul Manipulation, Soul Sealing, Soul Absorption, Soulless Being
Natural Weaponry: Tentacle Extension, Bone Spike Protrusion, Sharp Teeth, Dermal Armor

Birthplace: Lowest depths of the Netherworld
Residency: Netherworld
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Weaknesses: Unknown

Kzoki's Characters 209povp
Name: Fehra Rowsen
Alias: N/A
Age: 21
Species/Race: Ker (Death Spirit)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 132 lbs
Occupation: N/A
Gender: Female
Likes/Dislikes: +Death +Human blood +Dark +Magic -Combat -Impolite people -Light -Demon/Daemon/Daimon
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Distinguishing Features: Pale skin, Greyish hair, Wings
Skills/Powers/Abilities: Levitation, Curses(The ability to enchant an object or person, and produce negative effects.), Telepathy(The ability to hear and broadcast the thoughts of oneself and others.)
Weapons: N/A
Personality: Polite, Shy, Philopolemic(Loves to argue)
Strengths/Weaknesses: +Mind tricks +Dark magic -Light magic -Holy artifacts
Anything Else: N/A
History: Fehra was abandoned by her parents when she was of the age of 3 on the door steps of an Inn. The innkeeper found her on the doorstep and brought her inside.
At the age of 6, Fehra's wings began to sprout. The innkeeper found this odd, but paid no attention to it.
All through Fehra's childhood, she would play with peoples mind, conning them into things. She was always considered a bad influence by the towns people but the innkeeper defended her none the less.
When Fehra turned 10 she began to develop telepathy. She found this out one morning well she was thinking poorly of the way the innkeeper was treating her. The innkeeper walked over to her and said, "What did you say," in an angry voice. Fehra said, "Nothing." She thought to herself, "This old man is going crazy." The innkeeper turned around to face her, "I'm not crazy young lady, now go to your room." Fehra always thought little of the innkeeper, for she knew he was not her father, although he had raised her as his own.
At the age of 12 is when Fehra developed her thirst for human blood. She was sitting in a chair on the main level of the inn, when the innkeeper cut himself. The scent of the blood caused Fehra to gain a uncontrollable twitch. She tried to take her mind off of the scent by thinking of other things but no matter how much effort she put into it, it wasn't enough. Fehra walked over to the innkeeper silently, sneaking up behind him. She sunk her teeth into the man's arm, where the cut was. She tore flesh from the man's arm and began feeding on it. The blood made her feel strange, like a new person. In the end she killed the innkeeper, leaving only his skeletal remains.
Fehra fled the town, afraid of being found out.
Fehra now travels from place to place, never staying somewhere for long.

Kzoki's Characters 2zzp7o0
Character Name: Crexas Vorahd
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 547 [immortal]
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Height: 6'2
Occupation: Philomath, Enchanter
Race/Species: Timelord [A timelord is a being created when a temporal loop occurs. The essence of time overlaps so frequently that it literally creates a new being. They are created appearing the age of 20 and look human till they are about 150-200 in human years. Once the reach this point their body begins to rot and decay at an accelerated rate. Due to the essence of time being infused with their body, there flesh never actually falls from the bone. They are seekers of knowledge and usually calm in temperament. They are masters of time magic from birth an will occasionally seek to master other forms of magic.]
Personality: Crexas is a very relaxed being. He is quite the silent type and prefers to be left alone. He has no desire to fight others on a physical level and will try and take all precautions to avoid it.
Located from: Aeterna [Aeterna was once a prosperous realm full of magic. One mage decided to try his hand at time magic and caused the realm to be stuck in a temporal loop.]
Weapons: Magic
Powers & Abilities: Time Magic[Speeding up and slowing down time around ones self, Time freeze(1 post, primarily used as an escape measure), Teleportation(using rifts in time to travel between places)] , Enchanting, Immunity to mind manipulation[mind control, reading, alteration, etc.]
Likes: Learning, Knowledge, Magic, Books[Especially ones dealing with magic or history]
Dislikes: Idiotic beings, 'Muggles'
Strengths: Made of magic[enhances his magical abilities and learning abilities dealing with magic], Wise, Immunity to mind manipulation
Weaknesses: Smells of rotting flesh, Slow moving [when not altering time], Pacifist
Distinguishing Features: Glowing green eyes
Tattered robes
Ancient looking armor
Facts (If they apply):-No family
-Considered royalty among time mages.
Short Biography: Crexas was created when the temporal loop occurred in the realm known as Aeterna. Due to the fact that he was filled with the essence of time itself, he could remember all he learned from the previous day. Most beings caught in a temporal loop do not age, although Crexas still continued to. He spent his days in Aeterna studying it's history and magical arts he was able to. Conflict is something he was constantly trying to avoid, seeing as he is quite the pacifist.
Eventually, he found a dimensional time rift in one of his travels. He used this rift to transport himself to the realm known as Dranica. In this realm, he spends most of his time in the same manner as he did the other, learning and expanding his vast pool of knowledge. Crexas can usually be found in a library or city record, learning about each place he has visited and/or may visit in the future. During one of his quests for knowledge, he found a book on enchanting. From this book he learned many things about the art and has put it to use personally and as a profession. He enchanted his own armor with the abilities to nullify mind-based magics, granting him an immunity to them seeing as he is never without his armor.
Name: Logan Kober
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs
Appearance: Kzoki's Characters 1204316-bigthumbnail
Power: Poison Manipulation [Logans blood is a dark green colour due to the many toxins flowing through his blood stream. This grants him immunity to any and all deadly toxins. His body is so in tune with the poisons that he can identify any poison by its taste and/or smell. He is able to manipulate the poisons in his body to imbue its deadly properties into items, such as his katana.]
Weapon(s): Katana and Wakizashi ('Expert' in Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu)
Fighting Styles: Krav Maga(Journeyman) and Ninjutsu(Adept)
Distinguishing Features: Horns
Personality: Logan is quiet and will almost always seek solitude and darkness when he is not training. He does not necessarily despise company, but prefers to be alone. He likes to keep his responses short, unless he is trying to trick or throw someone for a loop. He treats friends as being the highest someone can be, because to him, his friends are his family.

When it comes to business, business is business and fooling around is unacceptable when there is a job at hand. This is especially applicable when the topic of his parents arises, or anything that could be related to it. He does not tolerate anyone talking down to him, and will react accordingly.
Likes: Solitude, Darkness, Training, Deadly toxins, Shadows, Stealth tactics, Reading
Dislikes: Large Open Spaces, Bright Lights, Firearms, People talking down to him, Sleep
Goals: To master his powers and the styles he chooses to fight in
Bio: Due to Logans deformity, his horns, his parents abandoned him in an alley shortly after birth. He would have died out there that cold night if it were not for a young couple who so happened to walk through the alley and care enough to save his life. He was raised by these to until he was about 7yrs old. Shortly after he turned 7 the couple died in a tragic accident... Logan had cut himself making a sandwich and was rushing to the sink to clean up his hand, but along the way some of his blood droplets landed in the pitcher of juice that sat upon the table. When dinner time came around and they were all drinking it, the couple died in a slow, agonizingly painful manner.
Logan left shortly there after and began to raise himself on the streets. He would get into many fights for no good reason and had to train himself. He started learning different fighting styles anyway he could find. The two he ended up sticking to were ninjutsu and krav maga. Through learning ninjutsu, he also stumbled upon the art of Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu. This weapon style is something he learned to quite enjoy and he studied it with more ambition then any of the others.
Not many people of Terminus City know of or even know Logan. Due to his childhood problems he avoids people the best he can and prefers not to fight unless necessary. He has little to no friends, mainly because it's hard to get him to say maybe more then two wards to you. He knows the city very well, well at least its shortcuts and escape routes that help him avoid unwanted attention. He is also well versed in the history and ongoing affairs of Terminus City, this is due to the fact that he has read so much literature on the topic.
Logan had just recently sought out the university to help further his training. HE knew they helped gifted individuals, not unlike himself, and that there guidance may help him further develop control and techniques revolving around his powers.

*****How I rank knowledge level of fighting style and skill in it*****
Lowest - Highest
1. None
2. Beginner
3. Journeyman
4. Adept
5. Expert
6. Master
7. Grandmaster

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