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Witchblood Prologue

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Witchblood Prologue

Post by Dullahan on Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:55 pm

Hey guys, this is my story that I've been working on in Deviantart. I thought that I'd start you off with a short prologue of it, to get you familiar (somewhat) with the story. If you're interested and want to ask me a question about the story, I'll be happy to answer. I hope you enjoy Very Happy

One-hundred twenty years ago, five malefic, immortal witches terrorized the world; their goal- to overwrite the world’s creations with their own. They used the evil spell “Diabolus Ex Machina” to turn most of the world’s animals, plants, and even humans into monsters; chaos eventually followed the witches wherever they go, breeding fear, destruction, and death. The witches nearly had the world in their hands.

However, six mysterious mages stood between the witches and their goal; some say they came from the magic counsel to defend against the threat; others believe they were simply rebel witches who disagreed with the ideals of the immortals. The mages and the witches battled for control over the world, in an event simply known as “The Calamity.”

The Calamity lasted for days, both sides refused to give an inch. But in the end, the leader of the witches fell, and was sealed into the earth for all eternity; the six mages gloriously reigned supreme. Defeated, the remaining Immortal Five retreated from the mages, knowing they were overpowered. Although the six were victorious, the damages caused by The Calamity were too great for them to celebrate.

Leftover magic from the battle polluted the air physically and genetically mutating some human Calamity survivors into several new species- among them were the Elves and the Beast-kin; the monsters created by the witches were also reacting with the excess magic in the air, and were rapidly multiplying; eventually, they outnumbered the few thousand survivors. The six mages established guilds that would hunt down these creatures; the mages themselves dedicated the rest of their days hunting down their arch rivals, as they feared the witches will try to take the world again…
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