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Jain's Plot Bunnies (Watch Your Step)

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Jain's Plot Bunnies (Watch Your Step)

Post by Jain vi Bookshelvia on Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:19 pm

I get a lot of inspiration and ideas so I thought I'd keep some here and get some potential feedback.

This is my latest one, digging at the back of my mind. It demanded to be freed and here it is.


Title: N/A

Catagory: A Bleach Fanfiction

Summary: Millenia ago, before even the time of Seireitei, the distinction of Shinigami and Hollows ran deeply; defenders of whole souls against those lost to their instincts and need. However, the boundary between the two have been proven time and again that it can blur during certain circumstances and for certain individuals. This is the story of the first and her legacy.


Character Bio:

Name: Saigyou no Kaika

Gender: Female

Description: Appears to be a young girl in her mid-teens. Has shoulder-length wavy black hair, wide maroon eyes and a fair peach skin tone. Wears the common white yukata that most are seen with upon entering the Rukongai district. Does not wear any footwear.

Is constantly hungry and has a voracious appetite. Suggests a high amount of Reiatsu and potential.

(Small Spoiler Alert)

Zanpakutou: YĆ«ga ni sakase, Sumizome no Sakura (Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossoms)

Bankai: Saigyou Ayakashi (Bewitching Cherry Tree of the West)

(End of Spoilers)

Just an idea I had. If you're a big Bleach fan, you should be able to catch several hints here.

Let me know what you think.
Jain vi Bookshelvia
Jain vi Bookshelvia
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