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Post by DillPickles on Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:23 pm

Due to the number of peole signed up for the roleplay Razren and myself have decided to make this roleplay a site wide roleplay and a new section will be added to the forum for this roleplay. Sign-ups will still be located in the roleplay section of this forum and your characters will still need to be approved before you will be allowed to roleplay in the new section of the forum.

For those who wish to roleplay but yet don't have that much experience with forum style roleplaying. I have a few tips for you.


Number 1. Just because YOU personally know something about someones character doesn't mean your character knows. If you are using out of character knowledge this is a form of cheating within a roleplay known as Meta Gaming. Try not to meta game in the roleplay.

Number 2. There is a reason why your character must be approved before roleplaying. This is due to the fact that we do not want anyone to be overpowered when roleplaying. Certain powers and traits that a character possesses may cause them to become less desirable to roleplay with as people may see them as being something that is cheap and unfair. To keep this down we are going to be reviewing your characters and approving them before we allow you to roleplay in this roleplay. This type of overpowered play is known as Godmodding. So try to stay away from powers and traits that may make you basically a god among men.

Number 3. When in a roleplay fight against anothers character do not say that you hit their character in any way shape or form. You are to in no way take control over another character by teleporting them, punching or striking them with a sword. There is in no way that this is acceptable at any time. Anytime outside of a fight you wish to do a none violent action such as putting an arm around someone or jumping on someone is fine but if you would got to slap, or punch someone after insulting your character you are not allowed to basically say something allong the lines of: {Unoti Darkasakage punches Shinji Hideaki in the face.} This is in no way acceptable you must give the target of your attack time to respond to your attack even if it is a mili-second. If you do this then the character you are hitting will recieve an auto-hit upon your character.

Number 4. If there are more than 2 people in the topic you're roleplaying in set up an order each of you post in this way there will be no confusion as to when who posts when and there will be no one left behind in the roleplay. Do not break posting order unless otherwise agreed upon by all members of the current roleplay topic.

Number 5. If the postings are a certain length that everyone is using keep that length going. If everyone is posting a paragraph try to post a paragraph as well. This way you the flow of the roleplay keeps going and people don't feel like they're not contributing enough or too little to the topic that is being posted in.

Number 6. Use detail in your posts to help make the length longer. Instead of posting like: {Unoti Darkasakage walks into the room.} Try to post something more allong the lines of: {A dark mysterious figure with eyes glowing red and hair as black as the night, walks into a dark dusty room. The figure was none other than Unoti Darkasakage.} This will not only inhance your posting length but will make your roleplay experience better for everyone.
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