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"The Abyss" Arrives

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"The Abyss" Arrives

Post by Decade on Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:27 pm

"We have now arrived at 'Terminal Transit Hub'. Please remain seated while the tram comes to a complete stop. Once it does, wait, and do not push, until the doors have fully opened, then walk out the tram in an orderly fashion. Thank you, and have a pleasant day!"

As the words over the intercom of the near empty tram car fade, a single silent figure stirs from slumber. The figures eyelids twitch and slowly open, revealing to the world glowing golden iris's. The figure yawns and scratches its' head before turning it towards the window behind it, as it turns to take a look at the outside.

"So I'm here.."

The figure sits up stretching it's arms before leaning down and grabbing a small traveling bag in its' hand as the tram slowly comes to a stop. The doors hiss for a brief moment before opening up as a small chill of air hits the figure as he steps out of the tram and onto the platform. The figure then turns its' gaze up to the scene in front of it, as the sunlight reveals a bed of spiky silver hair on top of the head of a young boy of 16, as his eyes widen at the sight.

" this is Terminal City huh?"

The boy stares in amazement at the sight infront of him. Outside the trams massive glass frames, massive metallic skyscrapers and buildings of all sizes extend out as far as the eye can see, each shaped uniquely and covered in different forms of signs or lights. Flying between the buildings and even a few driving on the roads between the buildings, cars and vehicles move about delivering people to their destination. Suddenly the boys excitement shifts into worry and frustration at the sight of one more thing.

"Too many people...dammit Lancaster-san, you said this wouldn't be a problem."

The boy sighs and rubs the back of his head as he gazes among all the people around and in front of the station. Talking, laughing, or simply going about their business, these people continued about their day, never once taking into consideration the danger among them. The boy shakes his head and reaches into his pants pocket pulling out a piece of folded paper, as he unfolds it and heads towards what looks to be the exit of the hub.

"Where is she? She said she'd be waiting for me once I arrived. Did she forget?" the boy laughs softly, "Doubt it, the way she was insistent on my coming here, I don't think she's the kind of woman to forget such a thing. Still...I hope she hurries.."

The boy steps out and stands at the edge of the sidewalk outside the hub, as he looks around worriedly at the people walking around. The boys eyes close as his hands clench around the bag and paper.

"No threats...there are no threats..."

The boy repeats to himself in a quiet and calm voice, keeps his eyes closed as his hands remain firmly clenched. She had to be here soon, she HAD to. She knew what could happen, it was the reason she arranged everything for his transport to this city. The empty tram, the private car, all of it so he could get to the academy without incident.

"There are no...threats.."

The boy takes a deep breath as he slowly releases his grip and opens his eyes nervously as he looks upwards hoping....only for them to widen.

As standing across the street, is a blue haired girl with ruby red eyes dressed in what looks like a school uniform. And was staring right back at him with a calm and voided face. The two stare silently at each other, as if time around them had halted and the world only focused on them...only for the girls expression to shift into a soft smile. The boy blinks only to flinch in shock as the girl he sees vanishes completely from his sight, as if never there.

"What the?"

Suddenly a loud honk is heard as a silver colored and very slick looking car lands in front of the boy.


The boy leaps back only for his eyes to shift from a glowing gold to a blood red, as the whites turn black as suddenly black energy begins to rapidly gather before him. Eyes widening the boy quickly moves his hand forward towards it as the energy stops before fading away. The boy sighs in relief as his eyes turn back to their normal color.

"Well now, that was certainly entertaining."

The boys head snaps up to the voice, as the window to the car lowers slightly. The boys eyes swiftly narrow into an angry glare.

"Dammit Lancaster-san, why did you do that? What if I couldn't stop it this time? And why are you so late?!"

The figure inside the car giggles at the glaring boy, "I did say I would come didn't I? And I have. Besides, I had faith you would be fine. You should too."

The boys frowns and turns his head away, "If only.."

A sigh from the window is heard, "Still so stiff. Ah well, that just makes it more interesting. Hop in the back, I'll be driving you to the academy personally."

"Oh? And when is the so called "Head Scientist" of Terminal City so generous as to give a mere 'boy' the time of day with a drive?" the boy ask as another giggle is heard.

"And miss out on our dear conversation that was so swiftly cut off from last time. Hardly, now get in before you blow up the sidewalk or something."

The boy sighs and nods as he grabs the door and opens it, tossing his bag into the car before stepping in himself and shutting the door.

"Well then, now that we're all settled in, want something to drink? Some tunes to listen to? How about the news?"

"Lancaster-san as appreciative as I am of your aid, and as 'entertaining' as your attempts to get me to relax are, I'd rather just get this over with and see this academy for myself."

"Fine fine, but don't say I didn't try."

With that the car lights up and begins to hover off the ground and slowly into the sky.

"Oh, I almost forgot"

"What now?"

A soft and gentle smile turns to great the boy.

"Welcome to Terminal City Abyss-kun!"

The boys eyes narrow as they turn to gaze out the window.

"I told you before, my name isn't Abyss. It's Tsukiko."
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