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Speed Training

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Speed Training

Post by Jaytonicsonic on Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:37 pm

"Course completed. Congratulations on your new record." Said the AI program. Travis is sweating buckets right now trying to best himself. He still can't get over how real everything looks despite knowing that everything is just virtual. These training rooms are designed to give students the best possible experience that the school can provide. Any environment can be made in here. The more detailed you want it to be, the more time it will take to set up. Travis, wanting to be simple, setup a forest area surrounded by mountains. There are rings setup throughout the area for him to fly through. All he has to do is finish the course as fast as he can.

"Raise the difficulty level to five." He says.

"Are you sure? The current operator has just completed this course for the first time. This program would think it best to practice more here before moving-"

"I said raise it to level five!" Travis yells cutting off the AI. He has no time to waste just running this course again. He did it and wants to move on. Running the same course over and over again is boring. I need a challenge, Travis thinks to himself.

"Acknowledged. Changing course now."

The environment disappears around him and goes back to white, dull room he remembers. Travis sits on the bench that is in the room. He takes a sip of his water and wipes some of the sweat away with the small towel he brought with him. He doesn't look satisfied right now. He is getting in the practice he wants because of no classes this week, but what he really wants is-

"Taking a break?" Nicholas says as he walks in towards Travis.

"Yeah. You bored?" Travis asks.

"A little since Labrys isn't here." Nicholas answers. "She said that she had some business with her mother today."

"Great..." Travis replies letting the end of his sentence trail off. Nicholas sits down next to him and takes a sip of Travis' water bottle.

"Yes Nicholas, you can have some of my water." Travis says sarcastically.

"Thank you." Nicholas answers back in also in a sarcastic fashion. Nicholas can tell that Travis is upset about something. Travis isn't the best at hiding his emotions. He shows it on his face which makes him easy to read and fun for Nicholas to exploit. When the two of them play poker, Travis always loses and Nicholas would tell him to get a better poker face next time.

"Lonely by yourself in here?" Nicholas asks.

"I wanted Labrys to be here. She is a great training partner."

"You want to lose that badly?"

"I'm getting better!"

"But Labrys is still better."

"Not helping Nicholas." Travis says.

"Then let me hang in here and help you get better."

Travis catches what Nicholas wants to do why he came in here. The new course is finished and it projected in front of them. Travis stands up.

"You know all you had to do was ask to hang out." Travis says crossing his arms. A small smiles forms on his face.

"I know. This is just funner." Nicholas says smiling back.

Travis flies up in the air and begins to course. Every time he finishes, Nicholas would give him tips and tell him how to improve his turning and when to go at full speed. The truth is that they were just a little lonely and wanted someone to hang out with.

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