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Post by Kzoki on Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:49 pm

Dark Alley 346redy It was a cold, dark night. A light breeze arose from the western direction as rain could be heard beating off the thin sheet metal used to roof some of the houses. Logan sat upon a roof high above a dark, ominous alley that was located between two apartment complexes. His head was tilted back allowing the rain to run down his face, he quite enjoyed this weather. His gaze was locked onto the moon, his silver eyes seeming as though they were unable to blink.

As Logan's breathed, you could see his breath escaping from his bandanna. "The nights sure do get cold around this area of the city," he thought to himself as he began to stand up. He began to observe the surrounding areas, checking out what was all going on around him. The wind blew his crimson locks in front of his face, causing him to then have to brush them aside. Once he knew there was nothing around him to worry about he jumped off the roof of the four story apartment complex. With his katana upon his back and his wakizashi at his side, he plummeted towards the concrete in the alley way. When his body soared passed the last railing before hitting the cement, he reached out and latched onto the bar with his hand. Using the momentum of the fall he was able to flip himself up onto the fire escape. He stood here for a few well he examined the alley way to check for any threats.

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