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Post by DillPickles on Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:59 pm

Name: Eric Pickering
Age: 17
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 93 lbs
Appearance: Eric Pickering P_03810
Distinguishing features: Burn scars on his arms, legs, hands, feet, and neck. He also tends to wear a heavy winter jacket even if it's 40 degrees out.

Personality: Calm and shy. He often sticks to himself and never really goes outside of his comfort zone. He often expresses himself through poetry and music. He has a lot of trust issues as he's been in plenty of situations where friends have betrayed him. He tends to hide behind his calm facade and would seem to rather be by himself than really spend time with others. Yet he wants to feel like there is someplace he can belong.

Bio: Ever since Eric was younger he had problems with his mental health. Having ADHD from birth he tries what he can to keep himself calm and not fly off the handle. In the past he was often bullied and picked on daily. Being shoved into lockers and trashcans as he was the smallest person in middle school and high school. During his freshman year of high school tragedy struck him and his family when his house caught fire and he was burned 85% of his body with 1st-3rd degree burns. He would spend a month in the hospital recuperating and becoming strong enough to even walk on his own. Yet it would be almost another 6 months before he would even be able to return to school and due to a fracture in his back he would be in a back brace for another month. The following year, he joined the wrestling team and being in the school musical, in a way to broaden himself and become a better person. Now in his junior year of high school he is taking Criminal Justice classes part time at a career center and is in for a completely new experience.
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