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Agentyamski's First Review (Drakengard)

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Agentyamski's First Review (Drakengard)

Post by Agentyamski on Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:33 pm

Heya all, I'm gonna be using my Youtube name for when I'm doing these reviews, only because I plan on doing videos of these review sometime in the near future. Once I get videos going, I will be posting links instead of typing everything out. But without further ado.... Agentyamski's First Review!!!

We start off with a game that I played for days on the PS2, non stop while I was still in school. The game is considered to be a hidden gem to quite a few gamers, and the game is no other than Drakengard. You might be asking yourself, What in the world is Drakengard?? Drakengard is a game made by none other than the infamous Square Enix, and is the very definition of creatively demented at certain points.

Drakengard combines the hack and slash composition of Dynasty Warriors, with the aerial composition of Panzer Dragoon Orta. (another game that will be reviewed at a later date) It also features a free expedition which combines the two compositions, allowing you to destroy things whichever way pleases you more. The game is divided into verses, and includes five different endings, each which require certain aspects to be met before you can view them.

The story begins with you playing as Prince Caim, trying to save your sister Furiae from an uprising empire, but he fails and face near death. That's when the mighty dragon Angelus, who is also on the brink of death, offers to make a pact with Caim, which Caim is very hesitant about because he despises dragons with a passion for reasons explained in the game. A pact is when a human and a deity/creature bind their souls together to become more powerful, but at a cost for something dear to the human. Caim agrees to make the pact, and loses his voice which can be seen, as there's a mark on his tongue dignifying that. With the new found power, Caim and Angelus are able to save Furiae. Along the way in further missions, Caim and Angelus meet other pact makers, who try helping destroy the uprising empire.

The game is filled with the utmost action and drama, along with some fairly decent music. As with many games, you are given an assortment of weapons, all which level up along with your character, and some magic to go along with each weapon. The higher the level for the weapon, the stronger the magic. There is a second installment of the game, and a third to come out soon for the PS3, but the first takes the cake for now. This game gets a rating of a 9 out of 10, and I highly suggest you try it out if you ever get the chance.
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