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Utopia, or Dystopia?

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Utopia, or Dystopia? Empty Utopia, or Dystopia?

Post by Razren on Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:45 pm

The glass doors of the Police HQ slid open, a black haired boy with detached silver eyes entered the facility. A guard turned to him and was about to say something; before relenting and simply saying "What is he doing here..." under his breath. He continued walking along the building. The sounds of keyboards and random citizens complaints filed the air. I always hate going through here. We pay these people tons of cash and what do they do? Sit around in the office and pretend to work.

The boy continued until he reached a certain office. The office read, "Director of the TPD, Hector Simmons". The boy walked in without knocking and looked at the aged Director sitting in his chair. The director was a balding man of 52, wearing a nicely tailored black dress shirt with matching pants. His green eyes caught the boy entering and he breathed a heavy sigh. "What business does SNAKES have here, may I ask?"

The boy walked to the desk and threw a case file down in front of him and opened it to the page in question. "Case 215-5172. The murder of Bernice Summerfield." He stopped talking as if that answered everything. The annoyance on Hector's face was evident.

"And? That case was closed 2 weeks ago on the rule of suicide. Why would you be interested in that old case Max?"

"This case smells rotten to me. So I want all the evidence."

Hector laughed. "Max, be reasonable. Just because you think the TPD is incompetent-"

"I never said you were incompetent. I simply said you run with the media."

Hector sighed. "Alright, tell me why you think the case is foul?"

Max sat in a nearby chair and began pulling out other papers that had words on them. Hector smiled. "The poems again? We told you that the victim wrote those herself."

Max shot Hector a look. "But why the hell would she need to write poems like this? The testimonies clearly said-"

"Don't you dare quote my own case at me, Max! I gave you my answer. We are not reopening the case."

Max slammed his hand down on the desk and collected his things. "Fine! If you won't open the case, SNAKES will!" Max simply stalked out of the office in a foul mood.
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