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Central Robotics Lab

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Central Robotics Lab

Post by Razren on Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:55 pm

Labrys's eyes came back on to the sight of Sarah finishing up on her chest. "Oh, your systems came back online faster that time,' Sarah commented. Labrys was attached to a chair that had wires coming out from various jacks in the wall to attach to various parts of her body. There was a machine next to her that had a readout of her various parts and the efficiency levels that they were operating at.

"Did I awaken too soon?" Labrys blinked as she watched her "mother" detach her from the machine. Sarah looked up and gave Labrys a small smile.

"Of course you didn't. Anyway, your check up is done." Labrys nodded and stood up. She looked over at Sarah expectingly. "Labrys...I told you. There's nothing wrong."

Labrys looks over confused. "But then...what is this feeling I have?" She heard a laugh as a brown haired scientist entered the room. He was wearing the usual lab coat, and his gentle blue eyes looked at Labrys as if he was looking at his own flesh and blood.

"You're simply nervous Labrys. It's a basic human emotion."

"But what do I have to be nervous about?" Labrys still had trouble identifying all the various emotions her "E-Chip" gave her.

"You said you got that weird invitation right? Obviously you're nervous about going." The man took a sip of a drink he was holding after he finished speaking.

"Then should I not go if I am nervous?" Sarah sighed and put a hand on Labrys's shoulder.

"No Labrys. You need to go. It will help you act more human if you socialize." Labrys nodded. Her mother's logic made sense. She still had one unanswered question though.

"Mother...why did you tell me to make sure that boy you met with the other day was safe?" Sarah seemed to be taken aback by the sudden question and started drumming her hands in her lap.

The other scientist looked over curiously. "Oh? You didn't tell me you met with a boy?" Labrys noted there seemed to be something behind those words

Sarah turned and shot the man a look. "It was simply a matter of research! Honestly, I'd have half a mind to smack you right now Steven." The man stepped back with almost a physical sweat drop. Labrys slightly laughed. Sarah turned to Labrys and relented.

"Don't worry about it Labrys. Just know that I want you to go to that party." Labrys nodded. She would respect her mother's wishes. She got up from the machine and began to walk off. As she left the room she looked at the invitation she received.

Labrys Brown

Terminal University Dorm #1574

Dear Ms. Labrys Brown,

You are kindly invited to a gala dress ball celebrating the new semester of students returning to Terminal University. The ball will take place at the Eastern Wing of Terminal University on the 25th of March. The dress code is formal. Clothing will be provided upon arrival.

Proceedings will start with a display of fireworks at 4 PM while a program of events will be delivered to you upon arrival. A four course dinner will be served, where the hostess will welcome each of you personally.

On the behalf of the hostess, we look forward to your attendance.

You are allowed to bring two guests.
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