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Archfiend Discussion

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Archfiend Discussion

Post by DillPickles on Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:54 pm

Archfiends, a name once known as one of the weakest and least used decks, is now a force to be feared. With the new support coming out in the TCG there are those who feel the deck will take off and hit at least Tier 2. Lets take a step back though and see where this all started from and get a basic idea of what the deck would do back when it was first created to now.

Chess Archfiends:
This deck was build around high attack beaters and beating your opponent into submission while rolling a dice with a chance to negate effects. Although this was all at the cost of lifepoints. Many saw this decks potential and tried to build it though many failed do to this cost. The deck itself was thought to be one of the worst decks you could run even with it's field spell making the cost not an issue. So this deck fell from a very short lived grace and never able to even make it into the tiers.

Supportive Archfiends:
These Archfiends came out later on in the GX period when synchro's were still being released. These Archfiends were mainly support cards for larger decks though some found a use for them in the older Chess Archfiends. Though again this wouldn't last very long as the issue of lifepoint cost.

Imperial Archfiends:
We come to the Archfiends of today. These Archfiends base their very engine around destroying your own monsters and gaining effects from that. Yet this is the deck people have come to fear and dread going against due to their searcher, Archfiend Heiress, and their boss monster, Archfiend Emperor, The First Lord of Horror. These two monsters combined with other cards such as the new Archfiend field spell, Archfiend's Palabryinth. Has come to make an impact on the dueling world and now they only await the arrival of Archfiend Commander and Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend. If these two cards were to come into the TCG game it's likely that the deck will take off.

I personally have liked the Archfiends since they first came out. One of my originally built decks featured both Shadowknight Archfiend and Archfiend Soldier. It was actually my best deck and from there I started to collect and build Archfiend based decks. I for one am excited about the arrival of these newer Archfiends and plan to build a deck with these Archfiends. Do you think the rumors about this deck hitting at least Tier 2 are true or do you feel this deck will flop just like the Chess Archfiends did?
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Re: Archfiend Discussion

Post by Mashadar on Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:20 pm

I have always loved the Aesthetic that the Archfiend archetype had ever since I pulled them from dark crisis. Mainly because I love skeletal Demons, and I love playing chess. As for the new Archfiends, they are amazing! Heiress is such a great searcher, and everything has synergy with everything else. Once Commander hits the TCG I know I will be able to consistently play top of tier 3 bottom of tier 2. What do you think about the 2 new supports we are getting in Shadow Specters? I don't see Giant doing too much but I see a lot of potential with Sinister Yorishiro.

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