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User Guide to The Forums

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User Guide to The Forums

Post by Agentyamski on Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:29 pm

This is a guide to our mobile users who are unable to see the font options when they are making a post. For this guide, I will use{ and } so that you are able to see what is needed to type inside, but when doing the coding, make sure to use [ and ].

{b}{/b} Used to bold the font

{i}{/i} Used to italicize the font

{u}{/u} Used to underline the font

{strike}{/strike} Used to strike out the font

{color=#FF9933}{/color} Used to make the font orange (For references to other colors use this link

This will be updated more when either I or one of the other admins has free time to type out all the codes.
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