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The Mythology of Witchblood

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The Mythology of Witchblood

Post by Dullahan on Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:08 pm

this is just a taste for the mythology, I'll hopefully make more things:

When the world was young, its elements constantly clashed with each other. The air stirred restlessly and continuously forming devastating whirlwinds.  Tidal waves never seized to calm down in oceans of rage.  the earth constantly collapsed on itself, creating earthquakes.  The world was commiting a catastrophic suicide day in and day out.

But from the chaos, the world birthed four divine beings; their immediate existence stabilized the chaos.  Their names were Taurus, Aquarius, Libre, and Sagittarius.  These new Paragons witnessed the lack of life in their new world, and combined their resources to create a new sentient being.

From the molten rock inside of his volcano, Taurus created the body, the mold that held everything together, and gave the being strength.  Libre created the mind using one of her old encyclopedias and gave the being knowledge.  Aquarius formed the eyes out of crystal and also gave them a mouth, giving the being sight and speech.  And finally Sagittarius gave his heart to the being to give it life. After all of their hard work, their new creation was finished; they called it- the human.

However, the first human didn't last very long; it didn't live past its first five steps. It simply just withered and died.  The Paragons took pity for their poor creation, and didnt' attempt to create another.  Many years passed after that, and Aquarius gave birth to the Gemini twins, Virgo and Leo.  

At age nine, Virgo saw the "blueprints" to the humans and discovered the missing link in the human's longevity.  Just as her uncle Sargittarius gave his heart for them, she gave them her soul.  With this new addition, Not only did the human live longer immensely, but she had also given them genders- this new human being a female.  Her father, Taurus, was very impressed with her help, and decided that she should take over his place as Head Paragon.  However she declined his offer, and thought that wandering the world amongst the mortals would be more suitable to her.  This resulted in Taurus apprenticing his son, Leo, to be Head Paragon.

In the time span of two years, Taurus apprenticed Leo in blacksmithing, fighting techniques, justice, and Paragonship.  Leo had shown incredible skill in every category he was apprenticed in, beyond his father's expectations.  When Leo became a young man, he immediately eclipsed his father in skill, and Taurus rightfully dubbed him as the Head Paragon.  Taurus decided to rule by his son as "Archparagon."

Following the same year as Leo's Head Paragonship, Libre gave birth to a beautiful girl named Aries.  Her first cries ringed through the mortal world and calmed the supposedly very windy day.  When a harsh wind suddenly dies, the mortals now refer to it as "the cry of Aries."  When she was about twelve, she visited the mortal realm with her mother, Libre.   But she was distraught by the lifeless surface of the human world- the ground was hard.  The soil was dry and shown no signs of life.  whatever plants there were were withering and dying.  Out of compulsion, Aries used her aura to not only bring the plants to life again, but soften the earth for healthier growth.  The aura painted the lifless, brown earth with a lively green.  Witnessing her actions, Leo assigned her as the "Agriculture Paragon" upon her arrival back to the paragon realm.

Sagittarius, Aries's father, was the most amused of the paragons about Aries's work.  Before then, the paragons were only focused on the creation of a sentient being to rule, and completely forgot to recreate the nearly destroyed mortal world.  Sagittarius confronted Taurus, the Archparagon, insisting that Aries should be Head Paragon instead of Leo.  Taurus denied his request on two grounds: Leo barely started his reign, and its too soon to throne another. And Aries acted out of compulsion, rather than compassion.  This angered Sagittarius, and led him to plot against Taurus and Leo. With this conspiracy, Leo and Taurus will fall, and Sagittarius will throne his daughter as Archparagon and himself as Head Paragon.  Unfortunately for him, this plan fell short when Libre unintentionally easedropped on him speaking this plan with one of the realm's guards.  When word reached leo, he stripped Sagittarius of his Paragonship, and banished him and the guard to a realm of eternal darkness, known as the Oblivion Realm.  The paragons then banned worship of Sagittarius, and any mortal caught in the act will inevitably join him in Oblivion.
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