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The Westside Gang

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The Westside Gang

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:52 pm

"Whew what a rough day"

Hibiki relaxes on the bed in one of the cabin rooms he found he.He felt extremely tired after going through what has happened to him in the island since the past 3 days he really isnt bothered by it as he closes his eyes falling into a deep sleep.

This place...

Hibiki finds himself in a rooftop of a building.From the distance he can see small houses and buildings from there it reminds him of a familiar place..

Hey Ikki-kun wake up would ya

He felt someone shake him up to see a girl with matching long green hair and eyes wearing a school uniform he immediately recognised her.

"Im wide awake geez  Senna-san

Hibiki shakes his head as he then notices another person right beside him he appears to have blonde  hair and wears a baseball cap he two was in school uniform

"So whats the plan for our next turf wars then Ikki-san?i hear rumors that the rival gang is gonna be larger in numbers"

Hibiki looks at him and replied with a sarcastic tone

oh you know what the plan is already dont ya Lito-san its the same thing as we always do kora"

Hibiki looked up into the sky with a happy look on his face

"well whatever happens on that war the Westside Bandits will own the zone"

Lito nods as he leans against the wall.

"sigh still we are gonna miss you my friend"

Everyone looked down until Hibiki brightned up and responded

"It doesnt matter guys as long as we're friends we will see each other again and thats a promise"

"Yeah best friends"

Knock Knock

Hibiki wakes up from the sound he opens the door to see one of the guards

"Katama Hibiki?"

Hibiki nods as he gives a small yawn.The guard hands over Hibiki's luggage and bag containing his belongings,Hibiki thanked him and then the guard left almost immediately.

He searched the bag for a something and found it.It appears to be badge with a logo ,Hibiki closed his eyes and recalls his dream he couldnt help but smile.

"Heheh,its funny that i ended up like before working new team"
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