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Laromi Meets With Freya: the Ice Sculptor and the Ice Skater

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Laromi Meets With Freya: the Ice Sculptor and the Ice Skater

Post by Dullahan on Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:00 am

Knock.  Knock.  Knock.   Laromi stood in front of someone's door that crisp Snowy Village afternoon. He waits anxiously for someone to open the door.  He heard the door unlock, and a girl with long, curly, red hair and palish skin stepped out.  

"Hi, Freya, It's Larom-" his face was met with a furious slap before he could finish his last name.  As if it wasn't painful enough, it stung even more since he was in the cold for a while. "Oww! What was that for?"

"Why haven't you called me in the past few months?!" She demanded furiously; her blue eyes burned with rage. "you know how mad I get when you don't call me!"

"Sorry, Freya, I guess I got a little sidetracked to call you."  Laromi apologized as he rubbed his sore cheek.  "And plus, my phone kinda got destroyed at Kana Isl-" Freya slapped Laromi as hard as she could across his other cheek.  "Oww! Stop that! Why do you keep doing that?!"

"It wasn't like I didn't want to do it, or anything. Plus, I'm just a little grump because you woke me from my nap."

"And now both of my cheeks hurt."  Laromi complained rubbing both of them to get rid of the pain.  "Anyways, may I come inside?  I need to ask you something important."  Freya sighed heavily.

"*Sigh* fine, I guess.  Come inside."  She moved out of the doorway, and Laromi walked in after shaking off the snow on his jacket.  The inside of Freya's house was warm and was arranged in log cabin-like design, much like most other houses in the Village.  The walls were covered in animal stands and trophies her father hunted.  Laromi sat down on her sofa.  Freya walked into her kitchen to fetch something. "Do you want anything? Some coffee, some tea, hot chocolate?"

"No thanks, Ii'm good."  Freya came back with only one cup of coffee for herself.  She sat down next to Laromi.  "So, my school in Terminal City is having this little ball tonight," Laromi began explaining, "and I was wondering if you'd like to come with me."

Hmm, that does sound a little fun." Freya said to herself.  "I can finally take a break from all of my ice skating routines to hang out with you, Laromi!"

"So, you'll go with me then?"

"Sure! B-but it's not because I love you or anything, it's because...I needed a break from ice skating." She sassed back. She blushed mildly, crossing her arms and legs.

"I hear ya'," Laromi agreed, "I need a break from ice sculpting once and a while, too."  He plays along with Freya; he knows she loves her, she just won't admit it. Likewise with him, too.  Maybe this will be the chance they will finally say those words together.  "just make sure you wear something nice."

"I should be saying that to you, since you like that scraggy Amon Amarth t-shirt with skinny jeans."

"Hey, This band. Is amazing." Laromi was almost insulted.  "But okay, I'll wear something nice for you tonight."

"So, I guess we'll see each other tonight?"

"I guess so."

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