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What Hides Within: Prologue

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What Hides Within: Prologue

Post by Boo on Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:49 pm

Voices echoed down the long corridor. She could make out the sounds, but not the words. She swung her feet of the bed and hoisted herself up. She padded quietly down the corridor, listening intently to the voices.

"Come on, please? What good is she going to do sitting here not doing anything? Let me take her out to train."

"No. Shes too valuable. If anything were to happen to her we would lose this war." She was creeping up on the room where the two people sat. The room had a faint glow to it provided by the dying fireplace and multiple candles placed decrotively around the room.

"What good is she untrained?"

"She doesnt need to be trained." She heard the skreching of a chair moving acrossed the floor. "Our main concern right now is her safety." She saw the shadow move across the door way, and it was getting bigger. She brushed her hair back with one hand and took a deep breath. "Oh," gasped the tall man in the doorway, "Isabella." He guestured her into the room where she took up residence in a small arm chair. She rubbed her eyes as they adjusted to the light.

"You need your rest. Go back to bed.." The tall man in the doorway spoke firmly. She knew he was angery by the way he stood, but she didnt know if he was mad that she was up and had over heard wht they were talking about or if he was mad at the other man.

"I'm not tired anymore." she said quietly.


"Leave her alone Tristan. She said she wasn't tired and you can't force her to sleep." This time it was the other man's turn to speak. Tristan glared at him and stormed out. "Dont worry about him. It's his time of the month."

"Kade what did you do?" She spoke louder now. It was safe to speak freely with Kade, Tristan was a different case entirely.

"Nothing much, just pointed out how stupid he can be." Isabella rolled her eyes.

And suddenly she was awake. Her alarm was yelling its annoying tune in her ear. She streached in her bed. She hated these dreams, and they were getting more frequent and more livid. She was beginning to remember more of them as well. She rolled off her bed, putting her bare feet on the cold hardwood floor. Cursing, she hit the off buttom on her alarm and stood up.

"Time for school," she muttered to herself, "oh joy."


Isabella weaved through the mass of people in the hallway. She passed groups of giggling girls and boasting boys. She squeezed through a foul smelling group and into the door of her homeroom. The bell rang for first class rang as she made her way to her desk. People started flooding into the classrom. By the time the final bell rang, almost every seat was taken, except a single desk to the left of Isabella.

"Well good morning everyone!" chirped the teacher as she shut the door. "You're all looking lovely today." She started to walk away from the door when it flew open with a bang. Paying little attention, Isabella opened her book and started reading the lesson for that day. Someone was late almost every day, this wasn't any news to Isabella.

"Mrs. Green's class, right?" a boy questioned as he panted in the doorway.

"Yes," Mrs. Green answered, "and just who might you be?"

"My named is Kade Waters." he replied as he caught his breathe, "I'm new to this school. Please pardon my tardiness." Isabella's head snapped up from her book and her jaw almost hit the floor. He was there, the man from her dreams, standing in the doorway, sweating and breathing and undeniably real. With green eyes and black hair and long lashes and a slim but muscular structure. *I have to be dreaming.* Isabella told herself. *He can't be here. He's just a something my imagination came up with.*

"Yes, well, just take a seat then," Mrs. Green said as she turn toward the blackboard. Casually, he walked over to the empty seat next to Isabella. "Lets begin the lesson then!" The small lady started talking, but the world seemed to pause around Isabella as she stared at the stranger from her dreams.

"Hey Izzy." The boy said as he sat down, "bet you didn't expect to see me here."

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