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Fire Emblem: Light and Darkness Chapter 1

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Fire Emblem: Light and Darkness Chapter 1

Post by Razren on Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:44 pm

Aquleia was certainly a sight to behold for any man or woman that passed through its gates, and Gailwyn was certainly no exception. She loved to marvel at the Etrurian Architecture that still stood from the time of its conception. The church's influence didn't hurt matters either; as balconies and edifices of the buildings found throughout the city would almost make one think that there was no poverty in this city, which was obviously not the case. The church of the city stood high and tall, as this was the central wing of the St. Elimine Church.

As the Victorian style church's bell rung high noon, Gailwyn could see people heading for the Sunday Mass. While Gailwyn personally did not care for the church and its practices, she would be hard pressed to find something to complain about regarding its cultural influence on Elibe. She wasn't interested too much in gawking at the city today however, for as she passed between the mounds of people crossing through the town going about their daily business, she had some business of her own.

She walked up to a little bar in town known as the "Captain's Lodge", and boldly strode in. While she was only a girl of 16 and couldn't drink, she ran errands on an almost daily basis for the owner. Even though it wasn't the greatest thing for her to do, anything beat what her father wanted her to do. She could still remember the heated words that had passed between her and him this morning, but as she entered the bar all those thoughts left her head. Within the confines of the rustic bar, she untied the ponytail she had her long red hair in. She took the time to also dust off her clothes. She was wearing a simple brown shirt with black slacks.

She wasn't too concerned with making herself look "pretty" as some girls might worry about.

She walked through, not really caring about the smell of booze that permeated the air. There was also the occasional man who might make advances at her with compliments and winking, but she simply ignored it. The bar was simple, with only about 5 tables in the whole thing, but it was pretty much packed at all times. The clamor of drunken men filled the air, but Gail liked these men. She found them to be more real than most people she dealt with. Behind the bar was an older gentleman of 6 feet tall, with grayish hair, stone cold dark eyes, and the muscle to handle a rogue bystander if a fight arose. "Hey Gramps. I'm back from delivering that stuff you wanted me to."

"How many times do I have to tell you Gail, I ain't your grandpa." He replied in a gruff voice. "I have a name."

"I thought we were closer than that Noran. You hurt my little heart." Gailwyn responded.

Noran simply grumbled something inaudible before speaking again. "Thanks for the help though Gail, you're far too good to me. Most people wouldn't help out an angry old man like me."

"I guess I must just see a softer side of you, cause I have no complaints." Gail responded before ordering a non-alcoholic drink for herself. "So, any messages for me?"

Noran put away the glass he was polishing and pointed to a patron in back. Gail was confused at first, before she noticed a rather well built 18 year old man sitting in back, wearing a traveler's cloak over some cleverly concealed armor. He had brown hair, and green eyes. "I see..." She knew what was about to happen, and she wasn't too happy about it.

She walked over to the man and when he saw her, he almost jumped. "Gailwyn, there you are!" He said.

"Hey Ryan, what are you doing away from the castle? Did father suddenly have a change of heart or something?" was Gail's rather blunt reply. She didn't like the fact that her father used Ryan as his carrier pigeon every time he needed her home.

"Look Gail, he's not trying to be horrible to you or anything..." Ryan started to say but Gail cut him off.

"If he doesn't want to then why won't he let me go! I'm tired of just sitting in the castle all day. I'll be damned if I'll be his little "political" tool!"
"Gail...please keep your voice down." Ryan attempted to calm her down, which thankfully worked.

"I'm sorry Ryan...I know it's not your fault." She sighed and sat down next to him. "I'm going though, I don't care what father thinks. I've already been going for months, and the final exam is tomorrow. If I pass it, I'll pass the whole year."

Ryan sighed. "I don't know how you managed to pass the Caledonia Academy of Magic with an attendance record such as yours."

Gailwyn laughed a little. "Well having a smart friend like Sarah helps. She helps me prepare for all the tests."

"Taking advantage of her there Gail?" Ryan said back with a bit more ire than he probably intended.

"Hey, she likes to help me! It's not like I force her." Gail replied.

"I suppose so, but I hope you know she can't help you on your final exam."

Gail could feel a sweat drop forming on the back of her head. "Well yeah, I know that. I'll be fine."

Ryan took a sip of the drink he ordered before speaking again. "Let's pray you're right. Now come on, let's head back to the castle."

Gailwyn got a hint of anger in her eye again. "I already told you I'm not going back. I'm staying in the dorms tonight."

Ryan about dropped his goblet. "Are you serious! Gail think about this!"

Gailwyn simply turned away from her knight. "I'm sorry Ryan, but this is something I have to do. I've thought about it. I figure, let father worry about me for a little while, he deserves it."

"Even if you don't like your father right this second, think about your brother! Think about how Prince Lawrence will feel."

Gail softened a little thinking about her big brother. He cared about her greatly, and he even covered for her a few times she was out longer than usual. "Tell him where I am and just say I went to stay with uncle or something to father. He won't actually bother to check till late in the afternoon tomorrow, which I'll be back by then."

Ryan begrudgingly accepted Gail's compromise. Despite how much he wanted her back at the castle, he also didn't want to see her so upset. "Just be sure to send a message when you're awake and able. So I know you're safe."

Gail laughed. "I'll be fine Ryan, but alright I promise."

Ryan got up and left that bar like a Mage just lit his pants on fire. Gail knew he was too proper to be able to loosen up around bars. Going into the back room to change, she knew she needed to head out quickly if she wanted to make the evening classes she had to attend.

She headed off towards the Caledonia Academy of Magic. It was a grand monastery sized campus set off on the outskirts of the city. It had the same style as the buildings around it, which made the high tower it had that held the office of the headmistress look magnificent in the evening sunlight. The slight breeze that early autumn brought made a slight chill, but Gail didn't mind. She was a Mage of Fire Magic, so if she ever got cold she could just make a mini fireball to warm herself up. She saw the battlemage guards and said a simple greeting to them as she walked by. She was thankful she had packed her Mage robes with her, otherwise she wouldn't have made it past the front gate.

She saw the trees of the Academy courtyard were just beginning to turn color and it gave the Academy a sense of enchantment that even the students couldn't give it. There were plenty of students, each wearing cloaks of various colors and all embroiled with the symbol of the school. Even though this was her first year, Gail had "borrowed" a second year robe so she could skip straight into learning magic spells. She already understood the basics from books she read on the subject, and she had managed to convince most of her classmates she was right where she was supposed to be.

She felt nervous all the same though, traversing through the pathways she knew she shouldn't be. She respected Headmistress Lute a lot, and it felt like she was betraying her trust. Gailwyn finally found who she was looking for. There was a girl of about 15, who was rather short, had medium length brow hair, blue eyes, glasses, and had no bust to speak of. She was wearing a skirt underneath her blue Mage robes and seemed to be looking for someone, probably Gail herself.

The girl turned and saw Gailwyn. "There you are! You said you'd be here all day today!"

"Sorry Sarah, I had some things to take care of. I'm here till after exams now."

Sarah seemed rather happy at this. "Excellent. Then I suppose you want me to help run over what we've been doing?"

Gailwyn let out an exasperated sigh. "Yes, please and thank you!"

Sarah nodded. "Just be glad I'm wiling to do this because you've been a good friend."

As they were talking they started to head off to class. "Yeah, and you've been wonderful to me."

"Just think more day then we'll be third years!"

Gail looked down slightly out of shame. "Yeah, that'll be fun."
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