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The Angelic Code: The Code

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The Angelic Code: The Code

Post by Weiss Schnee on Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:19 pm


Within this text shall be contained the structure of our holy organization, the rules by which we conduct ourselves, and the prophecies that shall be passed down through the generations. We of Cruxis shall always observe the workings of man, and shall never directly involve ourselves. So says The Angelic Code.

Organizational Structure:

The leader of our organization shall be known as the Seraphim. Underneath him shall be four. Their titles shall be known as The Four Great Seraphs. Underneath them shall be the 7 Archangels. Underneath each Archangel will be their own personal messenger to the realms of mortal men. Underneath them shall be the angels, divided by individual order and beliefs.

Individual Responsibilities:

The Seraphim shall be the grandmaster of our order. He shall be the one who has final say in all matters. He shall also personally grant the title of Seraph to the four individuals he feels deserve the title the most. He will also be the great listener, the only one of which that can physically talk with Crimea herself.

The Four Seraphs shall be elected by the Seraphim. They will be the guardians of Cruxis City itself. If need be, they will have executive authority over our armies. They will personally choose the 7 Archangels that shall have executive authority over their Orders. Much like the Seraphim can remove them at any time, so too can they remove any Archangel at any time.

The Archangels will be the executive of their individual Orders. Each Order will consist of 1 Archangel, 1 messenger, and will then be divided by each individual Archangel themselves. The Archangels have first say in any orders pertaining to Cruxis City as a whole, as they are the eyes and ears of our organization. They will each have a base upon the mortal earth, from which they will report back to the Seraphs about what is going on.

The Messengers are the backbone of our organization. They are the mouths from which we speak to the mortal realm. They will be the only member of the order to have free reign to leave Cruxis City at any time. They may also report directly to the Seraphim themselves if they feel the matter is urgent enough. They also will be gifted special pendants allowing them to disguise themselves as a human at anytime.

Rules and Codes of Conduct:

Rule 1: We shall only observe, and never interfere, unless absolutely necessary. So says The Angelic Code.

Rule 2: If it is determined the current acting Seraphim is misusing his power, there shall be a vote of no confidence among the presiding Seraphs and Archangels. If it is determined he should be removed, an election will be held between the four acting Great Seraphs for a new Seraphim. So says The Angelic Code.

Rule 3: In times of war, the Archangels have full executive permission to leave their domains and descend to the mortal realm. So says The Angelic Code.

Rule 4: The only figure allowed to declare a state of war is the Seraphim himself. No exceptions. So says The Angelic Code.

Rule 5: The Archangels have full authority to detain any member of their order for any crime as long as they report to a Great Seraph or higher within 48 hours. So says The Angelic Code.

Rule 6: No angel shall ever steal from another or from the mortal realm. So says The Angelic Code.

Rule 7: Only the Messengers are allowed to leave Cruxis City and enter the mortal realm unless given permission by one of the Seraphs or the Seraphim himself. So says The Angelic Code.

Rule 8: If it is determined an angel has gone "rogue" they are considered an A-class criminal. Punishments shall be discussed later on in this text. So says the Angelic Code.

These rules are written in no particular order and are subject to addition and removal at any time. The processes of removal and addition shall be discussed later. So says The Angelic Code.


In this section of the text, we shall discuss the prophecies passed down by Crimea's Oracle, Vulcanus Turrantus, the first Seraphim of our order.

"There will come the time of Crimea's resurrection. Her soul shall be divided into two parts. One in a blade, one in a soul. The blade must pierce the soul for the ritual to be complete.

The blade will be in the hands of the angel of destruction and life. His soul shall transcend past the boundaries of normal existence as he is the savior and destroyer of the world.

The soul shall be a woman. One that will strive him towards the path of destruction. For her wicked charm will know no bounds, and she will have no sympathy for anything human."

In this one, she discusses the nature of Crimea's resurrection. It can be deduced that the ritual will involve the "Angel of a Destruction and Life" having to stab the heart of this woman. It is hard to tell whether they will be lovers or not, but what is clear is that she will not care for humanity at all, which is one of our cardinal principles.

"When the time of our orders destruction comes, there will be no regret. No pain. Simply...a rebirth. We must not hesitate. Our darkest member shall die, and with none of his kind left to rule. With this, a new age shall be awakened. An Age of Enlightenment."

This is one that discusses the end times. It seems there will come a time that our organization shall be run by a traitor, or one that appears to go against everything we stand for. A savior shall come, and destroy our organization. But through it's destruction, a new one will rise. We must prepare for this eventual end.
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