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Fire Emblem: Light and Darkness Chapter 2

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Fire Emblem: Light and Darkness Chapter 2

Post by Razren on Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:46 pm

It was the middle of the night in the Academy dorms. The dorms were buildings that were set up just behind the school. It made traversing the campus a lot easier, even though most advanced students simply teleported wherever they needed to go. They looked almost like mini four floor hotels. Since the Academy was well known throughout Elibe, some mages traveled quite a ways just to study. Gail was sitting in Sarah's room as they were practicing the magic they would need for the morning's exam.
Sarah had a normal enough looking room, though she only had one bed, as Gail didn't actually live in the dorms, but Sarah was kinda enough to let her stay when the need arised. They had Sarah's desk lamp on and were making small imitations of the spells they were going to be using. Gail wasn't the greatest with fire magic, so Sarah would occasionally open the window and let Gail shoot off her spell full force outside at the training area located below.
"Sarah I think I realized I can make a fire ball after the fiftieth time you made me make one!" Gail said. Sarah was a great friend, but she over prepped for everything.
"Alright fine. The next spell you'll probably have to use is Flame Lance. Do you need a tome to use it?" Sarah asked.
"Ummmm, I should be able to." Gail said, though she was too sure.
Sarah walked over to the window and opened it. "Then fire it outside."
Gail nodded and stood up. She walked over to the window and took a deep breath. She began to chant the magic words of the spell. As the fire began to form in her hand. Using the techniques she remembered learning, she began to turn the simple fireball into a lance like shape.
Gail almost wanted to jump for joy. She had been practicing that spell for a few weeks now, and it always seemed to explode in her face when she got to this part. As the lance fully formed Gail shot it off towards one of the training dummies. Unfortunately for her however, it fizzled out before it hit its mark. "Gah! I'm never gonna get this dang spell to work!"
Sarah simply sighed. "Especially not with that attitude. You just didn't put enough power into it."
Gail turned to her friend. "I put less power into it because every time I put what I thought was the appropriate amount it blows up in my face!"
"Well then you need to work on control. I saw your face when the spell shot off, even in situations like that you need to stay focused. Try it again, but with less power."
They continued like this for the rest of the night.

The night at the castle was quiet. Castle Caledonia was located in a rather strange, but well conceived location in Aquleia. The city was set near a mountain, and the castle was erected on one of the many hilltops that ringed the range. It wasn't exactly the best castle, as it looked more like a huge 3 story fortress. The only thing that distinguished it between similar forts that were built for the Caledonian Army were the twin towers that were erected in the center.
It was built of stonework, and it took masons at least 5 years to build it due to numerous renovations it went through. There was a stable situated off to the east of the castle, with the barracks located right next to it. Most castles would normally have the servant's quarters located on the grounds, but the servants of King Edmund lived in the city with the rest of the citizens.
Prince Lawrence was sitting in a waiting room, hearing Ryan's report. Ryan seemed rather distraught. "I'm sorry your highness. She didn't want to come back."
Lawrence simply sighed. "It's fine. I'm sure she figured father sent you." He turned and looked out the window, and watched the torches of the night watchmen run about.
Ryan simply nodded. "Aye, that's exactly what she thought. She's going to be staying with Sarah tonight. She'll be back after her final exams."
Lawrence laughed a little. "She made it to her final exam? I thought she'd flunk out due to attendance."
Ryan shook his head. "She's accumulated enough class time that she can pass. Plus she says Sarah helps her."
Lawrence turned to a female knight that was sitting in the room. She was full clad in the Caledonian Royal Knight armor that was issued. She had dark blue hair and deep black eyes. She seemed to be constantly scanning the room as if an assassin would pop out and attack the Prince at any moment. "Alena. What do you think of all this?"
When Alena spoke, one could tell she had the voice of command she had gained from being the personal knight of the Crown Prince of a country. "Whatever milady wants to do is fine with me. I only care that you are fine."
Ryan sighed. "You do your job all too well don't you?"
Alena seemed to shoot a disapproving look at him. "Yes, and you do yours too lax. The princess is reckless and you do little to stop her."
Ryan stood up in a fit of rage. "Hey! I try, it's not my fault she doesn't listen!"
Lawrence waved a hand to spoke the two knights from bickering. "Enough. We're not her to discuss Ryan's service record."
Ryan sighed and sat back down. "Yeah, why did you hail me at this time of night anyway your highness?"
Lawrence took a deep breath then began. "It's about a visit father got today from Valen Heraguard.
Ryan seemed curious. "What's one of the High Council of Mages doing visiting King Edmund?"
Lawrence began to recount the tale to Ryan...

Earlier that evening...
Lawrence was sitting in the throne room talking with his father about Gailwyn. The throne room was simple, it was actually located right beside his father's room. There were 4 royal guards situated in the corners of the room with the captain of them, Darren, located right beside King Edmund. King Edmund was a man with dark black hair that Lawrence had inherited. However that was where the similarities ended. Edmund had dark blue eyes, the same as Gail's and was wearing regal clothes befitting a man of his status.
Darren was a main with balding dirty blonde hair, and a gruff look in his black eyes. He had been serving the King as Royal Knight Captain for 7 years. His eyes seemed to be staring straight in Lawrence's own black eyes. Even though Darren knew Lawrence, he would still suspect anyone that came to visit the king of being a possible spy.
"Lawrence, I already discussed this with you. Gailwyn has no need for magic." His father told him in the solemn commanding tone he had come to know so well.
"But father why? She would benefit greatly from learning a way to defend herself."
Edmund simple sighed. "I thought I taught you better than that about the world's political affairs Lawrence. All she needs to know how to do is cook and clean for her husband."
Lawrence became infuriated. "That's the old way of thinking father! Just look at Lycia's Queen! Lady Lilina is well known for her magic abilities."
"Lycia is not the one we're trying to ally with however, Lawrence. You would do well to remember that we want Terium's blessing, not Lycia. Is she really wishes to learn some magic, then why won't she join the clergy and learn healing magic?"
Lawrence couldn't stand his father when he treated Gailwyn like a piece of clothing, instead of an actual person. He bit back his anger however, as yelling at his father wouldn't help any. "Yes, father. I'm sorry."
Right before Edmund was about to respond a messenger came in. "Councilmen Heraguard wishes for an audience with you King Edmund."
"Heraguard? Well what are you waiting for, send him in!"
The messenger nodded and went back outside the room. In walked in a man with short black hair and grey eyes. He was wearing the long tan cloak that council made its signature clothing. He appeared to be in his mid twenties, but as a councilmen, he was probably much older. An oak staff with a blue gem encrusted at the top was what he was carrying.
"King Edmund, it's good to see you're in good health." Valen said, with what was clearly a fake smile on his face. While Lawrence wasn't great at reading people, he thought Valen seemed disappointed.
"Councilmen what do I owe your visit to?" King Edmund said.
"I've come with some grave news I'm afraid, you see. The council of mages has discovered a plot against your life, and wish to take you under our protection."
Edmund scoffed a little. "Oh I'm sure! I'm sorry Heraguard, but I find this very hard to believe."
Valen frowned. "What I say is serious, if you wish to remain here, very well. But I would highly recommend you come with me."
Edmund shook his head. "I have faith in the knights under my command Heraguard."
Valen simply nodded his head as if he already knew that would be his answer. "Very well King Edmund, but don't come crying to me if you get hurt." The Mage simply strode right out of the room.
Edmund turned to Darren. "Darren, double the guards on the outside of the castle...and be sure to keep an eye on Heraguard." Darren nodded and left.
Lawrence turned to his father. "Father, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Edmund simply sighed. "I cannot know what goes through your head Lawrence, but tell Alena and Ryan what's going on." Lawrence nodded and left.

Present time...
Ryan looked at Lawrence with a curious face. "You don't think Valen was threatening your father, do you?"
Lawrence looked Ryan dead in the eye. "Heraguard is a dastard, but I know he personally at least wouldn't kill father. But it wouldn't stop him from hiring someone to do it."

Alena nodded. "We need to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious. Though we may not like the council, they never fully lie. More than likely Heraguard knows something or is planning something."
Ryan nodded, and sighed. "Should I go inform Gailwyn then?"
Lawrence frowned. "I know you don't want to disturb her, but we need you to go to the school. I'll write you a pass for you to get in on "official matters". Lute already knows about Gail, so just go see her."
Ryan started to get up. "Very well Prince Lawrence...I won't let you down."
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