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TrueHeartKnight's Bleach Character

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TrueHeartKnight's Bleach Character Empty TrueHeartKnight's Bleach Character

Post by Decade on Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:29 pm

TrueHeartKnight's Bleach Character Cute-anime-boy-pin-with-blue-eyes-free-on-415179

Full Name: Yuurei (given to him by Rangiku, doesn't known own name)
Rank: Academy Student
Theme Song:

Age: Looks to be 15 - 16
Race: Soul (Shinigami)
Gender: Male

Skin: Looks normal, seems to turn pale in moonlight
Hair: Dark purple/black
Eyes: Amber, sometimes glowing in moonlight
Markings: Doesn't seem to have any

Uniform: Standard Shin'ō Academy men's uniform
Casual Attire: Yellow heavy coat with dark brown short sleeved shirt, tan colored jeans with black dress shoes.
Accessories: Carries a strange circular object with a white cloth at all times on his person, appears to be openable.

Alignment: Unknown
Motives: To try and remember past and own name
Positive Traits: Is polite and kind to others, is helpful, a fast learner, loyal to those he trust, protective and willing to defend those in trouble.
Negative Traits: Doesn't talk much, is a bit anti-social, when angered becomes very dangerous and cold, doesn't seem to care for own bodily harm.
Mannerisms: Polite, relaxed posture, listens to others attentively, a bit anti-social.
Likes: Rangiku Matsumoto, Toshiro Hitsugaya, reading and learning, training, cup ramen
Dislikes: People threatening, yelling at, or speaking badly about Rangiku or Toshiro, people treating others badly or putting them down, being mocked for his own memory loss
Hobbies: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Residence: Residence of Rangiku Matsumoto.
Parents: Unknown, treats Rangiku as a mother figure while Toshiro as an uncle figure.
Siblings: Unknown
Education: Shin'ō Academy

Bio: Injured, unconscious, covered in blood and holding a strange sword, he was found by Rangiku Matsumoto shortly after the events of Banner's "assassination", and was taken back to Soul Society for healing. After being healed and brought back to consciousness however, it was discovered the boy had no memory of his name, where he came from, or who he was. He didn't even know what a Shinigami or souls were. This made things complicated as nobody in Soul Society seemed to know him or recognize him in anyway, nor was he recorded of even being in the Society, which made him suspect amongst many of the Captains and Lieutenants.

Nervous and scared, the boy quickly drew himself close to Rangiku for protection and security, and strangely formed a warm place in her heart.

After convincing Toshiro to agree, Rangiku offered to take the boy under her roof and watch over him until he graduated from the Academy, where he could go to be retrained and taught the ways of Soul Society, and possibly remember who he was and what had happened to him. With the support of Alexander Burke and Kisuke Urahara, the agreement was met, and the newly named Yuurei began to start his new life, and his quest to remember who he was.

Name: Unknown
Sealed Form: The sheath of the Zanpakuto is a clear snow white color with an oddly designed sharped edge along one side and towards the tip, resembling a sword blade in itself. The guard and sword handle are both white colored as well, with the guard shaped like a reverse yin/yang symbol. Strangely, four sets of black chains seemed to be wrapped around the Zanpakuto from edge to edge, preventing the blade from being drawn by anyone, even Yuurei.
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