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Naling667's Bleach Character(s)

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Post by Zaio Volnutt on Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:37 pm

Name:Marco "Mark" Rubino
Appearance:Naling667's Bleach Character(s) Animevamp
Eyes:Crimson Red
Uniform:Standard academy male uniform sleeveless
Casual Attire:white hoodie,blue shirt,navy blue jeans
Accessories:Wears a silver ring engraved with only one word "Ai"


Motive:Finding his own "path,purpose and mountain to stand on"
Positive Trait:Observant,Innocent,Thoughtful
Negative Trait:Gullible at somepoint,stubborn,silent
Mannerism:Carefree,Always seems to have a smile on his face,Honest
Likes:playing games,art,reading,stargazing
Dislikes:hurting people that are close to him and being unable to understand something (mostly other peoples feelings)

Theme Song:

Place of birth:Somewhere in Italy
Place of Residence:Soul Society

Living:At an early age Mark can memorise patterns and certain images easily.At the age of 7 he was able to see the spirits of the departed and was able to talk to them which made him more of an oddball by society thus being a victim of constant bullying after that his family sent him to Japan to live with a distant relative for a better life.He cant recall his memories in Japan and cause of death.

Soul society:As he got used to the life in Soul society he starts experiencing a recurring dream involving a shadowy image of a girl in a shrine maiden yukata playing a black instrument.While on his way to get some food he witnessed a hollow attack a group of children on the field.He managed to catch the hollow's attention by throwing a rock at it which glowed and burst into pieces when it hit the hollow.When he was about to receive the killing blow a Shinigami appeared defeating the hollow in one strike thus saving Mark's life.Realizing that he has the potential to become a Shinigami himself he decided enroll into Shin'ō Academy so that he can find out more about what he can do to achieve his goal, the missing pieces of his past.

Zanpakutou:Single edged katana silver circular guard with a hollow part at the mid section of the blade from the start to the mid length of the blade and a cloth wrapped around the hilt.
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