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Post by Dullahan on Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:21 pm

Name: Clark Goman
Rank: academy student

Race: human-turned-shinigami
Age: 19
Gender: male

Skin: normal
Hair: bleach blonde, short, sticks out from his hairline.
eyes: normally light lime green, turns deep emerald when angry or under duress.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 172lb
Uniform: standard academy male uniform
Casual Attire: black shirt, highschool letter jacket, ripped blue jeans, and black skate shoes.

Alliance: chaotic neutral
Motive: to rescue his girlfriend's soul from the underworld
Positive Traits: athletic, surprisingly good leadership skills, prideful.
Negative Traits: can be very vain, bad judge of character.
Mannerism: self-entitled egotist.
Likes: sports, music, a new-found taste for cherry sake.
dislikes: coffee, preppy people, raisins, and other people's opinions that could cripple his self-worth.

Place of Birth: Quebec, Canada
Place of residence: Tokyo
Parents: Gwen and Harrison Goman.
Siblings: none, he's the only child.
Education: high school senior

As part of a foreign exchange program, Canadian high schooler Clark Goman arrived in the Tokyo region of Japan.  At the airport he met with his host family, the Akiyama family. their  introverted daughter, Sakura Akiyama, agreed to guide him around the city teaching him in Japanese culture and traditions.  But something about her made Clark feel very warm; something he doesn't usually feel.

During his escort through Tokyo, that feeling never faded away.  In fact, it grew stronger with each passing day. He couldn't get Sakura out of his head.  He never thought that a quiet, shy girl like her would ever be his type. One day after school, He confessed to her about these feelings; she was surprised that he shared the same feelings for her that she had for him. The two then decide to go on a small date around the city.

During their date in the midst of the busy Tokyo district, Clark saw something unusual. Through the bustling crowds of pedestrians, he saw what looked like a walking shadow of a man. An actual shadow walking on its own.  He stood there befuddled as he watched the shadow enter and dissipate inside of Sakura.  He didn't know what to think, except that he was just seeing things.

As time passed after that incident, Sakura's behavior became more and more unusual. She kept rambling to Clark and her parents how she hears voices in her head telling her to end her own life. "The voices, they say I'm worthless," she kept rambling; "they keep saying I would do a deed for all of you if I just end myself. And honestly, I can't say that they're wrong. What am i really worth to all of you?! To the world?! Please, tell me! Please, help me change my mind!" Clark and her parents stood in front of her speechless, trying to fathom the shock that she delivered.

That night, Clark woke from hearing talking coming from Sakura's room.  He worriedly investigates her room, and finds her sitting in the middle of the floor, holding a kitchen knife. "The voices made me realize something, they were right all along." she cried to Clark as tears poured down her face. "What use am i really to you if you couldn't do anything to change my mind? The voices showed me the pain you all gave me, and told me how to get rid of it." Clark pleaded with her desperately not to do it, but she wouldn't listen. He had his chance at changing her mind, and missed it. With a heavy goodbye, she ran the blade across her neck, and dropped to the floor in a lake of her blood. "I rid...of the pain..."

Clark's heart was heavily steeped into grief; he dropped to his knees to hold her body in his arms. "Sakura, you never knew how important you were to me," he cried to her, "why couldn't I get over my shock to tel you that? Of course you were important to me." He couldn't see through his sadness to notice what is happening.

A mysterious white liquid poured out from Sakura's neck wound and warped from the white of her left eye. the liquids poured over the left of her face, and hardened into what looked like a mask. When Clark finally noticed, he was utterly scared about what's happening to her. He felt her body twitch, and raised out of his arms. "S-Sakura-?" but what came alive wasn't Sakura anymore.

The thing shrieked as loud as a banshee and lunged her long sword like fingers at Clark! Clark took the knife from the floor, and slashed the monster across her mask. The creature let out another sharp shriek in pain, which gave Clark enough time to escape out of her room; the monster soon tailed him.

He stopped into the kitchen right down the hall, and the she-creature lunged at him from the air. Clark was paralyzed with fear, but he kept a formidable pose to defend with. But just as he was about to trade steel with the monster, a vortex of light blue wind cycloned from the floor.

the wind dissipated, and a boy with light brown hair and pale skin appeared out of nowhere. He reached for his sword, and cut the monster across her mask. The monster let out a final dying pout before dropping to the floor, and the mask was completely destroyed. Sakura's body returned to normal.

Clark lunged at the mysterious boy with the kitchen knife in hand out of self defense; he doesn't know who he is, or where he came from, but he is intent on preventing him from messing with Sakura! The boy flowed like water, dodging every attack Clark threw at him. He unleashed a spell against Clark that bound him with demon energy; he couldn't move a muscle.
Sakura's parents rushed to the kitchen, and what they saw was astonishing- they couldn't see the pale boy, but no doubt do they see their daughter's dead body lying near Clark holding the bloodied knife. Before they could assault Clark, he dissapeared with the pale-skinned boy in a vortex of light-blue wind.

Name: Towairaitodansa (Twilight Dancer)
Sealed Form: standard katana

Shikai Form: the blade itself emits a blinding light, and transforms into a seven-star constellation whip connected to the hilt.  Although the shikai form holds no direct killing power,
the stars can disconnect from the hilt to perform various defensive techniques: such as blinding or binding the opponent, or creating barriers to shield Clark from harm.  this ultimately requires Clark to master various Hado spells if he wants to damage or kill his opponent.

Personality: Towairaitodansa's mannerisms is about the same as a distressed actress looking for attention. she will pout and complain if something isn't going her way or if she isn't receiving the attention she believes she is entitled to- though she will keep a certain level of majesty while doing so. In her speech, she is rather fond of puns about stars.
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