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Barian of the Void: Chapter 2

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Barian of the Void: Chapter 2

Post by Decade on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:18 am

Chapter 2

"Shark! Hey!!"

He lay there on the ground for a moment, as he fully took in what had just happened. His back ached from the crash, he could feel several bones broken in his chest, and his entire skin felt on fire from the explosion caused by his own card. In other words, his body felt like shit. But at the same time, the pain felt like nothing to him, not when a stronger emotion filled his heart.


It was over. He had lost, but at the same time it didn't feel like a loss at all. Maybe it was because of who he lost too. Either way, it was finished for him, and god damn if it wasn't one hell of an ending.

Forcing himself to his knees he focused on pushing his weakened body from the ground.

"I knew what you were going to do. That you two would use Double Up Chance, geeze. But you're the kind of good-hearted guys who wouldn't attack," he spoke as a smile graced his lips and he turned to face the trio before him, "But, Yuma. Astral. You two have infected me with those words of yours."


"Then from the beginning you-"

"Don't be foolish," he interrupted as he glared slightly at the floating deity before him, "I was completely serious. But I have no regrets."

Closing his eyes briefly his expression softened as he looked back at the boy he had lost too.

"Yuma, most people throw away what's most important to them when they grow up. But, you should never throw it away. The ability to believe in others, a heart and soul that never gives up, never throw those things away."


He could feel it. Looking down slightly, he could see his body slowly become engulfed in the crimson light as he felt his power and life fading. Soon, he would no longer exist in this world, and the future of his home, his people, his friends, and his memories, would be left to the one in front of him.

"I want to see the future you guys create, along side you... but I don't think I'll be able to."

Closing his eyes the boy didn't fight against the pull as endless energy he had taken poured from his fading body into the body of the floating deity as the boy and girl before him stared in shock. Turning his gaze to the girl he smiled.

"Kotori, don't take your eyes off that idiot for a second."

The girl fought back tears as she covered her mouth with her hand. He smiled and turned back to the two others as he felt the final pull. This was it.

"Thank you, Yuma. Astral. My best friends. That duel, up to the final second, was the greatest Duel I ever played. And ever enjoyed."


A single tear escaped his eyes as he closed them both.


And let the cold of death take him.


The clinic.

A rather relaxing and comfortable place with a warm environmental feeling about it, the clinic was used for the purpose of treating any injured student or staff member who had gone about and either done something stupid involving magic, or gotten themselves hurt in some other way shape or form. Though not many seemed to visit the clinic as one would expect, as many of the students took great pride and care in their uses of magic and the actions caused by it. As such outside of a few doctors and staff nurses, the clinic was usually a very vacant and quiet place.

The clinic itself was rather simple in appearance. The white colors gave a simple yet peaceful atmosphere. Desks, shelves, and boards were located around containing all manner of medical equipment or tools. Windows seemed to line up on both the walls and some on the ceiling to allow proper lighting inside and give off a warm vibe. And of course, several beds and sheets were located around for students to rest on for their time there.

One of which was currently occupied by a purple haired sleeping boy.

Soft. That was the feeling the boy had as he laid down on whatever surface he felt. He didn't remember death being this soft before. And warm too. It was a smooth warmth but nothing he didn't mind. It was rather strange considering the number of times he had died before he had never felt this way.

How many times was it? Three, four? He honestly forgot, considering this was the newest addition to that number.

Still it was a rather nice feeling for him as he let himself embrace the warmth.


This wasn't right. Yeah sure it was a rather soothing and comfortable mood, but for some reason it wasn't the same. Shouldn't he have been suffering or something after all he had done? Why was he suddenly allowed to feel comfort like this after all the sins committed by his hands?

Hell on that note, why was he still able to think or feel anything? Dead don't think or feel right? Least he wasn't sure since he couldn't exactly remember what happened the other times he had died, but didn't that just mean there was no thought or feeling in those previous deaths?

Then it made no sense for things to be so different this time.


Did that mean..?

Suddenly the boy's body twitches slightly as the closed pair of eyelids slowly open up to reveal a sea of dark blue.


The pair of eyes blink slowly as the boy's hazy vision begins to clear. The first thing they take note of is the light, which is slightly blinding as the boy squints his eyes closed to clear it from his sight. The second thing is the white ceiling above him, and the white bed and sheets his body was currently resting on. The third thing was the soft cold feeling his skin felt as he moved himself up from the bed and looked down.

He was back in his human form, and his clothes were gone.

If it wasn't for the fact he had no idea where he was or how he was here, he would have found the situation hilarious familiar.

The boy grasp his head with his hand as his vision finally clears and he pushes himself up from the bed to take in the sight around him. It looked like some sort of hospital room. He should know because he had been in them more times than he would have liked when he was still human.

But those thoughts were cleared from his head and quickly replaced by sheer confusion and disbelief. Why was he in a hospital room of all places? No better question, HOW was he even in one? Considering what he last remembered had happened to him, such a thing happening to him was well below zero percent and he damn well knew it.

The only logical explanation outside of the fact that it was some crazed death dream seemed even more impossible. But at the same time, it was the only other explanation.


It wasn't possible, but yet what could he say to deny it? He felt, for a lack of better words, alive. He could think, he could feel, he could breathe, and last he checked the dead couldn't do such a thing.

But how had it happened? The only way he could see himself still living was if Yuma and Astral used the Numeron Code. It made the most sense considering what it was capable of. But then why would he have been revived in a hospital bed with nobody around, let alone in a hospital room he didn't recognize?

All the questions and confusion brought a migraine to the boy's head as he rubs his hand through his hair and tries to clear his thoughts.

"And he's still not awake?"

The boy's blue eyes suddenly snap upwards towards the noise. A voice?

"Not yet Old Osmond. It's actually worried the medical staff due to the nature of his injuries. It was a miracle in itself that the boy was still alive as he was, but due to how extensively hurt he was, there's no telling when he'll wake up, even with our magic."

The boy's eyes narrowed. It was definitely a voice, two in fact. And from the sounds of it they were heading his way, though for some reason he couldn't make out what they were saying.

As the door opens a bald headed man with blue eyes and glasses walks through followed by a gray cloaked wearing old man with very long white hair and a beard.

"At this rate we may have t-" The bald man suddenly pauses as he looks towards the boy and his eyes widen in shock, "Y-You're awake?!"

"Oh hoh? Seems the young man is stronger than we thought, eh Colby?" The old man speaks as he rubs his beard.

"It's Colbert sir," Colbert replies as he moves closer and grasp his hand in examination, "No sign of external injuries at all. All healed, and so soon? Incredible, but h-"

"Let go!!" The boy shouts as he yanks his hand away as Colbert steps back in shock. Blinking in shock the man quickly recollects himself and looks at the boy curiously.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so rude, but could you repeat what you said?"

The boy's eyes narrow in confusion. The language the man was speaking sounded familiar but at the same time he couldn't quite place it, "What the hell are you saying?"

Colbert stared with a slight curiosity and concern, "Could you try saying that again? My name is Jean Colbert. Do you understand me?"

"Just what are you saying? Hey, do you understand me at all?!" The boy asked as he began to feel frustrated.

"Hmmmm, seems the young boy doesn't speak the same dialect as we do. That will certainly be a problem if not addressed right away." the old man speaks as he walks forward, "Allow me to try."

"Ah, yes Old Osmand," Colbert replies as he steps back from the boy.

The boy's eyes narrow on Osmand as the old man approaches him, "Hey what are y-"

The boy quickly stops and moves back as the wooden staff is pointed directly at his face and Osmand closes his eyes.

"Azul, ben, ama. By my word, allow speech to be given freely and open to the one before us now," Osmand chants. As he does the tip of his large wooden staff glows brightly as a the boy covers his eyes from the brightness, only for his eyes to widen as his body is covered in a white aura. After a few seconds the light dies down and the aura around the boy fades as the man pulls his staff back.

"The hell was that about!? You trying to blind me or something Ojii-san?!" the boy shouts angrily.

"Ah, it worked Old Osmand!" Colbert spoke happily as the boy's gaze suddenly turns to him in shock.

"H-Hey, just now, what did you just say? Did you say 'it worked?'" the boy asked.

"He did, and it seems that yes my spell in fact did work," Osmand spoke happily as looks at the boy, "Now with that little mess out of the way, tell us young one, what is your name?"

The boy looks at both of the new speakers with narrowed eyes and a confused mind. He wasn't sure what just happened or how he could suddenly understand them, but whatever barrier that kept him from getting answers had suddenly vanished. Meaning these people had powers and abilities he hadn't seen before, and meant they could be dangerous.

Still, if he could understand them now, then hopefully he could get some damn answers. And if they tried anything funny, well, it's not like he was defenseless or weak.

"My name is Kamishiro Ryoga. Now if you don't mind me asking, just what the hell is going on here?!"
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