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Barian of the Void: Chapter 5

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Barian of the Void: Chapter 5

Post by Decade on Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:17 pm

Chapter 5

"Are you sure you don't need anything else Mister Ryoga?"

"I already said I'm fine."


"Listen, if I need anything I'll let the person at the front desk know alright? Just stop worrying about me already and go. I don't need a damn babysitter."

The nurse hesitated but nodded and bowed to the young man, "If you are sure. Then may you have a pleasant night Mister Ryoga."

As the nurse turned and left Ryoga let out a sigh of relief. He didn't think it was possible, but apparently the nurses here were even MORE stubborn than the ones back at Heartland. How such a thing was possible he didn't know, but it was a scary thought none the less.

Pushing the thought aside, Ryoga's gaze turned back to the quiet clinic room. The sun had set and the moonlight had started to take it's place in the windows giving off a very mellow tone to it. Frankly he always preferred the night better to the day, it just felt natural to him for some reason. And it was the time of day where the stress of the day faded away and he could just rest and forget all about it.

At least that was the case normally, but at the moment his mind was still in such a state of confusion and frustration that he just didn't feel the need to sleep.

Pulling away his gaze from the room Ryoga turned to the mirror behind him and examined himself once more. He had finally gotten back his stuff from Colbert and had dressed himself back in his usual attire as the Barian pendant hung from his neck. He looked the same as he had before he had lost his life in the final duel with Yuma and Astral, and yet as he looked in the mirror, he felt different.

He wasn't sure why. It wasn't the fact he was human anymore, or the fact he had been defeated. He had been serious in that final duel sure, but at the same time he was happy to know that it was Yuma who he had lost too, as he trusted the boy to do the right thing upon his death. But he still felt like something had changed about him, something he couldn't quite explain, but was right in front of him at the same time.

A chuckle escapes from the boy's mouth.

"What am I thinking?" Ryoga mutters with a small smirk. Yuma influenced him too damn much, the idiot.

Shaking his head clear of thoughts, Ryoga turned his gaze from the mirror onto the blue Duel Disk laying on the bed he had occupied an hour ago.

He had honestly been shocked when his eyes had seen it in Colbert's possession. He was also just as surprised to discover his old D-Gazer as well. It made no sense as to their appearance as he had disposed of both devices when he had regained his powers as a Barian. So how had they also arrived here in this world with him?

If that wasn't enough, he had also discovered his deck was resting in the slot of his Duel Disk. But it wasn't the version he had when he was a Barian, but the one before that, when he was still human. All the cards, the monsters, the spells, the traps, everything, it was all from right before he had regained his memories from Durbe. Why this version of his deck was here he also didn't know, though maybe it had something to do with him being human again.

Still, even if he speculated it wouldn't matter. Trying to figure out how this worlds idea of magic worked wasn't something he expected to be a master of in only a few hours. And it wasn't like he still entirely believed the story the old man and bald guy had told him. He was sure they weren't lying, but at the same time it still sounded a bit unbelievable, and it felt like Osmond was hiding something.

What that was he didn't know, though he would have to be sure keep an eye on the old timer. Whatever the case, he would just have to wait and see what happened, and be sure to handle it one step at a time.'s not like it was all bad.

Turning his gaze back to the mirror, Ryoga reached up to his neck as his fingers grasped the tiny shark toothed-shaped pendant that hugged his neck.

"And here I thought I had lost you forever," Ryoga whispered quietly.

Pulling it forward, a black string stretched from the the rope around his neck to the pendant, as it moved loosely away from his neck till Ryoga held it out in front of him. Moving his finger across the surface a small click was heard as the pendant flipped upwards like a locket, to reveal a picture inside. A picture that nearly brought the former Barian to tears.

"Tou-san. Kaa-san. Rio," Ryoga's grip on the pendant tightened as he looked at the picture.

In it were four faces, all smiling as if nothing in the world would break them. One was a gray haired man with a thin mustache. Next to him was a beautiful blueish-silver haired woman. Below the man was a tiny girl with bright blue hair, ruby eyes, and a wide smile. And the final figure, of course, was the one he recognized the most. It was of a younger, happier, and more innocent version of himself. Together, the four gave off the strong image of a beautiful, loving, and happy family.

An image he had long since forgotten.

Ryoga closed his eyes as he tried to steady his emotions. He had never thought he'd see this picture again. He had thrown the damn thing into the sea back on the Barian World when he chosen to renounce his humanity and fight his friends. It had represented his life as a human, a life that was nothing more than a lie and cover for him until he had regained his memories and become king once more. So when the time had come for him to fully commit to his former like and memories, he had rid himself of the picture, in hopes that it would help him move on and erase the bonds he had of that life.

And yet, like the Duel Disk and D-Gazer, it was here as well, as if it had never left him.

Closing the pendant silently Ryoga places it back to his neck just above his Barian pendant as lets out a heavy sigh and turns his gaze towards the moonlight emitting from the window.

"I need a walk."


The night air was peaceful. It was the first thing Ryoga noticed when he had stepped out into the empty and open grass field of the academy. The air had a very calm and cooling feel too it, one that he knew he could easily get used too if he ended up staying here long.

That thought quickly brought a frown to Ryoga's face as he looked up at the sky.

The sky with two moons in it.

"I really am in another world huh?" Ryoga questioned himself silently.

The fact there were two floating orbs in the sky didn't bother him so much, as he was accustomed to much stranger sights back in the Barian World. But it had brought Ryoga back to the cold fact that he really was trapped on some alien world.

He had still had some doubts in his mind about everything, that maybe it was all just a big dream or a massive joke someone had tried to pull on him upon his death. But even he couldn't deny what he was seeing in the sky. It wasn't like the Barian sky was any better, but last he checked, the Barian World didn't have a day and night cycle to it, and the human world didn't have two moons.

So yeah, if the whole unknown map, the crazy magic talk, and the fact he didn't recognize anything, didn't help to convince him that he was in another world, the two moons definitely did.

It was also kind of funny how their colors resembled the Astral and Barian worlds.

Ryoga let out another sigh as he turned his head from the two moons and continued his walk through the open courtyard. Looking around he was quite surprised how big the place was. Yeah it was a school, least according to Colbert, but it was a lot bigger than any school he had ever seen. Hell the place felt more like a castle in itself than an actual school, though based on all he had seen it wouldn't be surprising.

The whole placed had given off an olden feel to him, from the structure, to the furniture, to the atmosphere, and hell, even the people. It was as if this world was still young and innocent, trying to grow and expand itself out to become greater. It actually brought a nostalgic feeling as it reminded him of his first life as a human.

Ryoga sighed as he pushed the feeling aside. It only served to remind him of memories he would rather forget. Besides he had bigger things to worry about.

The fact was he still wasn't entirely sure what to do. He couldn't just stay here forever, nice as the academy was, not when there was a whole new world out there begging to be explored. The problem was he had no knowledge of anything about the world itself outside of what he was told by Osmond and Colbert.

Even with the map he had been given by the old timer, he didn't know where he would even go or what kind of laws existed in those places. He had no idea about what the environment or wildlife was like. And of course, the most crucial piece he found so far, was that he had no understanding on what kind of magics existed or how the interactions between nobles and commoners worked.

And even if he knew all these answers, like where to go and what to expect, what then? He had been given a final chance at life sure, but he didn't know what to do with it. At least back home he had either Duel Monsters when he was human or a kingdom to rule when he was a Barian, but here, in some unknown and strange land, could he ever find something to give himself purpose again? A reason to use this new life well and redeem himself for his sins?

"Dammit," Ryoga muttered as he turned around the corner of a building, "Just what the heck am IĀ supposed to d-"




Ryoga felt his body fall back as he landed on the cold hard ground. Bringing his hand up to his head Ryoga groaned and looked up, "What the hell?"

"Ah, I'm sorry! Are you alright sir?!"

Ryoga blinked as he took in the sight of what he had crashed into, rather who he had crashed into. It was a girl, dressed up in what he could only describe as a French maid's outfit. Her short cut hair was a raven black that seemed to come down to her neck and made her crystal blue eyes stand out as she looked at him with concern.

Ryoga had to admit, while he had never really taken the time to look at girls, as he had always had bigger things to worry about, the one in front of him was quite beautiful.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just wasn't looking where I was going," Ryoga comments as he forces himself off the ground and extends a hand to the fallen maid, "What about you? Are you alright?"

The maid in question gasped a little at the hand as if unsure whether to grab it or not, causing Ryoga to raise an eyebrow. After a moment or so, she hesitantly reaches out and takes his hand as he pulls her up, noticing as he does that she was a little taller than him.

"Y-yes, I'm unharmed sir," The maid responds as she dust off her outfit, "I apologize, I wasn't looking where I was going an-"

"Don't worry about it," Ryoga interrupts, "I wasn't exactly keeping my eyes front either. Sorry about that."

The maid blinked in surprise. She had never heard a noble apologize before to her. Actually now that she thought of it, she had never heard a noble apologize period. That was when she took a better look at him and brought a hand up to her chin in thought.

"Your outfit."


"Are you by any chance the commoner familiar everyone was talking about? The one summoned by Miss Valliere?" the maid questioned.

Ryoga blinked in surprise, "You've heard of me?"

The maid nods, "Yes, the whole school knows about it, from the first years to the servants. That a human familiar was summoned by Miss Valliere. It was quite the surprise to everyone as we had never heard of such a thing happening before."

At that Ryoga let out an annoyed grunt and looked away, "I can only imagine. But to be clear I am NOT that girls familiar. She may have summoned me here, but I am not bound to her in any way shape or form."

"Eh?" the maid blinks in surprise, "Y-you mean you haven't created the contract with her?"

Now it was Ryoga's turn to blink, "Yeah. What do you know of it?"

"Not much I'm afraid. I'm only a maid who works here at the academy you see. I hear gossip and conversation between the students and faculty now and then, but I'm afraid I don't know much in how their magic works."

"I see," Ryoga says as a slight frown appears on his face. He had hoped to get more insight into this familiar contract thing. But then again he should have expected that getting such answers wouldn't be so easy.

"S-sorry," the maid apologizes as she takes note of the boys facial expression, "I wish I could be of more help but-"

"Don't worry about it. It's not that big a deal anyways," Ryoga interrupts. While only a half truth, he had seen the look on the girl's face and had realized how harsh he might have sounded. He didn't mean for it, he was just still confused and frustrated with everything.

"Still it's rather surprising," the maid continues as she gazes at the boy, "I've never heard of a familiar not accepting the contract before."

"That so? Well let's just say my summoner didn't exactly leave me with the best first impression," Ryoga comments as he tries to push aside the memory of his first meeting with the pink-haired brat.

"I see," the maid with a slight laugh. Suddenly she stops and lets out a startled gasp, "Ah forgive me, I haven't introduce myself. My name is Siesta. I'm a commoner like you who works here as one of the academy maids."

"Kamishiro Ryoga. Nice to meet you," Ryoga states with a slight smile. He had to admit, so far this was probably the only person he had met in this crazy place that didn't bother him so much.

"Kamishiroryoga?" Siesta repeats slowly, "That's quite a unique name. A bit strange to pronounce though."

Ryoga simply shrugs, "It's how it is. My first name is actually Ryoga, but if it's too much trouble for you then just call me Shark."

"Shark?" Siesta questions as if testing the name on her mouth, "Shark.." she repeats again in thought. A soft smile then etches onto her face as she nods, "Shark-san then."

Ryoga nods with a small smile, "Yeah, just like that."

Siesta smiles back happily as a soft laugh escapes her lips, and for some reason Ryoga felt at ease.

This girl, she felt different compared to everyone else he had met since he first awoke. Not like Colbert or the old man who both had a wise and powerful aura to them, and certainly nothing like that candy colored chibi. No, to him she had this gentle and innocent warmth about her that reminded him a lot of Rio was when she was little. Maybe that was why he felt so relaxed around her even though this was his first interaction with the girl.

"Ah, that's right, I still have to head back to the kitchen," Siesta says suddenly in realization as she bows to Ryoga, "Excuse me but I have to leave now. But it was a pleasure to meet you Shark-san. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening."

"Same. Maybe I'll see you around sometime," Ryoga replies with a nod.

"I certainly hope so," Siesta replies with a bright smile as she dashes past Ryoga, "Well I better go! Goodnight Shark-san! Take care!"

As Siesta runs off Ryoga turns to look back at her once more as he lets out another chuckle. How surprising. Despite his short time with the girl, he had actually rather enjoyed it. Not only that, but the stress and troubling thoughts he had earlier had now been silenced and he found himself with a moment of peace he desperately needed.

As Ryoga turned back around and began to walk off, the former Barian smiled to himself.

"Maybe my time here won't be so bad after all."
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