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Barian of the Void: Chapter 6

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Barian of the Void: Chapter 6

Post by Decade on Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:05 pm

Chapter 6

"Stay back!!" Louise screamed as she ran.

She was being chased again, just like the night before. Trapped in a strange world of dark and shadows, Louise once again found herself being hunted down by another shadow creature. This time though it wasn't the same demon from before. It didn't wield any sort of weapon and it wasn't black in color.

No. This one was golden.

Least she thought it was golden. The shadows that covered the demon had shifted the color scheme, making it seem more a murky mud yellow than gold. All she knew though was it glowed with the same crimson that the black demon had, and that this one looked more like a massive dragon.

Not that it really mattered as it was hunting her all the same.

Louise panted heavily as she continued to run from the roaring beast. She wasn't sure how long she had been running but she was getting tired and her body screamed for her to stop and rest. But she couldn't afford to stop, not while that thing was right on her tail.

"Why?" Louise thought to herself as she struggled to breathe, "Why does this keep happening to me? Why am I suffering like this? Why do I keep getting chased by demons? What did I do wrong?!"

As Louise kept screaming in her head, the demon let out a might roar as a stream of golden energy shoots from its' mouth and explodes at Louise's feet, causing the ground below her to crumble.

Louise's eyes widen in fear as she reaches up desperately to grab something. Only for air to great her as she falls into the dark abyss.



And lands promptly on her back.

"Ow," Louise mutters quietly as her eyes slowly open up to reveal her tired state. Laying there for a moment the pinkette sighs and finally pushes herself up as she rubs her head.

"Not again. Just how long will these nightmares last?" Louise pondered to herself as she looked over to her mirror. Brimir she looked terrible.

Standing up and stretching herself Louise grabbed her wand on the desk and waves it as the drawers opened up by themselves. Inside was an array of matching uniforms and undergarments befitting someone of her size.

Just as Louise walked over to the drawers and reached forward to grab her clothes, she paused.

The events of yesterday had suddenly come back to Louise and had all but crashed down onto the poor girl's head as they did. She remembered it all. The ritual summoning, the commoner, the event at the clinic, all of it. She recalled all of it and her body began to shake as she remembered the anger she had felt from the boy's words.

Louise pushed the thoughts aside though, thinking it was only a dream, as she grabbed one of her uniforms and stood back up, only for her eyes to widen in shock as she looked in the mirror. Turning back to be sure she wasn't seeing things, her eyes caught sight of a bed of hay on the floor beside her bed. She had ordered the hay a week back in preparation for her familiar, and had mad sure to set it out for the morning of the ritual.

And yet, it was there, untouched but laying in the same spot she had remembered laying it in yesterday. Yesterday...which was the day of the ritual summoning.

Which meant...

"I-I can't believe this," Louise stuttered out as her eye twitched and her body shook, "I-It wasn't a dream. My familiar, that b-b-b-boy. To think that I w-w-would still be forced to d-d-dress myself even after having summoned a familiar, MY familiar! Me, a noble and daughter of the Valliere's, with a familiar who r-r-r-refuses to see me as its' master, and refuses to l-l-listen to me at all! How embarrassing!!"

Louise grabbed her head in frustration as she grit her teeth and let out a very angry cry.

She was not happy. Not at all. Never in the history of the academy, no, in the history of Halkeginia, had a familiar been heard to ever disobey or refuse it's master. If word spread out about this, the shame would be unbearable. It'd be worse than anything she would have delt with in the past. And she didn't even want to consider what would happen if her family found out.

No, she would have to keep this matter a secret until she forced that familiar of hers to accept the facts that she was now its' master.

"Just you wait you stupid dog," Louise muttered angrily as she got dressed. She had no classes today, so she already knew exactly what she was going to do after breakfast, "I'll be sure to teach you a proper lesson."

It was at that moment that the people in the hallways promptly fled in terror at the sounds of evil laughter emitting from the Valliere's dorm room.


"What? Familiar bonding?" Ryoga questioned with a curious look. This wasn't exactly how he expected his first morning in a new world to start out.

When he had first awoken, he had believed that the events of the day before had all been a dream. The fact he was alive, the fact he was trapped in some alien world, summoned to be some little brat's slave, magic, all of it. To him he had thought it had been nothing but a nightmare.

Sadly reality was a bitch like that.

Fact remained he really was alive, again, and he HAD been summoned to some alien world he had no knowledge of, all to be some candy-colored chibi's servant. It had instantly brought out a sour mood in Ryoga as he remembered the little spat he had with the brat. It didn't help either that he was still clueless as to how this new world worked or what he was supposed to even do.

Still, dwelling on what was and what should have been wouldn't change his circumstance, so he quickly pushed aside his annoyance and prepared himself for whatever events awaited his first day in this new world.

He certainly didn't expect a visit to the old man's office.

Shortly after he had gotten dressed and given some food by one of the nurses, some green-haired woman in glasses had come by asking for him by name. Longueville was her name if he recalled right, and from what she told him she was the old man's secretary. Apparently she had been sent to escort him to the geezer's office to talk some more.

Not exactly how he had planned to start out the day, but he supposed it would help if he got more answers about the world.

Though apparently the old man had other ideas.

"Indeed," Osmond spoke as he crosses his hands over his desk, "If you recall from our conversation yesterday, Professor Colbert explained that you were summoned here by Miss Valliere through a ritual performed by all the second year students yes? That this ritual was designed to allow the students to find a familiar most suited for them to bond with, and would then serve them for life."

A snort could be heard from Ryoga, "Most suited, sure. What of it though?"

Osmond sighed but nodded as he continued, "Well as I have no doubt you still hold no intention to be Miss Valliere's familiar-"

"You think?"

"I was hoping to show you that the contract between a noble and their familiar is not as mundane or harsh as Miss Valliere made it sound yesterday," Osmond continued as a white mouse suddenly crawls from beneath his sleeve and onto the man's shoulder, "This here is my own familiar, Motsognir. He has been my oldest and most dearest friend since the day I first called him to me."

Ryoga blinked in surprise, "A mouse?"

He certainly didn't expect this. A mouse was the old man's familiar? When he had been told about familiars and how they served nobles, he had expected them to be large looking creatures or animals, able to do many menial task and duties befitting a servant or maid, like that Siesta girl. He didn't expect that the principal of the academy would have a mouse of all things as a familiar.

"Size or ability does not matter when it comes to summoning a familiar," Osmond continues with a smile as he scratches the little mouse's head, "A summoner does not choose who their familiar will be, because the spell chooses a familiar based on the summoner's heart and soul, not their magic or personality. They are a lifetime friend first and a servant second. They are our eyes and ears as well as our partners, and they are just as important to us as we are to them."

Ryoga starred but listened carefully to the words the old man was spouting. The way he spoke, the way he treated the mouse, it was as if he really did seem to consider the little guy his friend rather than a servant. Maybe it was due to age since from the sounds of it the little mouse had been with the old man for a very long time. But all the same Ryoga could tell that the principal had a strong bond to the tiny familiar on his shoulders.

"It also helps when you have a partner who can peek up female skirts," Osmond says happily.

Only for a large tome to be thrown into his head as the principal crashes hard into the floor.

"Keep your perverted comments to yourself Old Osmond or I really will report you!!"

Ryoga expression had quickly shifted from curious to deadpanned as he watched the so called principal take a book to the face, "Or maybe he really is just an old geezer."

The weapon in question had been thrown by Miss Longueville, who was at the other side of the office taking care of stacks of paperwork until she heard the comment. It had unfortunately reminded her of when the perverted principal had sneaked his familiar into her panties and then report them back to satisfy his wrinkly old mind. As such she only felt it right to disciple the old pervert before he developed any thoughts of a second attempt.

As she returned to her seat Ryoga rubbed his forehead to try and stop the growing headache he could feel approaching. He should have known something like this would happen. It was too good to be true. Hell after everything that had happened back in Heartland, it was practically a given that something stupid or comedic was bound to occur.

Didn't seem to matter what universe you were in. They were all full of idiots, just waiting to become somebody's punchline.

Poor fools.

"S-So painful. That you would try and end the life of an elder like me before his time Miss Longueville," Osmond spoke as pretended to have a broken back and waves his hand around like a child. Ryoga would not have any of it though.

"I'm not here to play games old man. You called me here for a reason, so spill before I walk out the doors. What exactly does your speech about familiars have to do with me?"

Osmond sighs as he quickly drops the act and rubs his beard, "Well you see, today the classes for all second year students have been canceled in order to allow them the opportunity to build a relationship with their new familiars. And seeing as how you weren't exactly given the best first impression about how the contract between a familiar and their master works, I only thought it would be best if you were allowed to judge for yourself on whether it is as bad as you believe it to be or not."

Ryoga raised an eyebrow, "Oh? Is that so?"

"Yes indeed. It is only right that you are given a fair chance seeing as how you were forcefully brought here against your will. It will also allow you the chance to observe and experience how things work around here. And it would bring me great ease in knowing that your first impressions of yesterday were not solidified by the 'incident' that occurred," Osmond replies as he retakes his seat and stares at the boy.

Ryoga's eyes narrowed as he considered the old man's offer. It was true that yesterday didn't exactly start off on the right track, and he had acted a bit more emotionally then he would have liked. Granted at the time he was still trying to take in everything that had happened, but the event with the pink-haired tiger didn't exactly help in that regard.

Being given the chance to watch the interactions between these so called nobles and their familiars wouldn't change his mind right away, but it would be a good chance to learn some more about this contract and how it worked. Plus if what the old man said was true, then maybe not all the students here were like the chibi brat and actually did care for their familiars.

Though that did bring up one point in his mind he needed to address.

"And I suppose it wouldn't be a bad thing for you either if I reconsidered taking on the contract with 'Miss Valliere' would it?" Ryoga questioned.

"I will not confirm nor deny such a thing," Osmond responds with a happy and nonchalant expression.

Ryoga frowned. He should have guessed the old man had a second motive behind this. It was clear he wasn't gonna force Ryoga into accepting the fact he was the brat's familiar, but that didn't mean Osmond wasn't gonna keep pushing the idea out there.


"So where exactly is this so called bonding time gonna take place?"


Where was he?!

Louise grit her teeth as she stomped off from the clinic. She had finished her breakfast as fast as possible and all but bolted to the medical wing, only to find that her familiar was gone! None of the staff or servants seemed to know where he was and that only served to worsen her mood further.

"Stupid familiar can't hold still, just like a damn dog," Louise muttered as she turned down a hall corridor.

"Oh? Sounds like somebody lost their pet."

Louise froze as her eye twitched and she turned to the voice. It was none other than that damn Zerbst, along with her salamander familiar.

"Why couldn't I have gotten something that cool or obedient?!" Louise screamed mentally as she glared at her rival, "What do you want?"

Kirche simply smiled as she crossed her arms over her impressive chest, "Oh nothing much, I was just curious you see. You all but stormed out of the dining hall after breakfast and I couldn't help but wonder why. Turns out 'somebody' lost their familiar wouldn't you say?"

Louise felt her teeth grind as she looked away, "Of course not! I just misplaced it was all."

Kirche chuckled as she let off a seductive smile. She truly did enjoy teasing the little pinkette, "You know, I'm still not entirely sure you really did summon a familiar. Maybe you were just so desperate you decided to grab a random commoner on the street and paid him to act the part, though I'm still not sure if nearly kill the poor boy was part of the plan or not."

"That's not true! I performed the ritual correctly and my familiar did appear," Louise all but shouted before she turned her head away and muttered, "Even if it wasn't what I wanted."

Kirche laughs again as she brushes her crimson colored hair aside, "Well either way I suppose it's a suiting match for you, eh Zero Louise?"

With that Kirche laughs loudly as she turned down the hall and walked off with her familiar, who seemed to be doing it's own reptilian version of a laugh. All the while Louise's hands were gripped into tight fist as she glared at the back of her rival.

"That Zerbst!" Louise growled out. She would show her. She would show everyone that she wasn't a zero and had, in fact, summoned a proper familiar for herself.

Just as soon as she FOUND THE THING!!!


"Achoo!!" Ryoga sneezed as he brushed his nose with his finger, "Weird. Didn't know I was allergic to anything."

Then again considering the variety of creatures around, he wouldn't be surprised.

Unlike last night where the courtyards were silent and empty, today they were filled with tables and chairs scattered all around, each with dozens of second year students chatting away happily. And right next to each student, was their own familiar, ranging from sizes to species to just, things.

Seriously, Ryoga could have sworn some of these creatures resembled Duel Monsters he had seen in the past. Sure there was the occasional regular looking familiar, like a cat here, or a bird there. But there were some seriously odd ones around too. Some resembles dog-sized amoebas, others looked like miniature sized dragons, heck he was pretty sure he actually DID see a dragon fly by not long ago.

Overall his estimation of what exactly a familiar could be had been blown through the roof. The only reason he wasn't more surprised was that compared to some of the stuff he had seen in Duel Monsters, most of these creatures were relatively normal to him.

How odd was that?

Pushing that aside though, Ryoga continued to take note of how each creature was being treated and how each noble acted. Much to his surprise he didn't see a lot of the same attitude from these nobles that the chibi had displayed to him yesterday. While some were having their familiars fetch food or whatever, it wasn't in a cruel or demanding way. They spoke with a soft and kind voice to their familiars and happily praised their familiars when the task was done. They acted more like they had a loving pet they had known for years rather than a servant

He was even more surprised at how many were communicating and striking conversations with their familiars. Whether it was on the ground together, or sitting at a random table, these noble spoke to their familiars as if not even seeing them as animals at all, but as a regular person. Heck, even the familiars seemed to be communicating back through their own noises they made.

It seemed part of what that Old Osmond guy told him was true, much to his disbelief. The nobles here really did seem to care for their familiars a great deal. Sure it was only the first day so their reactions could change over time, but as it was now, Ryoga had to admit he was very surprised at the fair treatment the familiars had with their masters. He still wasn't fond of the idea at all, but he did admit he could at least look at it with a slightly calmer view.

"Figures though that I would end up with the black sheep of the lot," Ryoga muttered as he turned his gaze forward.

Only to stare into a large purple blinking eye.

"GAH!!!" Ryoga shouted as he jumped back.

"AHH!!" a voice shouted from behind him as he felt himself crash into something.

Ryoga realizing he had bumped into someone quickly turned around, "Ah sorry about that I wasn't-," Ryoga suddenly paused as he blinked, "Siesta?"

Siesta looked up curiously before a smile made its' way onto her face, "Ah, Shark-san! It's good to see you again!"

Ryoga nodded with a smirk, "Same. Though it seems this is becoming a common occurrence for our meetings huh?"

Siesta giggled slightly until her eyes widened, "Oh no!"

Turning around to the ground Siesta felt panic grow inside her. Ryoga raised an eyebrow curiously as he looked over her shoulder and saw what looked to be a bunch of pastries and desserts scattered all over the ground.

Realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Shit, I did that didn't I?" Ryoga asked as he knelled down next to Siesta, who was trying to pick up all the defiled food and put them back on the silver tray she dropped.

"D-Don't worry about it. It was an accident after all," Siesta replied as she reached for another piece, only to freeze and let out a quiet gasp as another hand touched hers.

"Ah, sorry," Ryoga said as he pulled his hand back and instead grabbed another piece. Siesta turned to him and felt her eyes widen in surprise as she witnessed him picking up the destroyed food as well.

"Shark-san what are you-"

"I made you drop these right? I'm not one for not taking responsibility for my mistakes," Ryoga calmly replied as he continued to help clean the ground.

Siesta meanwhile watched in an odd silence. She was surprised he was doing such a thing for her. He may not have been a noble but he was still a familiar right? Well not a full one either from what he had told her last night, but he had no real reason to help her out either. And yet here he was, helping to pick up the ruined food without any need or reason other than he had caused the mistake.

Siesta felt her face fill with warmth as she smiled and continued picking up the food.

After a few moments both stood up as Ryoga placed the remaining food on the tray in Siesta's arms, "There, that should be all of it."

Siesta smiled as she bowed slightly, "Thank you for the help Shark-san. Sadly the food is already unsalvageable, so I'll need to head back to the kitchen. But if you wait here I promise I'll be back shortly. I'd love to be able to continue our conversation from last night."

"Sounds nice, but I'm sure I'll save us both some time if I just come with you."

"Eh?!" Siesta gasped out in shock as the boy stared at her curiously, "W-What do you mean Shark-san?"

"I already said it didn't I? I take responsibility for my mistakes," Ryoga responded calmly as he placed his hands in his pocket, "These treats are for the nobles around here right? I've been seeing them eat similar food all morning, meaning you were helping to deliver this stuff to them. That is before I only add to your troubles. So the least I can do to is try and make up for it by offering to help you out."

Siesta found her mouth open slightly in surprise. Quickly gathering herself though she shook her head, though a bit hesitantly, and looked back at the purple-haired male.

"B-But you don't need too, really it's fine," Siesta tried to argue, "It's my job to handle such things. Besides you aren't a part of the academy staff so-"

"So what," Ryoga questioned causing Siesta to stop, "I made the mistake, now I'm making up for it. I'm not some guy who will just stand by and ignore the consequences of something I helped caused. You can stand here and try to argue with me all day if you like, but it won't change my mind. I'm helping out whether you like it or not. Now which was is it to this kitchen of yours?"

As Ryoga waited for her answer, Siesta found herself oddly silent as she stared at the boy before her.

It was strange. That was the best word she could come up with for how she felt right now. The way he spoke, the way he acted, it was as if Shark-san truly believed the words he was saying to her, and had just as much equal confidence in them.

Outside of her hometown she had never met anyone who had offered to help her so much before. Even her co-workers, while nice and had treated her well, were usually too busy or occupied to lend aid to her when she needed it. Even her boss, the nicest man she had met outside her village, was usually swamped with so many assignments and chores that he didn't have the time to help her or the others out.

And yet this boy, who she had only met less than twelve hours ago, was offering his hand to her, saying he would help her, without asking for anything in return or having any sort of hesitation in his eyes.  


A soft smile made its' way onto Siesta's face, causing Ryoga to blink and raise an eyebrow curiously.

"What? Something on my face?"
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