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Anime Discussion: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1

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Anime Discussion: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1

Post by DillPickles on Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:49 pm

Code Geass, an anime known for it's strategical thinking and mechs known as Nightmares. Action packed with a great story line and character that I feel you can really connect with as they bring a portion of humanity into the mix as well. Personally I loved this anime. I'm on the second season or R2 and I honestly can't stop watching it I have to make myself do other things. Personally though there are times when it seems that they try a little hard to be funny and it just fails but other than that the anime is pretty damn good. Voice acting gets a little stale at times with some of the lesser characters but it still makes up for it with plot and action and often borderlines Hentai. The main character of the story is Lelouch Lamperouge an exiled prince who wants nothing more than for his little sister Nunnally to be happy. They live in secrecy to avoid being used as political tools by there father, the king of the Britannian Empire. To do this Lelouch is given a power known as Geass (pronounced Gee-Oss). This particular geass allows him to make any do what he says without question, given direct eye contact. Yet he can only use it once on a person. After obtaining this power from the character known as C.C. (C2) he dawns the name Zero and begins leading a double life in Japan or the newly organized Area 11 of the Britannian Empire as a high school student and the leader of a group of terrorists known as the Black Knights. Now I can't really tell you more without giving anything away but I strongly suggest watching this if you are 18 years or older, only because of how vulgar it can get at times. I give this anime a 7/10.

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Re: Anime Discussion: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1

Post by Jain vi Bookshelvia on Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:20 pm

You say it's a discussion, yet spoilers aren't allowed. There's a reason why we have a spoiler option in the chat. It's also spelled as "Knightmares". (Puns! Who would've thought!)

Talking about the Actual Content:
Anyways, while I usually cannot tolerate CLAMP's art and style (admit it, that is overkill), Code Geass is a fairly good series.

What I really adored about this series was how it portrayed several stereotypes and played with them.

  • We had Lelouch, the Anti-Hero protagonist. If we didn't know any better, he'd be playing the villain. Revolutionaries are only called such when they actually succeed; otherwise, they're referred to as rebels. The man spreads calculated anarchy all for the sake of his younger sister. He is considered as a brilliant strategist and tactician, often callous and manipulates everyone to further his ambitions. That's fine, we see those kinds of men often enough.

    What separates Lelouch from all these others is the how there is always an undertone of self-blame and atonement. He could've easily excused several misfortunes throughout the series with justified reasons, yet each time, he continues to shoulder the burdens alone. Examples of this are: Joseph Fenette's accidental death, Princess Massacre, and several more in R2.

  • Suzaku's an especially fun character that's been played with. He's a parody of the "White Knight", further emphasized by his white uniform and his Knightmare Frame, a white and gold-theme machine dubbed Lancelot.

    A man of chivalry and would die to honor before reason. While gifted with an above average militaristic mindset, his true talents lay in physical prowess and combat.

    Now, if I were to tell you that someone with a White Knight motif were to be clashing forces against a "Black King", you would be quick to assume the White Knight were to be the main focus of the series, correct?

    Well, you're half-right.

    Suzaku is the pristine purity slowly being tainted by the tarnished world around him. Deeper and deeper, he sinks into his despair as the fates tear everything he holds dear apart.

    Now, don't get me wrong, the man is blessed with an inordinate amount of willpower. Surely, that'll be used to his advantage!

    Again, you're half-right.

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