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Nightmares in Nakushima: Chapter 2

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Nightmares in Nakushima: Chapter 2

Post by Razren on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:11 pm

Chapter 2: Deep Remorse

Makoto rolled over in bed and had to sit there for a second to process whether he was awake or asleep. What the heck was that dream? It felt so real....but it couldn't be....

Makoto brushed it off as lack of sleep for the past few days and got himself up. He turned over to the clock and saw it was 5:40. Makoto sighed, knowing he needed to get up now. After getting himself dressed, and actively trying to avoid his father, he headed off towards school. He pulled out his phone and opened it up. The phone itself read, "NO NEW MESSAGES".

Makoto frowned. She should have responded by now. Where is Saki...gah, I need to talk to her... Makoto pushed the events from the night before from his mind and focused on getting to school. After a while, he saw Naoki walking by himself as well. Seeing Naoki made him remember the dream he had.

He decided to walk towards Naoki. "Hey Naoki!" Naoki turned around and slowed down enough for his friend to catch up. Naoki turned around and caught his friend's eyes. As their eyes met, there seemed to be a unconscious remembrance of the dream from last night.

Makoto stopped in front of his friend and Naoki stood silently. After a moment, Naoki coughed and ended the abrupt silence. "Hey Makoto. What's up?" Makoto began to walk with his friend, brushing the dream from his memory. They had some light conversation before finally approaching the school.

The school was a three floor building complete with everything you would expect. There was even a separate two floor building in the back used by various clubs and such that were in the school. Makoto wasn't part of any of them, but he heard the building was rather crowded. After saying goodbye to Naoki, Makoto headed off to class.

It wasn't too long before the principal came over the intercom calling all of the students for an assembly. Makoto sighed as he walked off with the wave of students towards the gym. The gym was filled to the prim, and sweltering to boot. Makoto squeezed into a place for himself as the chatter of gossiping students filled his ears. "Hey I hear someone died." "Did you hear the police sirens last night." "There's no way!"

Makoto didn't pay attention to half of it though, he was too busy scanning the room. He sighed. No sign of Saki....I hope she's ok...

There was a loud booming throat clearing from the speakers as the principal walked out. Everyone quieted down as the principal wiped a stream of sweat from his face. He was an elderly man at only 5 feet tall with balding white hair and a full mustache that covered half of his mouth. He took a deep breath before he began speaking.

"Hello students, and welcome back! I wish however we could meet in lighter circumstances...I'm afraid I have dire news to inform you of. Last night, one of our own was taken from us. Ms. Saki Suzumoto, who had been missing for 4 days was just found dead last night by the police." Before he even finished the chatter started. Makoto sat pinching himself. 

He just shook his head and laughed a little. "No...there's no way he just said that. I had to have misheard." He slowly walked out of the assembly as if in a trance. No one even noticed him as the principal continued talking.

Makoto could feel his breathing become haggard as he felt tears welling up in his eyes. As the tears started to flow freely, he slammed his fist against the wall. "Damn it!"

He heard footsteps from nearby and saw Naoki standing in the doorway. Makoto tried to look at him, but the tears seemed to blind him. Naoki walked over and dropped a hand on his friend's back. "Just let it out..."

Makoto sat as the tears rolled down his face. He turned to face his friend with a sudden look of contempt. "You knew. You knew she was missing and you didn't even tell me!"

Naoki had a look of guilt written all over his face. He rubbed the back of his head, trying to find words to say. Eventually, he said "We figured it would be best if we waited. We wanted you to have fun when you got home."

Makoto went to slap Naoki across the face but stopped himself halfway through it. A nearby teacher saw what was going on and helped Makoto to the nurse's office. Naoki sighed as he watched his friend practically leaded off.

Later that day....

Naoki walked up the fifth floor roof access and opened the door. Viva and Naomi were already waiting for him. When he walked in without Makoto, the group frowned. "No Makoto?" Naoki shook his head.

"A teacher had to drag him off to the nurse's office." He stopped for a moment then looked directly at them. "We should have told him."

Naomi'a face was a look of being lost. She looked up towards Naoki with a faint smile. "We did the right thing. We didn't want him worrying on his first day back. Besides..." She turned to where Saki had normally sat in their group. "We didn't know how it was gonna turn out."

Viva looked the most forlorn of them all. "I can't believe she's gone..."

Naoki sighed and sat down. "We can't walk around depressed. It's not going to make Makoto feel any better." Naomi nodded and agreed.


Detective Shirogane's excursion last night had proved fruitless. Everyone even remotely related to the case brought forth no new evidence, which only confirmed his initial suspicion. Shadows were definitely involved. Meaning the police aren't going to be any help.

He breathed a heavy sigh as he saw Detective Ishida dragging in another new witness. It was a boy that had been dating Saki during the time of her death. Makoto Furoni. Ishida brought the boy into the interrogation room and then walked into the room Shirogane was in. He turned to him with a look of confusion. "Well...I brought him in."

"I can see that." His look didn't seem to change. "Is something wrong?"

Ishida breathed a sigh. "You really think the kid had anything to do with it? His alibi of being in Tatsumi Port Island at the time of the kidnapping is completely solid. He only returned yesterday."

Shirogane nodded. "And when did we find the body? Yesterday. Is it wrong to assume he might have something to do with it? Considering his close ties with the victim, it could even be assumed he was the one who killed her."

Ishida looked surprised. "What? You really think that?"

Shirogane got up and proceeded to begin to leave. "Of course not. But if you're a smart detective you think of every unlikely scenario you can. Because you never truly know how a case will turn out." He walked into the interrogation room and Makoto looked up at him.

"You're that boy I bumped into the other day." Shirogane nodded in recognition.

"Indeed I am. I'm Detective Chijinda Shirogane. I would like to ask you a few questions."

Makoto jumped up. "Look, I had nothing to do with Saki's death! I even talked with her the day before I left to get back here!"

Chijinda's interest was piqued. "You say that, but our records show Ms. Suzumoto had been missing for an entire week. Would you allow us to view this conversation?"

Makoto handed his phone. "This new phone records every call I have. I still haven't figured out how to turn it off."

Chijinda smiled. "Then this makes it easier. Thank you." As he left and went into the next room he noticed Makoto look downward very somberly. He walked into the room with Ishida and placed the phone in front of him. "Play back the call with Ms. Suzumoto." Ishida nodded and clicked a button on the phone.


"Saki! Hey, it's me Makoto."

"Makoto! I haven't heard from you in a while! What's up?"

"I'm gonna be going home tomorrow, but I'm gonna have to catch a later train. Could you forward the message to everyone else?"


"Sure! I'll get right on can count on me!"

"Thanks Saki. I can't wait to see you and everyone again."

"I can't wait either...hey...Makoto?"

"Hmm? What is it Saki?"

"I just wanted to say I love you."

"Hahaha. I love you too Saki. See ya tomorrow."

"Yeah....see you tomorrow...." CLICK!

Chijinda sighed. "She didn't appear to be in much distress. In fact, except for the end and when he asked her to deliver the message, she sounded normal."

Ishida nodded. "And that was definitely Ms. Suzumoto. I'm friends with her dad, so I've met her on multiple occasions."

"Hand the phone back to the boy and tell him he's free to go. We won't learn anything else with him." Ishida grabbed the phone and walked into the other room. Chijinda watched as Makoto left the police station and looked to his notepad. On it were hastily scribbled notes that he had been keeping about the case. seemed they'd do little good. "Guess I'll need mother's help after all..."


Makoto returned to school with only a few hours left in the day. He had been told he could go home, but he said no. He had to help move the gym equipment today, and he wasn't going to back out. He found Naoki as he walked back towards class. "Naoki!"

Naoki turned around and saw Makoto. "Oh! Makoto!.....I thought you would have gone home...."

Makoto walked up and hugged his friend. "I'm sorry for being an ass before. You guys were just doing what you thought was best. I was just angry about Saki."

Naoki seemed surprised. "It's fine. So, I guess this means you're still helping us with moving the equipment?"

Makoto gave him a mock peace sign. "Of course! Makoto Furoni never backs down from a promise!"

Naoki laughed. "Alright. I'll be looking forward to it then." Makoto nodded and the duo walked back to class.

Later that day...........

At the end of the day, Makoto and Naoki found themselves moving the equipment by themselves. It took them several hours, but eventually they finished. "Damn," Makoto said as he put down the last bag.

"I wish they woulda said bring them out to the practice field BEFORE we moved it to the warehouse. That killed my back..." Makoto rubbed his back.

Naoki smiled and laughed a little. "Yeah, but what can you do? It's time for us to get's kinda late."

Makoto looked out at the setting sun. "Oh crap! You're right! My sister is gonna kill me if I don't get home soon. They probably think I'm moping around like a dope right now! Hahahahaha." They began to walk away from the school, but suddenly there was a rather loud ringing noise that sounded.

"Agh! What is that?" Makoto looked around for the source, but soon found himself starting to drift off. "Naoki...we have" Makoto dropped to the ground.

Naoki noticed and tried to walk over to him but found the noise to be too much. "Gah! Makoto!" Naoki fell down as his world went black.

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