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Nightmares in Nakushima Chapter 3

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Nightmares in Nakushima Chapter 3

Post by Razren on Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:26 am

Chapter 3: The Hallway to Hell

"Ugh....." Naoki rubbed his head as he tried to get his bearings. He could feel he was lying on a cold wood floor. As he opened his eyes and they adjusted to the dim light he finally got to take in his surroundings. The sight he saw unsettled him all too quickly.

They appeared to be in a school, judging by the structure of the hallways. As Naoki attempted to get up, he felt his hand stick into a pool of liquid. He reeled his hand back and noticed it was covered in a dark red thick substance. "Blood?!..." Naoki threw himself back against the wall and fully took in everything.

A rather pungent odor afflicted his nose and he found  the source immediately. There was a decaying corpse not too far from his current position. It seemed to be completely ripped apart, and the blood seemed to be coming from here as well. The floorboards nearby seemed weathered, and there were multiple holes throughout the level. As Naoki reached over and looked down one of these holes, he saw that down several levels appeared to be a bed of spikes, barely being concealed by the floor that still survived.

If I fell down and didn't hit the lower floor....I'd be dead....where am I?

Naoki looked to the walls and found them in similar disrepair. The wallpaper appeared ripped off, and dried blood seemed to coat the wall. The odor was starting to become worse, and Naoki quickly picked himself up. "Makoto?" He attempted to look around to locate his friend, but found nothing.

"Makoto!?" Naoki started to panic. He saw Makoto go down first, meaning he should be here too. He couldn't even fathom what would be going through his head. He noted a door to his left that seemed slightly open. Despite his reservations, he walked inside.

Inside, he found all the chairs and desks seemed to be piled up in the center. As he reached the top with his gaze, he saw a small noose tied to the ceiling. He noted a lifeless body hanging from it, and he could barely contain himself anymore. He threw up upon the aged floor, falling back against the wall slightly. "This place...what the hell!?"

He kept looking around and saw two things. One took paramount though, and it was Makoto lying on the ground. Naoki ran over to his friend and began to shake him. "Makoto! Makoto!"

Makoto groggily seemed to get up. He opened his eyes and saw Naoki staring down at him. "Naoki? Where are we?" He began to sit up and held the back of his head. " head...."

Naoki breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Makoto was ok. However, now he could take note of something else that caught his attention. A small message scrawled onto the blackboard. It made him feel worse, as it appeared to be written in blood. The message read simply: "There is no escape. There is no hope. Why do we even try? Why don't we just end it all now, before the madness sets in? I will be better than everyone else. Goodbye cruel, indifferent world. Goodbye.....forever...."

Makoto sighed and began to look around. "So where the hell are we any....." He began to take in the surroundings. "The hell?!?! I was only joking when I said school was like Hell!"

Naoki laughed lightly at his friends ill timed joke. "Makoto. We've entered somewhere really really bad. We need to find a way out of here."

Makoto nodded and began to stand up. "Right." He then rapidly covered his nose as the smell finally caught up to him. "Jesus....this place reeks."

Naoki nodded. "I've seen two dead bodies so far. We need to be quick."

Makoto and Naoki then walked out of the classroom. Makoto's look seemed to change from slight unease to complete horror as he was taking in everything. They began to walk down the hallway and came upon a staircase leading downward.

Makoto looked over to Naoki. "Well, the first floor is where the entrance would be."

Naoki seemed unmoved. He was trying to stop himself from freaking out for Makoto's sake. He could see the same thing in Makoto's eyes. They proceeded down the staircase, which creaked an unearthly moan with every step. In fact, as they stepped on one of the final steps, it collapsed under Makoto, Naoki being the only reason he didn't fall down.

"Makoto! Hang on! I'm pulling you up." Makoto sat motionless staring at the spikes the protruded inches away from him. Naoki managed to pull him up and laid him to the side of the staircase. They both breathed rather heavily. Naoki clasped a hand onto Makoto's back. "You're ok now..."

Makoto sat for a moment, and it seemed in that instant he snapped. "Hell no I'm not ok! Naoki, you saw what just happened! I was almost dead just then!"

Naoki sighed and stood up. "But you didn't. That's what's most important right now. Let's keep going."

Makoto breathed a deep breath and managed to calm himself down enough to stand up. They continued along, and eventually saw the entranceway coming up. Makoto ran forward but stopped suddenly when he turned the corner. Naoki caught up and saw why he had stopped. Sprawled all throughout the floor of the locker area were shoes. Tons and tons of shoes.

Naoki frowned. "How many people...."

Makoto stood there, with a blank stare. He walked forward to a name plaque that seemed to capture his interest. "Naoki....look at this."

Naoki walked over towards where his friend pointed. Embroiled on the plaque was a name, and the name read: "Konahana Academy".

Makoto dropped his hand. "That's the school that was all over the news a few years back..."

Naoki nodded. " disappeared without a trace, and only two students were ever found. They were too traumatized to speak anything about it.

Makoto, without blinking, walked towards the door. He tried to open the door, and it wouldn't budge at all. In fact, it was almost as if the door was decoration rather than actually functional. As Makoto sat there, he laughed slightly and kept trying to open the door. Naoki stepped towards his friend.


Makoto turned around and seemed to have a slight crazed look on his face. " were sitting in the school that disappeared...with no way out....."

Naoki started to back away slightly. "We don't know that yet. We haven't checked any windows yet...though..." Naoki thought back to the first window he saw. It appeared that the outside was covered in an extremely thick fog. And now, as they sat there saying nothing, he could hear the faint trickling of rain. As if on cue, a lightning strike illuminated the hallway, followed immediately by thunder.

Makoto walked forward and fell against the wall. "We're trapped......we're going to die..."

Naoki walked forward and put his hand back on Makoto's shoulders. "We're getting out of here. Our friends need us back anyway."

Makoto looked at Naoki and there seemed to be a faint dark mist coming off of his body. "Oh what's the point Naoki?!?! Without Saki I have no one left for me anyway! My parents hate me, and now you'll slowly all move on too! I'm a worthless nobody!"

Naoki was taken aback. "Makoto!? What's wrong? You know that isn't true!"

Makoto ran off, with tears streaming down his face. Naoki was completely dumbfounded at what had gotten into Makoto. "Makoto!" He ran after him.

Eventually, Makoto collapsed onto the ground, and the strange mist seemed to seep off of him and went away. Naoki caught up and dropped down to shake Makoto. "Makoto! Are you okay?"

Makoto blinked for a second and looked around. "What...what happened?"

Naoki looked confused. "What do you mean? Do you not remember what just happened? You yelled at me and ran off."

Makoto looked into Naoki's eyes and saw he wasn't lying. "I don't....I don't remember doing that. I remembered we saw all those shoes...and then...." He seemed to shake his head as if trying to remember.

Naoki looked around. Whatever was going on with Makoto could happen again at any point in time. "Makoto...we need to get out of here now."

Makoto looked up at Naoki. "What...what happened Naoki?"

Naoki looked off in the distance and saw something turn around the corner. It was one of the most nightmare fueled things he had ever seen. It appeared to be a creature about human height, covered in stitches as if it was put together from body parts. It's skin was pure white, and almost appeared like leather. It had no eyes, instead there was simply empty bloodied eye sockets.

It's mouth moved into a snarl, and there appeared to be row after row of very sharp teeth. The same mist that appeared around Makoto seemed to be coming off of this creature. It started to slowly walk forward, but then it let out a massive shriek. Naoki grabbed Makoto and dragged him up and away.

The creature seemed to roar in anger and shot off after them, using it's razor sharp tentacle like appendages to climb up onto the wall and take off down the corridor. Naoki ran as fast as he could, adrenaline and fear fueling his every step. Makoto eventually began running in earnest as well.

They ran into a set of double doors and slammed them shut behind them, attempting to thwart the creature. However, within seconds it was pounding against the door and one of its claws broke through.

"Shit! We really are gonna die now!" Naoki couldn't argue with Makoto by this point. He was beginning to count his blessings as well. They heard a sliding door and turned around to see a man with long brown hair and blue eyes hidden behind glasses step out from a wall. He wore what appeared to be a lab coat, and quickly beckoned them over.

"Quickly! Follow me if you want to live!" They couldn't argue. They ran forward and ran after the man. They heard the door bust down and saw the creatures eyes right before the hidden door slid shut, saving them for the time being.

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