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Fire Emblem Light and Darkness Chapter 3

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Fire Emblem Light and Darkness Chapter 3

Post by Razren on Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:33 pm

Ryan headed off to the academy as fast as he could. As he approached the gate, two battlemages approached him carrying swords. "Tell me, what business does a
Caledonian Knight have at our humble school?"

Ryan was caught a little off guard by them. The two men standing before him had their faces hidden behind their hoods, but they were wearing full grade armor and seemed like they had the muscle to simply punch a problem if necessary. "Ummm well I have important business with Lute, I'm here on orders from his royal highness Prince Lawrence." Ryan produced the papers Lawrence had drawn up for him. The guards eyed them suspiciously but it seemed they knew it was indeed real. "Very well, we will announce your presence."

Ryan seemed a little confused. "Is that really necessary? I mean it is rather cold out here and I'd rather be safe inside."

One of the men grunted out what appeared to be a laugh. "If you want a giant lightning bolt to your face, feel free. Mistress Lute is very protective of this place, and she hates to be woken up from a alarm being raised."

Ryan could tell he wasn't kidding. "Point taken." The guard walked off and after about ten minutes came back.

"You may enter now. Welcome to the Caledonia Academy of Magic."

"Thanks...I guess." Ryan said, but his thoughts said something much different. Not exactly the warmest welcoming committee but I suppose it's warranted. I heard the last school was attacked by a powerful necromancer.

Ryan went inside of the school. It was as magnificent inside as out. The intricate columns that were set up at the entrance hall depicted some legends and stories involving powerful mages. He could see a stair case directly in front of him that seemed to lead straight up into Lute's office. Looking to the left and right, he could see the various hallways some of the most gifted mages had walked through. Though Ryan would hate to admit it, he could understand why Gail loved this place so much.

He began to ascend the staircase when he heard footsteps heading downward. He looked up to see an aged woman wearing purple mages robes complete with her own purple hair and dark eyes starting down towards him. "Ryan, it's always a pleasure."

"Ah Lute, you didn't need to come find me, I was just coming up to see you." Ryan said as he caught up with the headmistress.

"I figured if Lawrence sent you personally it was important. Follow me." She began to ascend the staircase. Ryan followed closely behind and was almost flabbergasted when he entered her office,

Ryan had never been to Lute's office before and was amazed by it. It was simple at first, but it had bookcases rising up to the ceiling. He could see various books being rearranged as if there was some invisible music going through the air. She had a regular oak desk that rested at the back of the room complete with two chairs in front for visitors and one in back for herself. He noticed a wide assortment of magical artifacts that he knew he wouldn't even begin to know the inner workings of.

"Did you make this all yourself?" Ryan asked as he looked around.

"No, I inherited this room from Saleth. He had a protection spell on the room so it was a simple matter of transporting the room to this new location."

Ryan had heard of Saleth, he was a former member of the High Council, and was known to be the most powerful Mage that the council had ever seen. "Wow...simple huh?"

Lute sat down in her desk and flipped open a tome and nonchalantly began reading it. "Please, sit and tell me what Lawrence wants."

Ryan sat down. He had never talked with Lute before, and he could tell why some people were afraid of her. She had a bit of arrogance behind her voice, but even one not attuned with their magical talents could tell she was extremely powerful. She also was well known for harsh punishments, multiple times launching non life-threatening spells at her students. No one could argue however, that if one wanted to learn to be a Mage, this school and its headmistress were the best place to go.

"Well Councilman Heraguard came and had an audience with his majesty."

"Yes, he is in town to help with this year's final exam. What is the concern? I can assure you I will make sure he doesn't get out of hand."

"Yes well, he said that there was a plot against the King's life, and wanted to take him under his protection."

Lute seemed to be genuinely surprised. "Really now? I have not be informed of this. I should go have a talk with Valen."

Ryan waved a hand up. "Please Lute, don't. Lawrence wants to handle this himself. He asked me here to check on Gailwyn and escort her back to the castle tomorrow after the exams."

Lute nodded. "I see. Well I suppose that's his business then. I suppose it will be fine then, but I think personally she'd be much safer here."

Ryan sighed. "The Prince is not trying to say your protection is inadequate. He just doesn't want too many people to know what's going on."

"Very well then. Now, tell me...will Gail be gracing my academy with her presence next year? She's a fairly good Mage and it would be a shame to lose her."

"It's still up for debate. But I know she'll try her best to be here."

"Excellent. Well then, feel free to stay in one of the unoccupied guest rooms for the night. I'll be sure to get Gailwyn to my office when she needs to leave."

Ryan smiled and shook Lute's hand. "Thank you Lute. I'm sure the Prince appreciates this and I know I do."

Lute laughed a little. "Now now. No need to be so thankful. I'm only doing what is required of me, nothing more, nothing less." On that note, Ryan took his leave of the office.

The morning sun came in through the window of Sarah's room, but Gail was against the idea of getting up. It took Sarah pushing her around for Gail to start rousing. "Alright, alright, I'm up!"

Sarah sighed. "It's a wonder you get to anything on time! Come on then, we're going to be late!" Sarah's yelling got Gail to get up and begin getting ready.

"Sorry if I'm a little sleepy after not going to bed till dang near dawn.." Gail could never understand what made Sarah able to get up so early.

"Oh shut the complaining! The test starts at noon, and as you can see we don't have time to argue."

Gailwyn couldn't argue with that logic. She looked out the window as she was getting ready. Though the school looked better in the evening, the daytime had it's own charm. For one thing, the birds were even more plentiful, as well as the people. Gail could lose her own thoughts in the hustle and bustle, especially today, as everyone was discussing what they would do In-between semesters.

"Remember Gail, it's a written exam THEN the practical. So if you need some more practice do it during the break."

Gailwyn inwardly moaned. "I forgot about the written one!" She had studied up how to use the spells, but not the theories and history behind them.

Sarah seemed like she was about to face-palm. "You can't be serious. Well be thankful that the practical is the big one."

Gail nodded. "And I am! So, who's gonna be presiding over them this year?"

Sarah pondered for a moment before responding. "I hear it's Lute herself. Along with some fancy Mage that's visiting."

Gail about dropped her mouth. "Lute herself! But I thought she only watched over the 4th years!"

Sarah shrugged. "I guess she wants to see us this year."

Gail sighed. "Are you sure it wasn't "Ms. I get straight A's" I'm looking at right now?"

Sarah laughed. "I doubt my grades had any effect on the decision. Now come on, no more distracting me with idle conversation. Let's go."

Gail nodded and head off with Sarah to the main complex of the school. Each year had their exams at different times, the higher in year you were, the longer you'd have to prepare. Sarah figured it was because they'd have more stuff they were covering, but Gail it was just because they were older. Three classrooms had been emptied to be able to fill the amount of students they had. Gail and Sarah were both in classroom one. The classroom was almost like an auditorium. The teacher would sit at the bottom of the room at the other end, and an almost bleacher setup for the desks was on the entrance side.

There would be a student in almost every single desk, and Gail noted it was their homeroom teacher presiding over the written exam. "Thank the gods, I thought it was gonna be Lute."

Everyone found their seats and the teacher handed out the exams. "You will have exactly 1 hour to complete this test and no more. After that there will be a 30-minute break period before you proceed to the practice fields to take your practical exam. Begin."

Gail started the exam and found it was easier then she thought it would be. She figured those late night study sessions with Sarah had actually helped for something. She finished with barely any time to spare, and filled out the room for the break. Sarah found her almost immediately.

"Is there anything else you wanna go over before you get started?" Sarah asked.

"No, I'll be good. Thank you though Sarah." Was Gail's response.

Eventually they went to the practice fields. Gail saw Lute standing and talking with what appeared to be a High Council member. "Oh shoot Sarah! The guest is a council member!"

Sarah seemed to be looking at the man with admiration. "Yeah, that's Valen Heraguard, the youngest member of the council. He's an extremely powerful Mage." Sarah seemed to sigh. "I wish I was as powerful as him..."

Gail sighed. Sarah always got like this around famous people. It took her 3 weeks of being in the academy before she'd finally stop gawking constantly at Lute.

"Let's get this over with..." Gail said. Sarah's name was called and Gail watched her perform all her wind spells perfectly. However she felt unnerved when Valen stepped forward and started speaking.

"Well done Sarah, now how about you show is Cyclone spell?"

Sarah's face told Gail all she needed to know. "Ummm..."

Lute stepped forward. "She's barely covered that spell Valen you can't honestly..."

Valen cut her off. "How can we test their ability if we go against the standards sometimes? Besides, isn't she one of your best students? Now Sarah go on ahead and do your best, this part isn't for a grade."

Sarah relaxed and started chanting. As she got closer and close to finishing a small tornado started forming in the center of the area. She finished and shot off smaller versions of it in every direction. Lute and even Valen clapped.

"Excellent, my dear. Alright, you may go now." Sarah walked off and Gail saw she was disappointed. She liked to do everything as perfect as possible, and she wasn't prepared for that. Gail saw Lute and Valen talking, and when they finished, Gail was called up. Gail used the spells she had been practicing over and over again since last night. As her Flame Lance finished she saw Valen step forward again. She gulped, for she knew no matter what spell she was asked to do she wouldn't be able to do it.

She missed the last few classes, so any new spells they started she'd have missed. "Please do an Explosion spell." Gail noticed everyone gasped that time.

"Valen!" Lute said. "That is one of the highest level fire magics, you can't ask a second year student to do that!"

Gail started to speak up. "It's alright headmistress. I'll do it."

Lute seemed surprised but stopped her complaints. Gail took a deep breath and began chanting. She was glad she read ahead, otherwise she'd have no idea what the spell was or did. It was a spell made to release a large blast of fire around the user. Simple, but it required a lot of energy. She could feel the fire welling up inside her.

"Explosion!" Gail shouted and she saw the spell start to go off. But that's when she noticed something a little off. She had put a little more power behind that spell then she thought, and when it went off everyone had to put up shields to protect themselves. She actually saw Valen's cape be lit on fire before he put up his shield.

As the spell dissipated she noticed how everyone was looking at her with awe, then she saw everyone start laughing. She at first thought they were laughing at her, but then she saw what was so funny. Valen's cape was on fire and he was trying to douse it with water magic while running around in circles. Even Gail herself laughed a little.

Valen put himself out and he seemed not too pleased. "Good job Gail. You may go." Gail had never been so happy to leave in her life.

(A/N: I apologize for how probably boring these chapters have been, I promise you the story will be really picking up next chapter. So as always, please review and have a good day!)
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