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Terminal City: Chapter 1

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Terminal City: Chapter 1

Post by Razren on Mon May 05, 2014 8:41 am

Chapter 1: The Utopia that Never Was

A plane soared over a city that seemed to be too magnificent to even be real. Pristine streets, the latest in technology, and the sheer size alone was breathtaking. Terminal City was it's name, and it was certainly worthy of it's nickname as the "crossroads of the world". From all over  people came here to find some kind of luxury that they just couldn't find anywhere else. The city was massive to say the least, divided into 7 districts. 

The salty air from the eastern port was washing over the city as the fierce wind of that particular day blew. It seemed it didn't matter where you were in the city, there was always something to catch your interest, whether it be the many attractions or the many people that seemed to walk around constantly. Another plane landed in the airport of the city. In one of the seats was a slightly older looking boy of about 5'8", and short raggedy reddish brown hair. His sea-green eyes seemed to almost yawn themselves as he started collecting his belongings.

Jeez....I didn't know I was signing up for a 16 hour plane ride. I feel like my back is gonna explode... He rubbed his back as the plane finished landing and he could finally stand up. The intercom blared to life, and the somewhat cute voice of the female captain came over the speakers. "Well passengers, we have finally arrived. Welcome to Terminal City!"

The boy smiled slightly. At least the in flight movie was cool. He gathered all of his belongings but stopped when he grabbed his bag. He opened it and dug his hand in, pushing things aside. I know I had it in here somewhere...

He finally grabbed the item he was looking for. A small white envelope with a letter inside. He pulled the letter out and read it over once more as he was leaving the plane.

"Dear Mr. Calvin Rosewood,

It is with great pleasure that I inform you of your formal acceptance into Terminal University. You have been accepted into this university for a variety of reasons, but chiefly is that you have a power you do not yet have full mastery over. 
We wish to change that. In our school you will find not only knowledge, but an environment to thrive in and become the best person you can be. Enclosed is a GPS unit. Turn it on, and it will give you directions from your current location to our campus. Once you arrive, please report to the assembly hall for an important announcement about your future at the university. I hope we will be seeing you arriving at our dorms soon.


Garret Brown, Dean of Terminal University"

Calvin watched his bags as he followed them through customs, and finally left the airport after about 20 minutes of landing. He laughed slightly as he looked at the GPS unit that was enclosed with the letter. He still couldn't believe it. "Me? I think they got the wrong guy."

As he entered the main entrance to the city, he couldn't help but feel slightly impressed. A huge holographic display of the city greeted him immediately with a line of text that read "Welcome to Terminal City". There was a sign that labeled this part of the city as the "Transit Hub" which was easily deduced by the enormous amounts of transportation lanes that were connected to the area. Whether it be planes, boats, cars, or anything for that matter.

Calvin smirked as he saw the multitude of possibilities presented before him. He thrust his bag over his shoulder and turned on the GPS. It pointed him off to the western part of the city, so he followed.

After walking about 20 minutes away, he came upon the elaborate gate of the school. It seemed to reach a massive 20 feet high, and was embroiled to look like gold. As he lined his hand over the many rings of the gate, Calvin heard a mechanized voice.

"Please show School ID." Calvin's smirk slowly faded. Damn. Gotta actually register before I get inside. There goes that plan...

Calvin sighed and walked to the building to the left. As he walked inside, he was greeted by the wonderfulness of modern air conditioning. While the day wasn't scorching, it was still a mid May day, which made it quite warm for someone used to cold weather.

The receptionist saw him enter and smile. She seemed to be a short and stout lady, with blond hair and jade green eyes. She wore a white dress shirt and a red tie. "Welcome! Are you here to register for Terminal University?"

Calvin smiled as he let his eyes wander up and down the lady at the counter. "Why yes, I believe I am. Calvin Rosewood. You?"

She seemed to sigh as he said that. Completely dismissing his question, she turned to the computer and began typing. "Calvin.....Rosewood.... Yes, here you are." She had a small gasp. "You're from all the way out in Dravion?"

Calvin nodded. "Yup. The snowy wasteland to end all snowy wastelands. Anyway, are you going to tell me your name, beautiful?"

She reached beneath the counter and pulled forth an ID with his name and picture on it. "Don't get cocky there buddy. I'm married."

Calvin couldn't hide the look of defeat on his face. He slowly walked over and picked up the card without another word. He left the registration center and walked back over to the gate. He held up his card, and after a quick scan the computer told him his card was accepted. The gate slowly slid open, and Calvin was greeted with a "Welcome to Terminal University" message. "Whelp. Time to see what all the hype is about."

He walked inside and was greeted by the main building right away. It appeared to be a 5 story building that was filled to the brim with classroom after classroom. The walls seemed to be carefully laid brick by brick, and the atmosphere of the courtyard made Calvin feel relaxed rather than nervous as he was 5 minutes ago.

He could see a spire that rose from the center of the building, indicating where this "Garett Brown" resided. Looking off to the right, he noted several dorms that stretched back to about 4 buildings to each side. Off a long ways down seemed to be a port connected to the school. Overall, it seemed like the school was more than funded and they used that money to give the students everything they could ask for.

The letter said he had a meeting he had to attend, so he headed off towards the assembly hall. When he arrived, a staff member saw him approaching and walked forward. "Excuse me. Are you a new student?"

Calvin nodded. "Yup. That's me."

Calvin was directed to discard his belongings nearby and head off towards the assembly as it would be starting in about half an hour. He nodded, did as he was told, and headed off. He arrived in the assembly hall, which didn't appear as impressive as the rest of the school so far. It was a normal wooden floored room with a huge stage set up in the back of it.

Calvin pulled out a small coin he carried around in his pocket. He sat there, moving it back and forth between his fingers as he looked around at the other students that were waiting. The immediate item that caught Calvin's eye was a girl with really long dark green hair. She appeared to be wearing clothing that looked more like they built for intensive outdoor exercise. He began to walk over toward her and even attempted to make himself look more presentable by brushing his hands through his hair.

He walked up and tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me miss. I couldn't help but catch myself staring at you from across the way and felt it would be improper to not meet you."

She turned around. Her face certainly wasn't detracting from her overall beauty. However, she did seem slightly annoyed by what he had just said. Her dark green eyes almost held a look of indignation as she responded. "Well alright. I'll bite. What's your name, "good sir"?"

Calvin almost wanted to retreat. But he continued on regardless. "Uh name is Calvin Rosewood. Yours?"

"Jade. Jade Vanderfell. And I hope you didn't only come over here to flirt. That would be rather droll."

Calvin laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. "Of course not. I just wanted to get to know some of the new students. I mean, we are gonna be classmates after all, right?"

"I suppose that's true. Well, alright then. Where are you from?"

Calvin did a mock bow. "I am from the country of Dravion. Specifically the city of Lyon."

Jade looked astonished. "Wait.'re Lord Rosewood's son, aren't you?"

"Nephew actually. The guy you're thinking of is Thomas. That's my cousin."

Jade nodded. "Very well. Forgive me for the mistaken identity."

Calvin smiled. "It's quite alright. Now then, where are you from?"

Jade laughed slightly. Calvin couldn't help but note she looked more stunning when she smiled. "Well I'm from Dravion as well. That's how I knew who your Uncle was. Though I'm from Falvia."

Calvin nodded. "Falvia is a nice city. I've been through there once or twice before."

Jade nodded. "Yes. The only downside is the notorious Phantom Renegade."

Calvin almost lost his cool, but managed to remain neutral. "Hmm? And who is that?"

Jade frowned and looked serious. "He is a notorious criminal that is wanted, at least in mine and a few other people's minds, for stealing the people's good money. He's a con artist. Almost too good at his job."

Calvin's heart almost dropped. "Right. Well sounds like a guy with a few screws loose if you ask me. Our world's already hard enough to live in as is, why does he have to go around and make it worse."

Jade nodded. "Precisely my thinking. Hmm." She seemed to be in deep though for a second. "I think we'll be good friends Calvin." She gave him a pat on the shoulder with a little bit more force than she intended.

As Calvin sat rubbing his shoulder he heard a woman clear her throat as a flash of light caught his eye. Blinded slightly, he heard all the chatter around him die out. He couldn't quite see the person clearing, but she appeared to have blond hair and blue eyes. She also wore very proper business attire.

"Alright students settle down. Listen well, for I will not repeat myself. My name is Martha Lovegood. I am assistant dean here at Terminal University. Allow me to be the first to welcome you here to our academy. The fact that you have all made it here should be an achievement in itself. Should be. I say that as just getting here is the first step."

Whatever the reason you may have been accepted here does no matter. For now, you are all here for the same purpose. To hone your unique abilities and be able to walk out of these doors as a representative of the Meta-human race. Do you all understand?

All the students nodded and she smiled. "Good. Now, your Dean, Mr. Garett Brown would like to have a few words with you." The woman clacked away in her heels before a man stepped out from behind the stage.

The man appeared to have black hair with a white streak down the middle. He also appeared to have dark grey eyes, and he was wearing a black suit with a blue tie. He walked forward to the microphone and sighed as he looked around the room.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am Garett Brown, Dean of Terminal University. I will not lie to you all. As I look around this room I find myself disappointed. Disappointed in the underutilized potential I can see in all of you. But none of that matters now that you are here." He cleared his throat before continuing.

"I hope you find our campus to your liking? The Magistrate always tries to provide the utmost for the citizens under his care." Everyone seemed to look around. Calvin heard the usual talk when regarding the Magistrate of Terminal. No one knew what he looked like. Did this guy know who it was? Blah. Blah. Blah.

Garett had to tap the microphone to calm everyone down. "I see that's a yes. Good. I myself find our school to be the best place one can die." The conviction he said that last statement made Calvin uncomfortable.

"Yes. I mean it when I say all the rumors you have heard about our fatality rate are true. If you do not take this school seriously, you will die. We are not your babysitters. The staff here does not care whether you survive or not. For they know that if you apply what you learn, there will be no question of your continued survival. Now then. When you are all ready, please head down to the docks located here at the university. The boat will be arriving in 1 hour." he walked off, without saying another word.

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