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Terminal City: Chapter 2

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Terminal City: Chapter 2

Post by Razren on Mon May 05, 2014 1:39 pm

Chapter 2: The Test Begins.....

Calvin was unnerved by the bluntness of the Dean. He heard he was a hard man, but that was a whole new level of uncaring. He said his goodbyes to Jade, and headed off to look around the school. He wanted to see what the place looked like before he left again. He was surprised, it seemed like they were going to be going off campus.

As he walked around, a rogue sword almost hit him straight in the face. He saw it coming, and it seemed to slow just enough for him to get out of the way. He heard a male voice go "Oh my god! Are you ok?" Calvin looked to see a blond haired boy with blue eyes come running towards him.

He was wearing a casual outfit consisting of a white shirt and blue jeans. The boy rubbed the back of his head as he looked over Calvin, seeing if he was ok. "I'm fine," Calvin reassured the boy.

"Sorry about that man. I lost my grip and the thing went flying." Calvin laughed and stood himself up. He noticed the new boy seemed to be looking him up and down.

"Can I help you with something?" The boy laughed slightly.

"I haven't seen you around before. What's your rank?" Calvin looked at him confused. "Oh, you must be new then. Ranks are given to every single new student after the entrance exam."

Calvin nodded. "Alright then. What rank are you?"

"Well first let me introduce myself. My name is Takenda. Takenda Hirachi. I'm a C rank. So I'm....average on the scale."

Calvin was intrigued. "Well nice to meet you Takenda. I'm Calvin Rosewood. And is being a C rank really any different than any other rank?"

"Definitely! The gap between even an E rank and a D rank is incredible. And it just becomes more massive from there. This school has more D and E ranks than anything else."

Calvin rubbed the back of his head. "Well, guess I got my work cut out for me then. Well, I gotta head to the boat soon so...."

"Oh right! Your entrance exam! Well...pleasure to meet ya Calvin." With that, Takenda ran off. Calvin looked at his watch and saw he still had quite a bit of time. He decided to take this opportunity to get some food. He saw a cafeteria on his way to the assembly hall, and the brochure for the school said the cafeteria was always open.

He headed off and arrived in the huge room. The aroma of gourmet food and the sight of lavish furnishings caught his sight. This is like a fancy restaurant....damn.

Calvin noticed quite a few other students eating. Since it was starting to get kinda late, he figured they were having dinner. He saw everyone seemed to be in groups of two or three. In fact, the majority of everyone appeared to be in groups of 3. He shrugged as he walked up towards the counter and ordered his favorite for a late lunch: a Tria-style steak lathered in gravy with a side of mashed potatoes. He was unsurprised they had it.

With the surroundings he's seen, he wouldn't be surprised if they had a Bavalon Ham complete with the whole pig on standby. As he sat and waited for his food, he noticed one particular person sitting by themselves. It was a girl, with midnight blue hair and dark black eyes. She was wearing a strange set of robes,that complemented her feminine physique quite nicely, and had a hood covering her head.

The only reason he caught her hair and eye color were due to the long strands that fell off to the side and the fact he was staring straight at her. She didn't seem to notice. After his meal was done, he couldn't help but walk over there. He could finally note the soup she seemed to be eating had quite an....unnatural odor. "Do you mind if I sit here?"

She stopped with a spoon about to enter her mouth. She dropped the spoon down and looked up at Calvin. "If you want. I won't stop you..." Her voice seemed melancholic, and it almost made Calvin feel slightly sorry. He sat down and began eating.

She continued eating without saying much, and it made Calvin feel slightly uncomfortable. He heard some nearby students snickering at his attempts to get the "Freak R-type" to talk to him. His frown deepened as he heard that.

"Miss, do you mind if I ask a slightly personal question." He honestly wasn't expecting a response.

"Depends on the question." He silently gasped. She actually looked up at him with her full attention.

"Umm well....why are you sitting by yourself?"

Her expression remained neutral. "Because I am a R-type."

"Mind if I ask what a R-type is? I'm from out of student."

She nodded. "A R-type is a special type of Meta-human that was inadvertently born with two or more copies of the Meta-human gene. As such...we are freaks." She picked up her tray and walked off without another word.

Calvin couldn't think of how to respond. Damn my soft spot....

He attempted to get up and follow her, but she was gone. With nothing else to do, he headed off towards the port. He found his way there pretty quickly, and when he arrived he found a lot of students were already there.

Eventually, he heard the blow of a boat horn and looked out to the sea. He saw a very impressive looking boat approaching from the distance. It appeared to be 3 floors and looked like they must have spent a fortune on just the design. It came complete with a pool and looked like it must house an assortment of other activities. As it landed, the students were directed to get on.

As Calvin walked amongst the crowd, he couldn't help but think about the R-type girl he met. He couldn't believe they would treat someone like that. He got onto the boat and saw the interior was just as impressive. Hallway after hallway stretched in every direction. He sighed. It was just like the balls his father out on when foreigners came to his house.

The speaker came to life and the stern voice if the Dean came on. "I'm glad you all decided to show up. Now that you're all here...I can explain the entrance exam.

"At the bottom of this ship is a room filled with teleportation pads. You will each step onto one of these, and as soon as you reach the other side your test will begin. About 20 miles from here is a island known as Kana Island. It used to be the site of a city named Lorange, where various research projects would take place. 

However, a terrible accident 10 years ago caused the city to have to be abandoned. The island has started to reclaim this city as its own. Be warned however, monsters still lurk in it's tress, waiting for an idiotic student to cross its path. All I want you to do to survive." Everyone seemed to gulp a little bit at how vague the instructions were.

Just as they were about ready to go, that's when the Dean spoke once again. "The first two souls you run into will be your teammates here for the 5 years you are here at the university. Enjoy." The speaker cut off and everyone was in an uproar.

"That's no fair!"

"Why can't we pick our own team?"

"Where are you guys! We gotta make sure we end up together!"

Calvin just sat back and laughed. "So that's the game we're playing, eh Garett? Alright. I'll bite. Let's see what this Kana Island has in store for me." Calvin proceeded to head down to the teleporter room without a moment's hesitation.

As he arrived, a security guard stopped him for a moment. "We need you to remove all your weapons and belongings here."

Calvin smirked. "Can I at least keep my clothes?" The security guard was unamused. After depriving Calvin of all his belongings, he directed him to the teleporter. Calvin stepped in, and it was not a pleasurable experience.

It felt as if every atom in his body was taken apart, then reassembled elsewhere. As his vision came back into focus, he found himself in a forest. The birds chirps and the humid day filling his senses. As he looked around, he saw absolutely no distinguishing features of the landscape. Worse yet, he was completely alone.

He sighed as he looked around. "Well, when he said survive....he wasn't kidding." Calvin sat there and attempted to hear for any running water nearby. The only sounds he could hear were the cicadas on the trees, and the scuffling of forest animals. Or at least what he hoped were forest animals.

He noticed a stick protruding from the ground nearby and picked it up. "Well...I got a weapon." He began to walk off in a random direction, wondering who he'd run into first.


Jade found herself on a cliff side. She could feel the rocks beneath her feet, and the salty sea air danced on her lips. She licked her mouth as the salty taste made her long for a drink already.

She began to attempt to survey the surrounding area. She saw the edge of the cliff was steep, and went down 50 feet to rocks below. She was thankful she hadn't teleported only a few more feet off to the right. She looked down at her hand and cursed the fact she had to give the guard her weapon. She just hoped her powers still worked.

She started to walk and fell down to her knees. "Damn...that teleporter really messed with my body. Maybe I should wait a moment..."

She sat down and sighed. She heard the entrance exam of Terminal University was grueling, but she didn't realize it would be this grueling. They would have to survive on their own, or hope they ran into a teammate fast. Otherwise....

Jade shook her head. Can't think of the bad. It's like father always said. Look to the hope. Not the despair.

She stood up and began walking towards the center of the island. Garett himself said there was an abandoned city. If it hadn't been ransacked yet, she might be able to find some food, or at least another person, if she went there.

She began walking forward and saw the forest that stretched out before her. Before she could begin to assess how large it was, she heard a loud and low roar. She turned around to find a boar staring her straight in the face.

It charged and she flipped over it. As she landed she held out her arm. A phantasmal energy of bright colors came over her body, and as it faded her clothes were instantly replaced with a full suit of grey armor. The armor was special in the fact it had a green tint, and seemed like it had small wing looking things attached to her back. She smirked.

The boar looked at her and began to charge again. Jade got herself in a battle stance as it got close and closer. As it was about to hit her, she launched her arm forward into a punch.

As the punch connected, a large rush of air accompanied it and the boar went flying about 30 feet back. She then charged forward and right when it was about to hit the ground she punched it in an uppercut motion. It flew off and fell off the cliff.

As she watched the boar fall, it took only a moment to hear the sickening crunch below. Jade sat and panted for a moment. "Wish...I could have cooked it. Guess....I didn't have anything to make a fire anyway...." She wiped a bit of dirt from her face and turned to the forest.

Whatever test Garett had in store for her....she was ready.

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