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Terminal City: Chapter 3

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Terminal City: Chapter 3

Post by Razren on Tue May 06, 2014 1:33 pm

Chapter 3: The Island of Silence

Calvin had been walking for quite a long time without running into much of anything. He had managed to sharpen his stick into a spear-like weapon, but he hadn't found anything to throw it at yet. He sighed. This is gonna be a little tougher than I thought. This forest seems so empty...

Calvin stopped when he heard the bird calls suddenly stop as well. The forest appeared as if it went completely silent. He looked around at all of the trees and thick foliage as if he was expecting to see something jump out at him. That's when he heard something strange. A faint melody that was being carried through the air. It almost sounded like a flute being played, which made it sound even more confusing in the silence of the surrounding area.

With nowhere else to really go, Calvin decided to follow the sound. As he got closer and closer, his movement became more rigorous and he felt as if his arms were made of weights rather than muscle and bone. He eventually fell down by a tree when the noise seemed to be right by him. Knowing it had to be someone using their abilities, he called out.

"Hey! Anyone there?" The noise stopped almost instantly. He heard some scuffling around and a boy of about 18 came walking in from the bushes. He wore a normal white tee-shirt and blue jeans. He appeared to have scruffy black hair and dark blue eyes. He smirked slightly as he saw Calvin laying there.

"Sorry about that bud, but that's how it falls sometimes. Guess we're teammates now." He held out his hand to Calvin. "You should be good now."

Calvin stood up with his help and sighed happily. "Well I'm glad I didn't run into an asshole. What's your name? Mine's Calvin Rosewood."

The boy nodded. "Nice to meet ya Calvin. I'm Zach. Zach Saxon."

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you too Zach." He looked over and saw Zach carrying a small flute. "Is that the thing that almost took me out there?"

Zach held it up. "This old thing? It just helps my power. Sound Manipulation."

Calvin seemed pleasantly surprised. "Well I'll be damned. That's pretty cool. I guess you got the luck of the draw there."

Zach laughed slightly. "Yeah. I guess so. So what's your story?"

Calvin and Zach started walking through the forest as they chatted. "Well, I'm from Dravion. I grew up in a nice household...always had food on the table..."

"I meant what's your power! We can have time for the boring meet and greet later."

Calvin laughed. "Well alright then. I'm just lucky. Nothing too special."

Zach contemplated for a moment, then looked surprised. "Wait. Are you a N-Type then? No power whatsoever?"

Calvin smiled. "Guess you caught me. Yup. I got no power to speak of, yet I somehow got into this school."

Zach smiled even bigger. "Well sweet! This will be a cool year then. Hahahaha."

Before Calvin could join in they heard something. "Wait...I think there's something nearby."

Zach looked around. "I don't hear anything..."

Calvin grabbed Zach and pushed him down to the ground. "Get down!"

A spear barely missed them. As they laid in the grass, they heard footsteps approaching. The last thing Calvin was expecting was to see Jade come walking out from the surrounding foliage.

She frowned at the sight of her spear lodged in the tree. "Damn. I thought I had it."

Calvin poked his head out. "Yeah! You almost had me for lunch!"

Jade gasped as she saw Calvin and Zach laying there. "I'm...I'm sorry! I heard scuffling around and no voices so....I thought..."

Zach laughed light heatedly. "It's fine. It's fine. Just...don't do it again, alright?"

They both stood up and the tree took in each other. Calvin looked around and was the first to comment. "Guess we got the teamwork thing down pat. We already tried to kill each other."

Jade looked down embarrassed. "Yes...well..." They all passed around introductions before attempting to decide what to do. Eventually, they decided the best course of action would be to head off towards the city.


A few hours ago...

A girl with light auburn hair and green eyes stood on top of a building in the ruins of Lorange. She wore multiple layers of clothing, but didn't appear uncomfortable in the aforementioned heat of the day. She had a scarf, a jacket, a sweater, and jeans.

She sighed as she took in her surroundings. "Can't believe they took my cigarettes. Oh well..." She held out a small old fashioned lighter. She clicked it, and it did nothing. After clicking it about 5 more times, it finally lit.

She let it rise for a bit before letting it go away. Alright Liz...let's see what we can do...

Liz walked over to the nearest entrance to the building she could find. She opened the door and found the way was blocked with metal support beams. She pulled back out her lighter and when it lit this time, a small stream of fire shot into the metal. After a few short bursts in key spots, it collapsed enough for her to climb over.

As she walked through the top floor, it reminded her of a sad movie. It was an office building, so desks were flipped around and family photos and mementos lied amongst the rubble. As she descended a few more floors, she even noticed a small teddy bear lying in a cubicle.

"What the hell happened here. This doesn't look like an accident. This looks like a nightmare..." She continued walking, but a scuffling made her stop. She turned around and saw a wolf emerge from a nearby pile. Soon, 4 wolves were all staring her down, looking very hungry.

"Easy doggies..." She held up her lighter and began clicking it. "Nice doggies...I'm not gonna hurt you or anything..."

They kept coming so Liz clicked the lighter once more and created a small fire. As they seemed unthreatened, the fire suddenly shot up quite a bit more than it should be able to under normal circumstances. They yelped a bit then went off. Liz let out a sigh of relief.

She continued down a couple more floors, constantly looking over her shoulder, expecting a wolf to attack her at any moment. Eventually, she stumbled upon the den, right in her path. She cursed under her breath and hid around the corner. She noticed something even worse in the center of the den. In the center, with a litter of wolf pups was an Alpha Wolf.

An Alpha Wolf was a slightly mutated wolf that had twin tails and blue markings on it's face. It also was much larger and tougher than an average wolf. And worse for Liz, it appeared to already have caught her scent.

She slowly walked into the room and sat down. She noticed the wolf perk up, and stare straight at her. Liz removed her scarf and put it down slightly in front of her. She waited for a few minutes before she noticed the pups get up and walk over. After sniffing the scarf, they curled up on it. Liz couldn't help but smile. She had always had a soft spot for puppies.

The Alpha Wolf got up and walked off. After a little bit, it returned carrying two bags of chips in its mouth. It dropped the two bags right in front of Liz then backed off, dragging the scarf back over towards where the pups were originally.

Liz gingerly accepted the chips, and proceeded to take off her sweater. She walked over and placed the sweater down nearby them as well, then walked off. The wolves never bothered her for the rest of the time she was inside the building. After descending a couple of stories and finding no other way other than the crumbled fire escape, she used it to leave the building altogether.

After she was clear of the building, Liz groaned. Gods I wish I had a smoke right now....

Despite her grips, she continued on. Eventually, she found a boy lying in the middle of the street. He had pale blond hair, an equally pale face and wore a light blue jacket with tan pants. At first, it looked like he had been attacked, but upon closer inspection. He had a high fever and was unconscious. Liz cursed, and began to try to help him up.

Even with her resilience to fire, she could tell he was far too warm to be healthy. She managed to drag him inside a small building nearby. It helped that the wall had collapsed into a huge entrance.

She laid him down and took off the shirt he had underneath his jacket. She turned around and saw a small puddle in the corner. Emptying a bag of chips on her jacket, she filled the bag with water. She then proceeded to rip the sleeves off of his short sleeve tee-shirt. She dipped the sleeves in the water, and laid them across the top of his forehead. She then splashed the rest in little droplets around the rest of the shirt.

After that was done, it was lain across his chest. That should at least keep the guy cool for now. Of course, my first teammate passes out on me....

She sighed and sat down a little ways away eating the little bit of chips she had. Liz then started to creat a rough map of what the city looked like in the dirt. She made a huge circle, and then spread the rest of the island around it. How could such a big city be reduced to all this....

Liz was pulled from her thoughts by a wind that began to blow. She got up and looked outside. The wind seemed unnaturally strong, even for an island. That's when she heard it. A girl. Shouting in joy.

"Wahoo!!" Liz noticed a light green haired girl flying through the city. She was wearing an aviator's jacket, blue jeans and had a pair of pilot goggles on. As she reached where Liz was, the wind suddenly stopped. "Uh oh....." Like a plane being shot down, the girl came crashing down.

The girl laughed slightly as she finished rolling. "Guess we'll call that one a crash..." Liz walked over to the girl with a look.

"Ummm...are you ok?"

The girl perked up and saw Liz. She shot up. "Wow! That's hardly what I call a crash! I found my first teammate! The names Hawk by the way, yours?"

Liz sighed. "Liz. And you found two teammates. The other guy is in the building."

Hawk beamed with a smile. As she pulled off the goggles, Liz could now see she had the same color eyes as her hair. Hawk burst into the building, eager to meet her new teammate. Liz calmly followed.

When Hawk entered, she gasped. "Oh! That poor thing!" She rushed over to the boy's side and looked at the display. "Heatstroke?"

Liz shrugged. "I thought he just had a fever. I did what I could."

Hawk nodded. "Well you did a pretty good job I have to admit. Good on you Liz."

"Thanks I guess..." Liz sighed and watched as Hawk took off the clothes she laid on top of him and checked his temperature.

Hawk nodded again and put the clothes back on. "We need to head to the hospital."

Liz looked confused. "And what makes you think we'll find anything."

Hawk jumped up and spun around to look at Liz. "Because, obviously if you found a bag of chips the place isn't ransacked." She pointed to the bulge in Liz's jacket. "So...the hospital has to have something, right?"

Liz nodded. "I guess you're right. But we can't move him."

Hawk nodded and ran towards the door. "I know. I know. Just give me a sec." Hawk held up her arms and snapped her fingers. A huge barrier of wind formed around the door. Hawk smirked as she finished. "That oughta keep things cool. And...if any students find this, they'll know he already has a team."

Liz looked dumbfounded at Hawk. Just who is this girl...

Hawk's smile was unchanged. "Shall we get going?"

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