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Terminal City: Chapter 5

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Terminal City: Chapter 5

Post by Razren on Fri May 09, 2014 10:14 am

Chapter 5: Lorange, City of the Dead

Calvin sighed as they stopped for a rest again. "How long does this stupid path go on for? My feet are killing me."

Jade surveyed the area. "It shouldn't be much longer, We're definitely getting closer to the center of the least if Zach is right."

Zach nodded. "The sound of the ocean is the right distance away to where we should only need to go another 1/4 of a mile."

Calvin nodded. "Good. I'll be glad when we can get off this stupid island. My pants are practically ruined from all this trudging around.."

Jade looked at him. "Are your pants really that important?"

Calvin looked off at the sky. "I guess not. So...what's our plan once we get inside of the city?"

Zach was the one to reply. "Well, our first priority is to find shelter for the night. The city should have plenty of it. I is getting kinda late. A little too late to have time to build something out here."

Jade nodded. "Exactly. Now, you going to keep complaining or are we going to get going?" Calvin relented, and the group continued even as the sun began to descend past the buildings and the orange rays made their way to the city.

As they broke through to the city, Calvin gasped. In the evening sunlight, it looked like some kind of surreal landscape painting rather than some old ruins.

"Beautiful ain't it?" Calvin had to agree with Zach. The island had come to be a rather nice place to explore. He wouldn't mind coming back here after the test was over and seeing what little secrets he could find. Zach suddenly got a smirk on his face.

Calvin walked over and whispered. "What're you laughing about?"

Zach whispered as well. "Well you know how I said I got good hearing right?"

Calvin nodded. Zach continued stifling a giggle. "I heard our "fearless" leader's stomach growl."

Jade turned around to the two. "What are you two snickering about!? We need to keep moving!"

They both responded with a "Yes m'am!" 

They continued into the city and quickly found shelter. By this point, a light rain had begun to fall. Also the temperature seemed to change from a temperate sauna to a frigid arctic wasteland. They quickly entered a building and started shivering, completely drenched after the rain had increased in ferocity.

Jade looked very displeased. "This is ridiculous. First, it's hot as hell, now it's a frigid wasteland!"

Zach smiled. "The Dean did say to "survive", didn't he?"

Calvin nodded. "Exactly. Which is probably why we should have picked up some food...." He gently rubbed his belly.

Jade frowned. "Don't remind me..." That's when they heard something strange. It sounded like the blades of a helicopter. Zach walked to the edge of the door and indeed saw a helicopter whiz past.

The thing that struck him as odd though was the symbol he saw on the side. It appeared to be a shield embroiled with the symbols of the Minor Arcana suits of a Tarot deck.

"Guys....I think we have company."

Jade got up and saw the helicopter go off. "We have to go after them."

Calvin jumped up. "And umm....why exactly?"

Jade turned around and gave him a look. "That symbol. I've seen it before. And wherever that symbol appears, there's trouble. Trouble we need to stop."

Calvin sighed. Hanging around her is gonna make me a crusader of justice, ain't it?

"Alright, alright. But we don't even know where they are going."

Jade frowned as she watched the helicopter fly off. She saw a huge building looming off in the distance in the direction the helicopter was going. She pointed to it. "Zach, what do you make of that?"

Zach looked off. "Well, it looks like your standard research facility."

Jade nodded. "Exactly. More than likely they are headed off there. We can catch them if we leave now."

Before they could decide what to do, they heard a loudspeaker seemingly come on from all around them. 

"I hope you have all found your teams." The dean's voice was everywhere, with no seeming place of origin. "Now that you are al, acquainted, I can explain to you the next part of the test.

Located in the center of the island is the abandoned city of Lorange. Inside these ruins I have hidden small wooden idols. Your job, as a team, is to collect one and return to the boat that will be arriving in the morning. Be warned. In 3 days the boat will leave...whether or not you're on it."

With that, his voice was gone. Calvin jumped up. "Well now we have the perfect excuse to go the research facility...what're we waiting for?"


Liz looked up towards where the voice of the Dean had come. A raindrop hit her face and she shivered. Hawk looked back at Liz. "Gotta stay focused Liz, otherwise the wind shield won't work."

"Right right." Liz sighed and continued walking. They had decided to go out now, but hadn't accounted for the rain that had begun pounding down. Hawk had created a small wind shield around Liz to stop her from getting wet. She offered the same to Ian, but he declined.

Eventually, they found the facility they were looking for. It appeared to be a 2 story structure that had a electric fence built around it. Thankfully, the there was a huge hole, and it appeared to not be functioning anymore. The structure itself was run down sure, but appeared to actually be mostly intact expect for the vines threatening to overtake the entire building.

They could very easily see a helicopter on top of the roof, which Ian looked confused at. "A helicopter?"

Hawk frowned. "Somebody else wanted to get on your guard guys."

Liz walked forward and felt her shoe step on something that almost caused her to trip. As she reached downward, she picked up what appeared to be a camera. However, it wasn't attached to any power line.

When Hawk saw this her face became even more grave. "That looks like one of the cameras they use to monitor the island. If someone took it out...."

Ian seemed to suddenly sweat and rubbed the back of his head. "Umm how about we come back later..."

Liz sighed. "We're already here. Let's just go inside."

Hawk agreed and the trio walked over to the front entrance. After attempting to pry it open, Hawk pulled out her GPS unit again. "I'll get this door open in a jiffy. Just wait right there."

Liz nodded and stepped back. As Hawk was working, she noticed Ian looking at her. "Yes?"

Ian got a little red. "Sorry it's don't talk much...and I don't even know your full name."

"Elizabeth Scales. And I only talk when I need to." She pulled out her lighter and began to click it. She reached into a pocket, only to remember she didn't have her cigarettes. She sighed a very deep sigh.

Hawk jumped up. "Done!" The door slid open. With that, the trio walked inside. Inside looked a lot better, and even had all the lights on. Hawk let the wind shields drop from her and Liz and began to cautiously step forward. "Well...this place still looks good."

Liz could agree. Except for the occasional hole in the wall or some foliage, the white walls were practically pristine. It was almost like a ghost town rather than a ruin.

Liz began to walked forward and placed her ear against the wall. She could hear a faint humming going through the walls. She turned to Hawk. "This place doesn't just have power. It has a working generator."

Ian frowned. "But how would a place that's been abandoned have a..."

Hawk smiled. "That's what we're here for, my dear Ian. Conspiracy abound, mysteries ahoy!"

Liz couldn't help but smile at Hawk's enthusiasm. But she couldn't hell but think one thing. The symbol on that helicopter. It was the same one he had...

10 years ago......

An 8-year old Liz shot a fireball into the sky. "How did that one look Aaron?"

A boy of about 15 with midnight blue hair and black eyes walked forward. He had a small runic symbol on his right cheek. He wore a large dark bluish black cape and slightly formal attire. "I think that was great Liz. If you keep this up, you'll be the best pyro I could ever ask for."

Liz smiled a huge innocent smile. "Thanks teach!"

Back to the present....

Liz cursed herself. Now wasn't the time to be reminiscent. I'll never forgive him....

The trio continued walking, however when they rounded a corner they came face to face with armed men in black combat suits. On their suits was the same symbol from the helicopter, and they each carried what appeared to be machine guns.

One of them instantly pressed their hand against what was probably a communicator on his chest. "We have an issue in sector 2-B."

Before anyone could react, Ian created an ice wall between them. He turned to his teammates. "Run!" Hawk and Liz didn't need to be told twice. They all ran as fast as they could, especially when they heard the ice wall shatter.

Eventually though, they came to a dead end. As they prepared themselves for a fight, they were caught off guard when they saw who was approaching. Instead of just more armed men, Martha Lovegood was walking alongside them.

She stopped a little ways away from the group. "Well, well. Looks like we found a few rats lying around the rubble. So tell me students, what are you doing in here?"

Hawk stepped forward, defiant. "I could ask you the same, Ms. Lovegood. Especially considering you're running around with these guys...who just scream bad news to me."

Ian quickly walked forward. "We were just leaving, it's fine. Come on guys..."

Martha laughed. "Oh I can't just let you leave. You see, there are two options now presented before you now that you've seen us. You can either help us...or die."

Hawk remained adamant but didn't say anything. She whispered to the group. "Think we can take them?"

Ian looked at her like she was crazy. "Are you nuts? She's assistant Dean of the school! She'll kill us like we're nothing!"

Liz looked directly at Martha with a look of contempt. Martha noticed, then suddenly chuckled. "I see. You must be Elizabeth Scales. No wonder you looked so familiar."

Elizabeth suddenly became serious. "What did you say?"

Martha sighed. "I guess then we know which option you want." She walked forward again and stared directly at Liz.

"Allow me to give you a more proper introduction." She cleared her throat. "The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed..." Elizabeth's skin began to crawl.

"Celebrate life's grandeur...its brilliance...its magnificence. I am one of the Major Arcana of the Arcana Knights. I am.....The Empress!"

Elizabeth acted without thinking. She started to create a huge fireball before she stopped as she noticed all the surrounding lights had suddenly gone out.

Martha smiled. "And unfortunately for you.....this is where you face your Judgement!"

Suddenly, a huge ball of light appeared in her hands and it shot off a beam of energy at them. The floor beneath them collapsed as the blast hit, and they fell into the darkness below.

The soldiers turned towards Martha. "Ma'am...not to be rude, but was that necessary? They're just now they know your identity."

Martha turned to them with a smile. "Elizabeth was a personal vendetta against us. Even if she somehow manages to survive, it will make her all the more angry she knows who I am and can't do anything about it. I would prefer to avoid that though...make sure they don't leave this island alive...understood?"

They responded with a yes m'am and ran off. Martha walked over to the hole and shot more energy at the surrounding rubble to close the opening off. She smirked. "Oh Elizabeth....looks like your revenge will still remain unfulfilled." She proceeded to laugh to herself as she walked off.

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