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Terminal City: Chapter 6

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Terminal City: Chapter 6

Post by Razren on Fri May 09, 2014 4:02 pm

Chapter 6: Despair

Liz didn't know how long she fell, she only knew she had the sensation of falling, then something slowed her down, then the cold hard ground. As Liz sat up and readjusted herself she saw the rubble surrounding her. Hawk was making sure Ian was alright, and it appeared as if they were in a lower level. She cursed Martha. She cursed her and everyone she stood for.

"Damn that bitch..." Liz rubbed her head and looked around. They were definitely at a lower level. That much was obvious by how vast the hole in the ceiling seemed. Hawk looked over at her with a frown.

"If you're going for vengeance, you know we can't win."

Liz sighed. "Of course I know that...." She looked around and for the moment, couldn't find her lighter. She jumped up and frantically searched around. I will accept a lot...but not this!

Liz began frantically checking the piles around her. Thankfully, she found her lighter...but it was slightly damaged. She breathed one of the biggest sighs of relief she had ever done. She turned to Hawk, who was helping Ian up.

"How is he..."

Ian rubbed the back of his head. "I'm doing fine, aside from a nasty bump. Thank you saved us."

Hawk smirked. "We're teammates now. There's nothing to it. We gotta stick together."

Ian nodded. "Right. Well, what now?"

Liz sighed. "We get out of here. We can't beat the Arcana Knights."

Hawk looked over inquisitively. "You know them?"

Liz turned to her with a glare. "Yeah. You could say that. Point is...we need to get out of here."

Ian laughed a little. "This is the most I've ever heard you talk. Heheheh."

Liz shot him a look and he stopped. "I told you I talk when I need to. And I need to tell you to forget about your little "conspiracy hunt" if the Arcana Knights are here....especially if a Major Arcana is here as well." I'm just thankful it wasn't The Magician...

Hawk frowned. "You know I can't back down especially after all this! We need to find out what's going on here!"

Liz seemed somber. "I was afraid you'd say that....fine." She started to walk towards a door. She opened it, and the darkness of the area still permeated down through the hallways.

When Ian saw it, he immediately complained. "Awh man...there's no power down here."

Hawk sighed. "Guess we gotta rough it. Let's go." Liz nodded and agreed.


Jade and company arrived at the facility. When they got there, they noticed the front door was already open, so they decided to enter through a back entrance.

They had been circling the building for a bit when Calvin stopped the group. "Hey guys...I think I found our way in." They walked over to see him staring at a broken skylight.

Jade sighed. "Ok, and how exactly are we going to get down there without getting hurt? That's quite a drop."

Calvin looked to her. "Just leave it to me." Calvin then proceeded to flip down hanging on to the edge. "They don't call me the Prince of Luck for nothing." He let go and did a bit of a flip and landed upright on his feet. He even did a mock bow which caused Zach to clap.

Jade gave Zach a look that caused him to stop. "'re in. What about us?"

Calvin smirked and threw up a rope that Jade caught. She looked down at him surprised. "And where exactly did you get this?"

Calvin looked like he was lost in thought for a moment before he looked back up at her. "Always gotta be prepared my dear Jade. Alleys gotta be prepared." Without another word the other two joined him and they proceeded through the facility.


Liz and her group had been walking around in circles. In the darkness of the lower levels, it was almost impossible to figure out where they needed to go. Liz eventually just collapsed.

Hawk helped her up. "Come on honey...we gotta keep going."

Liz sighed. "We haven't found anything in hours. We're gonna starve down here..."

"With that attitude we will! Now come on, we gotta keep moving. Ian, you still here?"

Ian grunted to show he was still alive. The group attempted to continue. But they needed to stop and rest. As they rest, the lights suddenly turned on.

That's when they noticed they were completely walled in from both sides of the hallway. Before they could exclaim their surprise, a robotic voice rang out. "Code Blue. 3 Escapee Meta-humans have been detected out of the containment area. Retrieving them now."

Liz's eyes widened as a gas began to fill the area. They all broke into coughing fits and eventually passed out. When Liz awoke, she found herself in a completely different area.

She found herself in a white block room that appeared to be a cell due to the viewing screen being the only window to the outside. The room was small, with only a small bed as her company. There was a small drain nearby supposedly for her body's natural functions. 

The completely blank room made Liz shiver, and as she reached for her lighter out of instinct, she found her clothes had been changed as well. She was now wearing a gown akin to what one would wear in a hospital. She gasped and ran over towards the door.

She attempted to open the door and found it completely stuck. She fell against the door and attempted to regulate her breathing. "Need to calm's probably just out there. I'll get it later..."

She began to walk towards the center of the room. She cursed herself for not stoping Hawk and just agreeing to help Martha. If I would have just said something....

She heard footsteps outside, and quickly turned towards the viewing screen. She saw a man walking by that was wearing a lab coat. She couldn't quite see his face as it was slightly darkened, but he took one look at her, then continued walking.

Liz looked off after him. "What the hell?" She then ran forward and started pounding on the door. "I deserve answers here!"

She continued to bang for a full 2 minutes before she dropped down again. "" She had been captured. That much was obvious. She didn't know whether it was the Arcana Knights or not, but if it was...this would hard to escape.

She held up her hand. I've refused to use this gift for so long....can I really do it?

Liz's mind showed the burned building. Her "friend" running off, after she refused to help him. The police cars finding her...but letting her go due to lack of motive and evidence.

She took a deep breath and imagined a small fire forming in her hands. However...nothing came. In fact, when she tried, it hurt her. She stopped trying. They locked off my powers.....

Liz fell back against the wall again. She was not only trapped...but helpless too. And she had managed to drag two other people into it too. She could see Aaron's face in her mind. She could almost hear him taunting her. "If you would have joined me back would have been so much better off now."

She could almost see him standing in front of her. "Shut up...." She saw the apparition of her mind standing right there. His mocking smile. She couldn't help but get madder. "Shut up!" She charged and attempted to punch him. Of course, her hand went right through and she slammed into the wall crying.

Meanwhile, the scientist walked to a security room where a few Arcana Knights were stationed. "How are the prisoners doing?" His cold calculated voice asked.

One of the guards turned to him. "Well, the pyrokinetic is responding to the stimuli exactly as we expected. How did you know it was Sir Aaron she had a problem with?"

The scientist smiled. The light finally revealed his swept back black hair and detached grey eyes. "Because she uses fire. It was a simple deduction. Now then...the others?"

The other guard answered this time. "The boy has given no response. In fact, he's still unconscious. The girl is attempting to hack the door open. We have managed to stop her attempts for the time being. A nearby monitor showed all of them doing exactly as described. The scientist smiled.

"Excellent. Keep watch over them. If need be, I will go speak with the pyro myself." They nodded and he looked off at Elizabeth's monitor. "I don't know why Sir Aaron is so interested in her....but I suppose I will humor him."

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