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Combat Training 101

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Combat Training 101

Post by Weiss Schnee on Sat May 10, 2014 12:39 pm

The combat training room was the size of a school gym and had all assortments of weaponry and training equipment set up. There were also multiple pads set off to the right side of the room for sparring matches. The first years entered the room, and saw they were the only ones there, even after the class should have started. After about 10 minutes, they suddenly heard another student gasp in surprise as a blast of energy shaped like an arrow hit him in the side and sent him flying about 2 feet. A woman stood on a catwalk above the area.

She appeared to have long brown hair and red eyes. She wore a very conservative outfit, and she did a small flip to land down by the students. "Rule #1: Always be prepared for an matter what." Her voice was cold and stern, but she had a soft and caring smile as she walked forward.

"Good morning class, I am going to be your instructor for this class. My name is Jen Williams. But you may also call me Ms. Valentine if you want."

She walked around and gave a look to every single student in the class. "This class is going to be rigorous for you all, especially since you're first years. Your first task is to go over to the weapon rack over there and select the weapon you wish to use for this class. Be warned though, once you pick you can't change. Understand?" After the students said yes, she watched as they all walked over and selected their weapons.
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Re: Combat Training 101

Post by Decade on Sat May 10, 2014 7:40 pm

"This feels too damn tight," Tsukiko muttered as he tugged at the neck collar of his uniform, "Why do we even have to wear these things? Sheesh."

Tsukiko let go of his collar as he looked himself down again. The uniform itself was pretty standard, least compared to others he had seen in pictures. A blue vest with a red tie, a white button-up undershirt, and a pair of black slacks. Overall, pretty standard stuff.

Not that it made him feel any less annoyed by it.

Honestly he had never been a bit fan of uniforms and suits, even the lessons of how to wear and move in one properly being drilled into him. Frankly it just felt more trouble than it was work.

Still, it didn't take Tsukiko's mind off of his current destination. It was his first day of classes at Terminal Academy, and the silver-haired teen had been given his schedule for the entire semester he would be spending here. And his first course of the day, which he was currently making his way towards, was Combat Training 101.


Tsukiko sighed. In all honesty he knew his complaints were more of a distraction to himself. Even though he should be excited, he still felt down over everything that had happened.

The events of the ball. Hibiki in a coma. His conversation with Remilia. His apparent appointment as leader of his new teammates, that last one of which still shocked him.

The only grace that had come so far was Lancaster-san helping to remove his black wall. He had never thought he'd be able to find an answer so soon after coming to this city, and he could never repay her for it.

Yes he knew it was temporary, but it gave him time. Time which he desperately needed. And that was more than enough.

Shaking his thoughts aside Tsukiko looked up and spotted the door to his class.

"Well here we are. Let's see if this school is as dangerous and scary as everyone says."


"Rule #1: Always be prepared for an matter what."

Tsukiko's eye twitched as he looked at the woman before him. Yup, looks like the rumors were true.

The school was a hellhole.

After all it's not like any normal teacher would SHOOT A STUDENT IN THE HEAD WITH AN ARROW!!

He had to admit, he had nearly missed the killing intent from above. It had been so faint and hidden that he only just noticed it when his gaze turned upwards out of boredom. It was only thanks to him catching the aura that he had just barley reacted to the attack directed near him. Thankfully he had moved just out of the way and avoided the strange energy arrow, though he felt guilty it struck another student.

Still, the action alone both tensed and impressed Tsukiko. The woman in front of him was strong, and had most likely let her intent be felt on purpose, in order to test the students. If she had really wanted, she probably could have taken them all out without revealing a thing.

And that was doubly scary considering he no longer had his black wall to defend himself.

"Good morning class, I am going to be your instructor for this class. My name is Jen Williams. But you may also call me Ms. Valentine if you want."

Tsukiko's thoughts paused as he focused on the woman before him. It would do good to stay focused, especially in a class where the teacher apparently has no quarrels of hurting her students.

Again. FUN.

"This class is going to be rigorous for you all, especially since you're first years. Your first task is to go over to the weapon rack over there and select the weapon you wish to use for this class. Be warned though, once you pick you can't change. Understand?"

Tsukiko blinked and raised an eyebrow at that.

Weapons? Okay granted yes it WAS Combat 101, but he didn't think they'd actually be taught how to use weapons, at least this soon anyways. Still this school was partly designed to teach meta-humans how to fight and defend themselves so it wasn't that surprising.

Pushing that aside Tsukiko followed the other students towards the weapon racks and stood to the side as he watched everyone speak and amaze themselves with the collection. Admittedly it was rather impressive, as he had only seen such a collection of weapons this vast once in his life before.

That brought a frown though to the young silver-haired teen as he looked at the countless tools of fighting. He honestly had no idea what to choose. His powers, while a curse on his existence, had always been his greatest weapon of defense when the chips were down. They were powerful, destructive, and had been able to protect him against any real threat, though he wished it wasn't always the case.

He had never liked the idea of hurt others, even in an act of self defense. It was why he preferred the method of disabling his opponents and using tools of deception and distraction like his bombs, rather than something dangerous; cause Kami knows he already had that covered.

But, it didn't change the fact he now needed to break that standard of his. After all this was a class he needed to take, and so despite his thoughts on the matter, he needed to do what he was told. And with his black wall out of commission for the time, he supposed it was only right he find a new method of defense for himself.

But the problem still remained....what was he to pick?

Tsukiko's eyes watched the crowd of students. After several had left and the crowds died, the golden-eyed boy walked forward and looked around.

Swords? No, to much control needed. Ax? No, to big and clunky. Staff? No, too long and too much balance needed. Scythe? Cool, but was all three in one.

Tsukiko frowned as he walked down the weapon racks. Each one was useful, but didn't fit what he was looking for. He wasn't looking for anything big or fancy. He wanted something effective. Something he could use with ease, and could work with his powers rather than against it.


Tsukiko paused in step, his eyes fixed on what lay on the rack in front of him. It didn't look anything like the other weapons.

Actually it didn't look like a weapon at all. It looked more like an arm bracer than anything. It was silver in color much like his hair, and had a set of straps attached to most likely hold it in place to the arm. Strangely enough there was some kind of rectangular plate seemingly attached at the bottom of it that extended across the bracer.

What was this?

Tsukiko reached out and picked up the bracer curiously. He moved it in his hand and felt around it with his fingers. It was cool to the touch, and felt very light.

Feeling curious Tsukiko opened the straps and tried placing the bracer on his right arm. His eyes narrowed in confusion though when the metal plate wouldn't fully fit on the top of his arm. It was a bit rigged and pushed against the muscles wrong, almost as if it wouldn't sit properly, which made no sense.

A bracer was designed to be used to protect the arm of the person fighting, mostly by reflecting any glancing attack off of the metal plate. But this bracer didn't seem to want to fit on top of his arm like a shield.

It was almost like...

"I wonder..."

Tsukiko slowly slid the plate on his arm until it was on the same side as his palm and wrist. Tying the straps onto, he found the plate fit snuggle against the bottom of his arm, as if meant to be there.

Odd. Just what was this?

"Everyone done then? Good. Glad to see everyone found something alright."

Tsukiko blinked as the teachers voice.

Wait, what?

"We're now gonna break into pairs for a little sparring. I want to see where everyone stands."

Tsukiko's head snapped around in shock.

Wait what!?!
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