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Cardfight!! Vanguard- Ride 4

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Cardfight!! Vanguard- Ride 4

Post by Dullahan on Tue May 13, 2014 11:02 am

Ride 3

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Ugh, I should really disable that thing. I thought to myself drowsily. I was too tired to look at it, so I guided my hand towards it. It's gotta be…around here…somewhere…my hand coursed across the surface trying to find it.

I felt something big and bulky. Maybe it was my alarm clock. I felt around it to make sure it was- Let's see: it's big, bulky, and feels like plastic. I thought to myself. I can feel buttons on it, and it has a little wheelie thing on the side. Agh, whatever; it's my alarm clock.

I kept hitting the top of it to turn it off. It shouldn't be that hard to hit, the off button isn't very small. I grunted frustratingly, "Come on. Turn. Off. Already." Finally, the alarm clock stopped beeping on my eleventh try.

I rubbed my eyes, and yawned loudly. "Did I just sleep on my desk the whole night?" I asked myself. I felt a Card stuck to my right cheek, and I just plucked it off. I can hardly focus at my alarm clock, which read 10:21 a.m.

"I just woke up, but I still feel really tired. Planning a revenge match took a lot out of me last night." I said to myself. "Maybe I'll just sleep in a little more; on my bed this time." I lazily walked over to my bed, and instantly crashed. "I'll go to the card shop later. It's not like anything exciting will happen now." I couldn't help but doze off when I got comfortable.

But it would was a bad time for me to skip the shop. It was about to have one the most exciting fights it had yet. I know because Markus told me later in the day. Okay, maybe it wasn't "exciting" to him, but it was pretty historical for the shop.

The shop was quieter without me this morning. So much so that it almost felt empty. And I've only started visiting a few days ago.

Man, where could she be? A troubled Markus thought to himself. This place doesn't feel the same without her loud mouth. She might be doing some errands around town with mom. Markus snapped out of his train of thought when the entrance bell rang.

A boy with long black hair combed back with enough bangs to cover his right eye stepped in the shop. His thin body size made his baggy shirt, and black skin-tight jeans look as if they'd fall right off.

"Welcome, customer, to A Fighter's Paradise!" Markus welcomed warmly. "Wait a minute; are you the King of Queens runner-up Kane Conway?"

"Well, I can't be anyone else!" Kane remarked. "You are in the presence of a celebrity; though I'd say this shop isn't worth much of my attention."

"What do you mean?" Markus asked. He's picking a certain air off of Kane; as if his personality was pure poison.

"I came in to check this new shop out. But now I see it's full of weak and incompetent fighters undeserving of the game. I'm afraid that I just might pummel each and every one of them without any effort." Everyone silenced from their games to listen to Kane's lecture.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that the shop isn't to your liking." Markus said as he tried to keep a straight smile on his face. "I understand not everyone will like my shop."

"Oh, so you're the shopkeeper." Kane sneered rudely. "Do me a favor, shopkeep- don't let these weak fools poison your atmosphere. They're not good for anything, so just throw them out." Everyone began to quietly discuss with each other worriedly. They hoped Markus wouldn't take his advice. Kane's attitude confirmed Markus's fear.

"I think they're not the ones poisoning the atmosphere here."

"Uhm, yeah, they kinda are. I can tell who's strong and who's not; not a single person here is strong enough to even be "practice." Markus couldn't hold his frustration in anymore, and snapped.

"Okay, how about this-" Markus proposed; "How about you fight me? If you win, I'll do as you say- I'll throw everyone out that isn't to your liking. But if I win, not only will I kick you out, but you will be permanently banned from this store."

"Wow, I've only been here for a minute, and already I'm being threatened to be banned. Interesting proposition you made, shopkeeper. I'll agree to your conditions." Kane said. "I just hope you're ready to break a couple hearts."

"I'm not about to have my shop's reputation ruined so venomously by you. It's one thing if that's your opinion on others; but if you think it's a fact, I won't accept that sort of attitude." Markus said sternly.

"Well, what I think isn't a fact, at least not yet. Let's throw down, and show me what you're made of!"

Both players found a suitable player to play on. Everyone watched intently at the two as they set up their game. Everyone's freedom is being determined by the outcome of this game.

After their mulligans, each fighter set their hands, and placed their vanguards down.

"So shopkeeper, let's see if you're worthy of playing me." Kane said obnoxiously.

"Stand up, Vanguard! Lizard Soldier, Conroe [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/power: 5000]!" Markus revealed.

"Stand up, my vanguard! Vermillion Gatekeeper [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 0/power: 5000]!" Kane revealed.

"Allow me to take first turn." Markus suggested. "Draw. I ride Embodiment of Armor, Bahr [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 8000]. With Conroe's skill, I move him to a rearguard circle. I end my turn."

"I always preferred going second." Kane remarked. "I draw. I ride Alluring Succubus [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 7000]! Vermillion Gatekeeper's skill activates- when I ride a Dark Irregulars unit on top of it, it allows me to place the top card of my deck into my soul stack. Soulcharge-!" He placed Mirage Maker [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 6000] from the top of his deckinto the soul; "then I activate Alluring Succubus's skill- when I ride her or call her to rearguard, I can soulcharge 1 from my deck-!" He placed Blue Dust [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 2/power: 9000] from the top of his deck into the soul; "next, I call Demon Bike of the Witching Hour [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 6000]! With Bike's support [power: 6000], Alluring Succubus [total power: 15000] attacks Bahr [power: 8000]!"

"I don't guard."

"I check for a trigger-" he revealed Mad Eye Basilisk [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 3/power: 10000]. Markus revealed Flame of Hope, Aermo [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 6000] as damage.

Markus – Kane

5 –hand- 5

0 –soul- 3

1 –damage- 0

0 –counterblast- 0

Empty, Empty –left column- Empty, Empty

Lizard Soldier, Conroe, Bahr(VG) –central column- Alluring Succubus(VG), Demon Bike

Empty, Empty –right column- Empty, Empty

"I'm going to make this match very quick." Kane gloated. "I'll make sure to hit you hard every turn! Then you'll be at 6 damage in no time!"

Markus calmly ignored Kane's words and moved on. "It's my turn. Draw. I ride Dragon Knight, Nehalem [Clan: Kagero/Grade 2/power: 10000]-!" the demon Bahr was engulfed in a fiery vortex from below, and arose the dragon riding knight Nehalem. "I activate Conroe's skill- I counterblast 1 and retire Conroe to search my deck for a grade 1 or less Kagero unit, and put it in my hand-" he searched his deck and revealed a Wyvern Guard, Barri [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 6000]. He put it in his hand after he shuffled his deck. "I call Bellicosity Dragon [Clan: Kagero/Grade 2/power: 9000], and Lizard Soldier, Raopia [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 6000]. With support from Raopia [power: 6000], Nehalem [total power: 16000] attacks your vanguard [power: 7000]; and since you have less than two rearguards in play, Raopia gives Nehalem +4000 extra power [total power: 20000]!"

"I don't guard."

Markus revealed- Dragon Dancer, Monica [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/draw trigger] for the drive check. "Draw trigger activated. I give Bellicosity Dragon the +5000, and I draw-" when Markus drew his card, Nehalem shot a bolt of lightning from his spear at Alluring Succubus. She whelped in the shocking, overwhelming pain. "And now, Bellicosity Dragon [total power: 15000] attacks Alluring Succubus!"

"I don't guard." Kane revealed Alluring Succubus [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/no trigger] as damage.

I haven't seen someone take 2 damage so laxly, before. Markus thought to himself. He must have some ulterior motive behind it. What is he planning?

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Kane burst out. "Are you taking notes to copy my moves? Let me tell you, you won't be able to even begin to imitate my skill."

"It sounds to me like you have a nasty superiority complex."

"It's not a complex. I just don't want to play someone who hardly knows how to win."

"There's more to the game than winning." Markus replied.

"Hmph, preach to the choir. Winning is the only thing that holds value to me. There's always a player stronger than the last- but my aim is to be the strongest. I must be at the top of the pecking order to survive."

"Can you take your turn already?" Markus insisted harshly.

"Well, well, someone's eager to lose, aren't they?"

"No, I'm just sick of hearing you talk." Markus said harshly.

"I guess not everyone can handle hearing the truth. Fine, I stand and draw. I ride Decadent Succubus [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 2/power: 9000]! Then I call Gwynn the Ripper [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 2/power: 9000]! Gwynn's skill activates- when he's placed in the vanguard or rearguard circles, I can counterblast 2 to retire one of your grade 2 or less rearguards; say goodbye to your Raopia-!" Kane paid the counterblast cost, and Gwynn slashed at Raopia with spikey and blade-like appendages protruding from his wrist. Lizard Soldier, Raopia was sent to the drop zone.

"So that's why you took 2 damage so easily!" Markus shouted out loud.

"Did your simple mind ever process that I would take 2 damage anyways? And that's not all that happened- since I placed a Dark Irregulars unit in a rearguard circle, Decadent Succubus lets me soulcharge 1 from my deck-" He placed Demon Bike of the Witching Hour [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 6000] from the top of his deck to his soul stack. "Now Demon Bike's skill activates- for every copy of "Demon Bike of the Witching Hour" in my soul, Demon Bike gains +2000 power; so far I have two copies in soul, so now its power went up to 8000!"

"Rrgh, that's the thing with Dark Irregulars." Markus grunted to himself. "They gain advantages by soulcharging from the deck."

"With Demon Bike [power: 8000] boosting, Decadent Succubus [total power: 17000] is going to crush Nehalem [power: 10000]!"

"I don't guard."

Kane revealed Dark Knight of Nightmareland [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 0/critical trigger] for his drive check; "The power goes to Gwynn [total power: 14000], and Succubus keeps the extra critical."

"I check my damage; first check-" Markus revealed Flame of Hope, Aermo [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/no trigger]; "second check-" he revealed Blue-ray Dracokid [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/critical trigger]; "critical trigger active- I give all effects to Nehalem [total power: 15000]."

"Gwynn [total power: 14000] takes down your Bellicosity Dragon [power: 9000]!" Gwynn slayed Bellicosity Dragon with his wrist appendages; Bellicosity was sent to the drop zone.

Markus – Kane

8 –hand- 6

1 –soul- 4

3 –damage- 2

1 –counterblast- 2

Empty, Empty –left column- Gwynn the Ripper, Empty

Empty, Nehalem(VG) –central column- Decadent Succubus(VG), Demon Bike

Empty, Empty –right column-Empty, Empty

As expected for a tournament runner-up, he's very strong. Markus thought to himself. I can't goof off right now. My shop is at stake. That much was right. The entire shop stopped and watched their potential future there unfold in their fight. I must not let anyone down.

"What's the matter? Scared to go on?" Kane taunted. "Are my skills too much for you? It's okay if you break down like the weakling you are. They all do that when they're outplayed."

"I've had about enough of you." Markus scorned Kane.

"What was that? You have something to say?"

"Throughout this fight, I observed your behavior. You have no regard for the weak whatsoever; in fact, you think everyone is below in in terms of skill. You only care about yourself and your own strength. You only want to win so you can treat your opponents like dirt. You only want to constrict the growth of other players for the fun of it. You acknowledge there are always stronger players than the last; but what you fail to acknowledge is that even pertains to you. You see it as a mortal sin for someone to be stronger than you. Players like you make me sick."

"If you're done ranting, shopkeeper, I have a fight to win." Kane replied.

"I have a name; it's Markus. I stand and draw!" Markus intently stared at the card he drew. "Tell me something, Kane- what is strength to you? You seem to know a lot about it, I'm curious to hear your thoughts about it."

"Strength to me is something only a select few possess." Kane replied to my question obnoxiously. "It's what shows a fighter's true value. But there are so many of those without it, they poison us into believing that everybody is strong. If only could people see through that blatant lie, strength can't be copied in such a way."

"I'm sorry to hear that's what you think about it."

"What did you say?!" Kane barked.

"You think everyone's strength besides your own is a waste of potential. It's true; strength shows a fighter's value. But if it's the only thing that shows to you, you've missed the point of being a fighter." Markus shot his arm up high with a card in hand chanting, "Your Iron Fists strike fear in the hearts of your enemies! Arise, my avatar of pride! Dragonic Lawkeeper [Clan: Kagero/Grade 3/power: 10000]!"An intense, fiery vortex arose once more, engulfing Nehalem. The flame dragon Dragonic Lawkeeper broke through the blazing walls.

Kane burst out laughing, "You preach of strength, but your avatar is one of the weakest of the Kagero dragons?! You're pathetic!" Kane shouted.

"I'll admit that Lawkeeper isn't the most popular Kagero unit out there. But I have an appreciation for his potential. Strength isn't about how popular or powerful a certain unit is, it's about how you use it."

"Pfft, whatever, man. Let's get this over with. I'm tired of hearing you preach."

"I call Embodiment of Armor, Bahr [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 9000], and Berserk Dragon [Clan: Kagero/Grade 2/power: 9000]. I counterblast 2 to activate Berserk Dragon's skill- I retire one of your grade 2 or less rearguards; I'll target Demon Bike of the Witching Hour-!" Berserk Dragon exhaled a glorious inferno at the Demon Bike, and destroyed it.

"Rrgh. I won't forgive you for that." Kane grunted.

"If I can't have my good booster, then you can't have yours, either. With a boost from Bahr [power: 8000], Lawkeeper [total power: 18000] attacks Decadent Succubus [power: 9000]; and since you have less than 2 rearguards, Lawkeeper gains +3000 power [total power: 21000]!"

"I don't guard."

"I check my twin drive; first check-" Markus revealed Dragon Monk, Genjo [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/heal trigger]; "heal trigger- I heal one point of damage, and give Berserk Dragon the +5000. Second check-" Markus revealed Dragonic Lawkeeper [Clan: Kagero/Grade 3/no trigger]. Kane revealed Yellow Bolt [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade1/no trigger] as damage. "Now Berserk Dragon [total power: 14000] attacks Succubus [power: 9000]!"

"I guard with Dark Knight of Nightmareland [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 0/critical trigger/shield: 10000]! You gotta try harder than that to get through me!" Dark Knight took the heat from Berserk Dragon's fiery attack, and saved his leader.

"I end my turn." Markus said.

"Of course you do. Now it's my turn. Stand and draw! Now you'll witness the true face of evil as he rips every last shred of hope from this world! Arise from the Underworld- King of Diptera, Beelzebub [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 3/power: 10000]!" A shroud of darkness wrapped around Decadent Succubus, then transformed her into the Demon King Beelzebub.

"I see you like unpopular units, too." Markus commented.

"What are you talking about? Beelzebub isn't even weak enough to be considered "unpopular." If that was the case, I wouldn't even be using it! I call Devil Child [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 6000], Yellow Bolt [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 7000], and Doreen the Thruster [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 6000]!"

He's assembling his units quite nicely, Markus thought to himself. He can set up a combo with Yellow Bolt and Doreen; and with Devil Child boosting his vanguard she'll give Beelzebub +4000 power while Kane has 6 or more cards in soul, which he already fulfilled. He definitely deserves his skills as a competitive fighter.

"I rest Yellow Bolt to activate his skill; I soulcharge 1 from my deck-" Kane placed Demon of Aspiration, Amon [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 2/power: 8000] from the top of his deck into his soul stack; "and with that, Doreen's skill is activated- whenever I place a card into my soul on my main phase, she gains +3000 power for each card; I placed 1, so her power becomes 9000! Devil Child [power: 6000] boosts Beelzebub [total power: 16000] to attack Lawkeeper [power: 10000]; and with 6 or more cards in my soul, Devil Child gives Beelzebub extra +4000 power [total power: 20000]!"

"I don't guard." Markus proclaimed.

"Then let's see what the twin drive has in store; first check-" Kane revealed Blitzritter [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 0/critical trigger]; "hehehe, a critical trigger- Beelzebub keeps the critical, and Gwynn gets the +5000; second check-" Kane revealed Hysteric Shirley [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 0/draw trigger]; "double triggers- Gwynn gets the +5000, and I draw an extra card! Go, Beelzebub! Annihilate the enemy- Deepest Corruption!" Beelzebub shot a blast of darkness from his shoulder cannon, which damaged Lawkeeper twice over.

"I check my damage-" He revealed Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/no trigger], and Dual Axe Archdragon [Clan: Kagero/Grade 3/no trigger] for damage.

"Next, with support from Doreen the Thruster [power: 9000], Gwynn the Ripper [total power: 28000] attacks Lawkeeper [power: 10000]!"

"I intercept with Berserk Dragon [Clan: Kagero/Grade 2/shield: 5000], then I guard with Dragon Monk, Genjo [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/heal trigger/shield: 10000], and Dragon Dancer, Monica [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/draw trigger/shield: 5000]-" with the support from Genjo, Monica, and Berserk Dragon, Lawkeeper's power was raised to 30000; high enough to be unharmed from Gwynn's attack.

Markus – Kane

6 –hand- 5

2- soul- 6

4 –damage- 3

2- counterblast- 2

Empty, Empty –left column- Gwynn the Ripper, Doreen the Thruster

Bahr, Lawkeeper(VG) –central column- Beelzebub(VG), Devil Child

Empty, Empty –right column- Empty, Yellow Bolt

"Your defenses are withering." Kane taunted. "How long do you think you'll last before you lose?"

"I stand and draw." I need to be more aggressive this turn, Markus thought. I need to fill out my entire field to in order to put a dent in him. I have 6 cards in hand, and I need to throw down 4. But that could be risky; if I fail my twin drive, I could be at risk of losing. We're late enough into the game that one mistake could cost us the game.

"Come on, already!" Kane barked. "Play faster! A snail could play faster than you; and I'm sure the snail is stronger, too!"

I've had enough of this guy. I have to go all-out. It's a risk that I have to take. "I call Dragon Knight, Nehalem [Clan: Kagero/Grade 2/power: 10000], Flame of Hope, Aermo [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 6000], Dual Axe Archdragon [Clan: Kagero/Grade 3/power: 10000], and Embodiment of Armor, Bahr [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 8000]."

"So you decided to go all-out on me," Kane commented. "That's the sign of a weakling desperately trying to control the outcome of the game."

"It's going to be worth the risk! Dragonic Lawkeeper, show him the meaning of strength, and exceed past your own limits- limit break!"


"If I have 4 or more damage, I can counterblast 1 to activate Lawkeeper's skill- with it I can bind up to 4 of your rearguards to render them useless for this turn! Show him what I mean, Lawkeeper- Blaze of Judgment!" With his master's command, Lawkeeper engulfed Kane's field in a wall of fire separating his rearguards from the vanguard. Gwynn, Doreen, Devil Child, and Yellow Bolt were sent to the bind zone.

"Neat trick, but it still won't save you. 'Cause at the end of my turn, I can re-call my units back in any order!"

"Yes, that is Lawkeeper's one major flaw; on my endphase, you can re-call Gwynn back and activate his skill to retire one of my units; but I have a feeling you aren't going to do that, are you?"

"You catch on quickly," Kane was, for once, impressed with Markus's analysis; "but with a low hand like that, will you even survive what's coming?"

"You'll see soon enough. With a boost from Aermo [power: 6000], my rearguard Lawkeeper [total power: 16000] attacks your vanguard [power: 10000]!"

"I don't guard." Kane revealed Demon Bike of the Witching Hour [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/no trigger] as damage.

"And since an attack that Aermo boosted hit the vanguard, I can discard 1 card and draw a card-" Markus dropped Dragonic Lawkeeper into the dropzone, then drew a card; "then, with a boost from Bahr [power: 8000], my vanguard Lawkeeper [total power: 18000] attacks Beelzebub [power: 10000]; and since you control no rearguards, Lawkeeper gains +3000 power [total power: 21000]!"

"I perfect guard- March Rabbit of Nightmareland [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/shield: 0]!" Kane discarded a card, and a white rabbit in a suit appeared before Beelzebub. It used its pocket watch to hypnotize the attacking Lawkeeper into seizing its attack. "It's too bad your attack won't hit. I guess your all-out attack was destined to fail."

"As long as I trust in my cards, I'm not going to fail! First check-" Markus revealed Dragon Dancer, Monica [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/draw trigger]; "a draw trigger- I give Dual Axe the +5000 power, than I draw a card. Second check-" Markus revealed Bellicosity Dragon [Clan: Kagero/Grade 2/no trigger]. Bahr [power: 8000] boosts Dual Axe Archdragon [total power: 23000], and I'll attack the vanguard; and when you have 2 or less rearguards, Dual Axe gains +3000 power [total power: 26000]!"

"I'll have to take that hit." With a flurry of swings, Dual Axe Archdragon struck at the malevolent Beelzebub with full fury. Kane revealed Dark Knight of Nightmareland [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 0/critical trigger]; "I'll give the +5000 to Beelzebub, even though it's kinda pointless at this point."

"Why do you treat your units so poorly?" Markus asked.

"Why do you insist on asking questions?" Kane replied. "Apparently I thought we agreed that I was an arrogant, self-absorbed Elitist; if you'd like to ease off of the hippy Boy Scout stuff, I
have a match to win."

A heart of darkness that can't see the light, Markus thought to himself; such a heart is closed to logic and reason. He only wants to thrive so everyone else can suffer. He fights truly and viciously, like a marauder.

"It's my turn now. I stand and draw! I call Mad Eye Basilisk [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 3/power: 10000] and I activate Yellow Bolt's skill- I rest him to soulcharge from the deck-" he placed Demon Bike of the Witching Hour [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 1/power: 6000] from the top of his deck into his soul; "Doreen's skill activates, giving her +3000 power from the soulcharge."

He has 7 cards in his soul, now. That's more than enough to activate Beelzebub's skill. If I can survive this turn, I need to hit him hard.

"I should congratulate you for living this far, shopkeeper. But how should I reward you? Oh, I know- by relentlessly attacking you until your forces are nothing! Show him what I mean, Basilisk [total power: 12000]! Attack Lawkeeper [power: 1000]!"

"I don't guard." Markus revealed Wyvern Guard, Barri [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/no trigger] as damage.

"Just one more damage then I'll win. It's about time I wrap this game up! With a special boost from Devil Child [power: 6000], Beelzebub [power: 21000] attacks Lawkeeper [power: 10000]! But do you should know what's coming next; Beelzebub's counterblast!" Kane shouted as he flipped over 2 damage.

"I knew this was coming." Markus whispered to himself.

"When Beelzebub attacks, and I have 6 or more cards in soul, I can counterblast 2 to give two of my units +3000 power; I'll choose my standing Gwyn [total power: 12000] and Doreen [total power: 12000]!"

"I intercept with Nehalem [shield: 5000], and guard with Dragon Dancer, Monica [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/draw trigger/shield: 5000], and Blue-ray Dracokid [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/shield: 10000]!" A woman in dragonic belly-dancing armor, and a blue dragon pup appeared to protect their vanguard.

"I check my twin drive. First check-" Kane revealed Demon Bike of the Witching Hour [Clan: Dark Irregulars/ Grade 1/no trigger]; "Second check-" he revealed Decadent Succubus [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 2/no trigger]; "no trigger revealed this time. But how are you going to fair against my next attack? With a boost from Doreen [power: 12000], Gwynn the Ripper [total power: 24000] attacks Lawkeeper [power: 10000]!"

"I perfect guard- Wyvern Guard, Barri [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/shield: 0]-" Markus threw away Berserk Dragon from his hand to activate the perfect guard. A knight riding a mechanical wyvern laid suppressing fire at Gwynn's feet, preventing him from attacking."

Markus – Kane

0 –hand- 5

2 –soul- 7

5 –damage- 5

4 –counterblast- 4

Flame of Hope, Aermo, Empty –left column- Gwynn the Ripper, Doreen the Thruster

Bahr, Dragonic Lawkeeper(VG) –central column- Beelzebub(VG), Devil Child

Bahr, Dual Axe Archdragon –right column- Mad Eye Basilisk, Yellow Bolt

"You have 0 cards in your hand." Kane observed. "That means if I survive this turn I'll win, right? You put up a good fight, I'll admit that; but like every other weakling, you just didn't have what it took to contend with me."

"You're counting me out too early." Markus replied. "I heard that if you have a strong image in your head, that image would become a reality, and would help you win. Having strong feelings help manifest the image.

"Where are you going with this?" Kane asked. "I was obviously winning from the get-go; I don't need "feelings" to win games for me!"

"That is why your image of victory is weak. You don't have anything to fight for to manifest those feelings. You have nothing to lose. As you can see, I have everything to lose. I know that the tranquility of my shop will be threatened if you win. Which is why I have to win this fight."

"That's a cute theory that you made. Too bad it's all garbage. You're just scared that you're about to be bested by a better player. "

"I am going to make my image a reality this turn. Just you watch. I stand and draw! I call Lizard Soldier, Raopia [Clan: Kagero/Grade 1/power: 6000]. Lawkeeper, use your Fire of Judgment to make my image a reality- Limit Break!" Markus paid 1 counterblast, and a great wall of fire scourged across Kane's field once again. All of Kane's rearguards were sent to the bind zone. "Aermo [power: 6000] boosts Raopia [total power: 12000], and I attack your vanguard [power: 10000]!"

"I guard with Decadent Succubus [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 2/shield: 5000]."

"Bahr [power: 8000] supports Lawkeeper [total power: 21000], and I attack Beelzebub [power: 10000]!"

"March Rabbit of Nightmareland [Clan: Dark Irregular/Grade 1/shield: 0] says otherwise!" Kane shouted as he discarded his Demon Bike to activate his perfect guard. He thought to himself I have a total of 15000 shield in my hand. That's enough to block his Archdragon's attack as long as he doesn't draw a trigger.

"I see it in my image. I will draw a trigger to beat you. My deck trusts me enough to draw it. First check-" Markus revealed Dragonic Lawkeeper [Clan: Kagero/Grade 3/no trigger]; "second check-" Markus revealed Dragon Monk, Genjo [Clan: Kagero/Grade 0/heal trigger].

"No!" Kane became upset. He knew his chance of winning slipped out of his hands.

"Yes, and I give the +5000 power to Archdragon as I heal a point of damage. With support from Bahr [power: 8000], Dual Axe Archdragon [total power: 26000] delivers the final blow against your vanguard [power: 10000]!"

"Rrgh, I don't guard!" Dual Axe Archdragon brought down the mighty Demon King with two swings from his axes. "All I need to do is reveal a heal trigger, then I'll make a comeback! Here I go- damage check-" Kane revealed King of Diptera, Beelzebub [Clan: Dark Irregulars/Grade 3/no trigger] as damage.

Markus – Kane

2 –hand- 2

2 –soul- 7

4 –damage- 6

5 –counterblast- 6

Aermo, Lizard Soldier, Raopia –left column- Empty, Empty

Bahr, Dragonic Lawkeeper(VG) –central column- Beelzebub(VG), Empty

Bahr, Dual Axe Archdragon –right column- Empty, Empty

Winner- Markus

Everyone rejoiced about the outcome of the fight. Well, except for Kane. He was heavily brooding about his loss.

"How? How could I be defeated by a lowly shopkeeper? How could I be defeated by a weakling?!"

"I had faith to my deck, and it gave faith back. It's as simple as that." Markus replied. "I want to see you out of my store now."

"Fine! I'll get out of your cruddy store! But don't think I won't take it quietly. I will find a way to get back at you. I will make you pay for dishonoring me!" Kane left his vow, and angrily walked out of the store.

Markus sat at the game table quietly. He finally won what felt like a long fight of philosophy. He played many opponents before, but none were like Kane Conway. That boy took the ideal of winning to a whole other level.

I arrived at the card shop a little after that fight. I was still feeling a little drowsy, but it wasn't so bad now. Markus looked a little different. Like most of his friendly light was just about drained. He was quieter today.

"Hey, Markus. What's the matter? You look a little tense."

"Oh, it's nothing." He replied with vague warmth. "It's nothing at all. Just had a cardfight, it dragged on longer than I expected. It took a lot out of me."

"Why? What happened?"

Markus rubbed his face tiredly, and could only reply with "I think I need to make a complaint box."
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