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TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past

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TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past Empty TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past

Post by Decade on Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:19 pm

Name: Elizabeth, "Elizabeth-san"

Age: 24

Appearance: Long silky silver hair, sapphire eyes, beautiful skin, hourglass body

Reference: TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past Anime-Girls-With-Silver-Hair-And-Purple-Eyes

Distinguishing Features: Has a daughter.

Personality: Kind, gentle, polite, protective, motherly, stern

Bio: Elizabeth was only twenty when she first met Tsukiko. She was living with her aunt and uncle in their home, as she tried to raise her seven month old daughter with their aid, as the father had left without a word or bit of aid. One day though she spotted an unconscious silver-haired boy in the river. Discovering him to be wounded and hurt, Elizabeth took the young boy in and helped in his recovery. When he awoke, the boy introduced himself as Tsukiko, and while he thanked her for healing him, tried to leave immediately. But Elizabeth refused to accept this though as he was still injured and weak, and forced Tsukiko to stay in her home until he was at least fully healed.

Finding himself unable to escape the house, noticeably because of Elizabeth's strange yet terrifying smile every time he tried, the boy reluctantly accepted his fate. That proved to be a problem though when not a week later, a large gang of thugs and thieves came to the house looking for Tsukiko. According to them Tsukiko had interfered in one of their "tax collections" on a nearby town and had fought against them. While most were defeated, their leader had managed to hurt the silver-haired teen but lost him in the river.

When Elizabeth refused to help them or give the boy, the bandits threatened her and her daughter. Despite being terrified and fearful for her child, Elizabeth couldn't find it in herself to condemn the young boy. Before the thugs could make good on their promise however,  Tsukiko intervened and took the lives of the monsters before him. The shock of blood on his hands added with the reopening of his wounds and new injuries, caused the boy to lose consciousness once more.

When he awoke however, he was surprised to find himself still in the home of Elizabeth and her family. Confused Tsukiko asked why she kept him here despite the trouble he had caused and the blood he had spilled in her home, believing himself to be cursed and a monster. He was completely caught off guard though when Elizabeth slapped him for such a statement, which should not have been possible because of his 'black wall'.

Ignoring his shock, Elizabeth explained that she not blame him for what transpired, as it was never his intent in the first place to put her in harm. And that while this may not have occurred if he had simply left, he had still risked his life for her and her daughter despite his own injuries. It was the bravest thing she had ever witnessed, and the fact it came from a boy of only twelve years old only brought more respect and admiration for him. Thanking him for his actions, Elizabeth promised to find some way to repay him for his bravery despite what had happened. And while Tsukiko originally intended to refuse, he found himself surprisingly silent at the smile of the beautiful woman.

A week after leaving though, Tsukiko found himself once more at the home of Elizabeth, this time uninjured.

Time passed, and as it did Tsukiko found himself spending frequently visiting Elizabeth in order to check up on her and her daughter. And every time, Elizabeth and her family welcomed him with open arms. Although scared and worried about hurting someone, Tsukiko found himself at a strange peace with the woman and found himself wanting to spend more time with her. Not only that, but every time he was with her, his 'black wall' and 'black holes' never seemed to activate under any circumstance. It brought a happiness and peace to the boy he had forgotten.  

Elizabeth and Tsukiko continued to spend much time together that they eventually developed a sort of pattern out of it. The boy told stories of his travels to the young mother, while she in turn listened to every word he spoke with awe and excitement. He helped her around the house and village, and she in turn cooked him warm meals and let him stay for extended periods. The visits and time together kept occurring so often that he soon became well known through the village by everybody. His actions and stories, combined with his kind personality and selflessness, eventually led to Elizabeth being the first person to call him a "knight". While he found the title strange and unfitting of him, Tsukiko found himself unable to deny her calling him such.

A year had gone by before either of the two realized, and during one of his visits, Elizabeth told Tsukiko she had finally found a way to pay him back. She offered him a permanent place at her home. And although hesitant at first, Tsukiko accepted with a a tearful smile.

And yet, it wasn't to last.

A week after permanently moving in, a festival was being held at the village and Tsukiko was invited to go by Elizabeth. The two spent the entire day together and through the night. However near the end of the festival, before the fireworks, a man approached Elizabeth. His name was Jason, and he was the father of Elizabeth's daughter.

Jason appeared drunk and confused, but when he saw Elizabeth he approached her for conversation. He tried to talk to her, to convince her that he made a mistake in leaving, but Elizabeth would not listen and hid behind Tsukiko fearfully. Seeing this Jason became furious and started spitting out curses left and right, calling Elizabeth a whore and a pedophile who sought younger men. Tsukiko furiously demanded the man leave, only for Jason to snap and shove the silver-haired teen down before tossing the bottle of liquor in his hand at the boy.

Only for Elizabeth to get in the way and get smacked over the head with it.

At that moment Tsukiko snapped. Seeing the broken glass and blood on Elizabeth, Tsukiko grabbed Jason by his collar and hurled him into one of the empty food-stands. Jason fearfully tried to fight back, but was defenseless as powerful black holes formed around Tsukiko in defense while destroying everything they touched. Tsukiko didn't care however as he hunted the drunkard down and beat him down continuously, all the while his powers continued to spin out of control.

Jason begged for his life, but Tsukiko didn't care, and his black eyes glared at the drunkard, he grabbed the man's arm and formed a black hole upon it. Jason's screams filled the air as everybody watched in fear as the poor drunkard's arm was lost into a vortex of darkness. However before Tsukiko could do more Elizabeth reached for his shoulder to stop him, only for Tsukiko to backhand her viciously.

The act of which snapped him out of his blood rage and made him realize what he had done. Confusion and terror filled the silver-haired boy as the crowd began calling him a monster and demon and hurled stones at him, each of which never got by his wall. Unable to take it Tsukiko ran back to the house and gathered his things rapidly, as he prepared to leave the place he had come to call a second home permanently.

Elizabeth found him however before he could leave. She begged him to stay, saying she could convince the villagers it was all a mistake. That he wasn't at fault and that he didn't have to leave, but Tsukiko refused despite his own feelings and the hug Elizabeth gave him. With a broken heart and tear filled face, Tsukiko broke from her embrace and ran.

From the house, from the village, and from Elizabeth, who fell to the cold ground and cried as the fireworks went off at the festival.

Tsukiko and Elizabeth have not seen or spoken to each other since then, though he still holds the memories of their time together precious.


Name: Richmond

Age: 27

Appearance: Light brown hair, rugged beard, teal eyes, muscular, tall (about 6'4)

Reference: TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past Untitl15

Distinguishing Features: Smokes a lot.

Personality: Tough but fun, joker, slightly perverted, enjoys hard work and determination, very serious but obsessed with weapons, loves to make weapons, loves to design weapons, loves to mod weapons, etc etc.

Bio: One of the people Tsukiko during his first year of travel, Richmond is a traveling salesman/weapons crafter who has traveled the world in hopes of discovering new ways to create and design weapons, in hopes of making his own and unique weapon and start his own business.

After being helped by Tsukiko against some thugs, the two quickly bonded and found a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with the other. While Tsukiko was not a fan of weapons himself, he respected the man's dreams and wishes, as he held the same determination in his eyes that Tsukiko could feel in his own heart. It was also through Richmond that he learned how to create the smoke and flash bombs that he uses in combat.

The two have a kin respect for each other's goals and dreams, and have both wished each other the best of luck in their goals. The two have met several times in the four years, each time of which they hang out and discuss their travels with one another, although each time Richmond tries to convince Tsukiko to let him make a weapon for the boy. While the two are good friends and enjoy seeing each other, Tsukiko for some reason refuses to ever go to a bathhouse with Richmond again unless they take separate baths.

He has yet to reveal why.

Rumors have it Richmond is on his way to Terminal City for reasons unknown, though this is only a rumor.


Name: Ariana De La Gallian, "Ari-chan", "Ojou-sama".

Age: 15

Appearance: Blond hair, red eyes, slim body with slight muscle

Reference: TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past Blondes%20dress%20flowers%20long%20hair%20feathers%20red%20eyes%20masks%20black%20dress%20anime%20girls%20pixiv%20fantasia%2025_wallpaperswa.com_89

Distinguishing Features: Usually wears exquisite dresses and decor.

Personality: Blunt, selfish, rude, spoiled, polite and well mannered when in presence of those deserving, intelligent, likes challenges, becomes very childish when in the presence of cute
things, becomes strangely shy and embarrassed when around Tsukiko.

Bio: Daughter of Geremiah De La Gallian, owner and head of the Gallian Industries for Meta-Human Recovery and Health, Ariana has lived a very pampered life. Descended from a long line of royals, Ariana is the latest in her line and has been pampered and raised to be the perfect heir to take hold of the family name, as well as the company. She was strong, noble, and had believed everything in her life would run smoothly and without flaws.

However that all changed on the day she met Tsukiko.

One day Ariana, out of sheer bordem or curiosity, decided to go into the city of her home for reasons unknown even to her. However while in the city, Ariana and her guards were ambushed by radicals who despised the family of Gallian due to their continued aid of meta-humans. While her guards were taken out Ariana managed to defeat most of the attackers herself until she was brought down by one of them from behind. Caught of guard and weakened by the dishonorable tactic, Ariana found herself powerless and trapped as her ambushes prepared to take her away.

However things did not go as planned as Tsukiko, now having traveled for about two and a half years, witnessed the commotion while exploring the city. Seeing the young girl about to be defeated, Tsukiko rushed in and intercepted the attackers, and using his powers, protected the heir and defeated the ambushes.

Slightly impressed and curious, Ariana thanked the silver-haired teen and invited him to her home as a reward for rescuing her. To her shock though Tsukiko not only refused, but did not recognize her at all or her family name. In fact, as he was leaving he patted her head and jokingly called her "Ari-chan".

This shocked the young heiress. Never had she met anyone who had not known her name or treated her as Tsukiko did. It confused, surprised, and infuriated the girl. Before realizing it she challenged the young boy, thinking he was somehow insulting her and her status. Tsukiko was completely confused and declined at first, causing Ariana to become even more furious than before and openly attacked him.

Ariana had been taught to be perfect in battle. To never rush but to analyze, to strike only when an opening presented itself, to openly use any weakness the opponent had against them. She had been trained by the best and while had many rivals, had never been beaten in combat by a single one of them.

However, despite all of this, Tsukiko defeated her.

Shock filled the young heiress's heart as she realized she had lost to a sheer commoner. However despite her loss and confusion, Tsukiko did not hold any resentment, and actually went to help Ariana. Confusion and anger filled her as she thought he continuously was mocking him, but before she could strike, her father Geremiah intervened.

Having watched the entire thing in hopes of analyzing his daughter's reactions, Geremiah found himself disappointed. He questioned if he had pampered his daughter too much as he witnessed her actions and temper. Ariana was a strong girl, but these two defeats had shown him that she had become spoiled, and lacked an understanding of how cruel and strange reality could be. Therefore he decided to do something completely unexpected and surprising.

He hired Tsukiko.

Seeing the boy's raw skill and interactions with his daughter had gained a very peak interest in Geremiah, and so he hired the boy to be Ariana's new personal servant/bodyguard. While at first Tsukiko declined, Geremiah quickly explained who he was, who he had saved, and just how important this was. In Geremiah's mind the boy, while a mere commoner, held a sense around him that he himself could not display, and felt that Tsukiko could help his daughter in understanding just how different reality was from her mind, as well as give his daughter someone to train with and grow stronger against, seeing as how the bodyguards he originally hired had all failed in their duty.

After much convincing, and slight blackmail, Tsukiko reluctantly agreed. For the next year and a half Ariana and Tsukiko were stuck together as master and servant, though neither liked it. They argued and fought constantly, and always found something about the other that pissed them off. It didn't help Tsukiko either that he was forced to call his new master "Ojou-sama" as a sign of respect and to show his place as her servant.

However as time passed and many incidents occurred from simple dinners to threats against the family, the two began to grow a respect and bond towards each other, and what started as bitterness and annoyance for one another became a strange but fun friendship, though only Tsukiko would say such a thing while Ariana adamantly denied such a thing.

However at the end of the year and a half, Tsukiko's powers went out of control in a ballroom event, causing several injuries and large scales of destruction. Confused and scared, Tsukiko begged Geremiah to let him leave, saying that not only would his presence risk hurting the name of Gallian, but would also put Ariana at risk, something he truly did not wish to see happen.

Surprisingly Geremiah agreed, but believed Tsukiko to be wrong about his choice, and so made a private bet with the boy before letting him go.

Ariana however refused to accept the loss of her "servant", though her maids would say it was for other reasons. She has since then tried to hunt down Tsukiko wherever he may go, in hopes of bringing her servant back under her wing.

Powers: Diamond Skin. Ariana's family has a meta-human gene that allows them to transform their skin into solid materials found within the earth. Each generation has always had a different form, from ruby, to emerald, to even gold. Ariana is the latest in her line to have obtained this gift, and has been given the form of diamond. Her quick mastery of her powers as well as amazing combat skill, has earned her the nickname "The Diamond Princess". Due to the durability and toughness of diamonds, Ariana is a force to be recokened with in combat, as her powers grant her a near impenetrable defensive wall around her body, as well as a reckoning force that can tear through many defenses.

Due to her powers working only on her person, any clothes or materials she has upon her will not be transformed if she uses her ability. Furthermore, the more of her body she transforms, the more concentration and will she needs to hold it, though years of practice have helped to easily overcome this weakness.

Rumors say that her family are also capable of forming projectiles and blades while in their transformed state, though this is unconfirmed.


Name: Sister Anastasia,  Anastasia Nicholas, "Ana-nee".

Age: 34

Appearance: Short blonde hair, clear blue eyes, mature yet beautifully curved body, smooth skin

Reference: TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past Index-nakano-sora-e1297786550634

Distinguishing Features: Wears a sister outfit

Personality: Kind-hearted, motherly, protective of children, very forgiving, smacks those who dis-behave with a ladle.

Bio: Anastasia doesn't talk much of her past, but has been a part of "Serias' Orphanage for the Lost" for many years. She is usually seen as the leader of the orphanage, causing all other sisters and children listen to. She was also the one who found Tsukiko on the steps of the orphanage and gave him his name.

She has since then been a mother figure to the young boy and the sister he bonded with the most. She was also the one who raised the boy the most and taught him of the world. Her kindness and views of life led the boy to developing his own views on helping others and doing whatever he could to make people smile, due to how beautiful he said she looked when she smiled.

On the day though when Tsukiko choose to leave, Anastasia was adamantly against his decision, believing there had to be another way to help the boy. The two argued and yelled at each other, each trying to convince the other for their reasons of the idea, and it nearly threatened the bond they had.

However after a conversation with Mother Tiel, the oldest of the nuns and one of the founders of the orphanage, Anastasia let the boy go. The two parted with tear-filled eyes and heart-filled apologies, with Tsukiko promising to one day return home after he found a way to control his 'curse'.

Since then Anastasia has continued working at the Orphanage and helping to raise the children there, both old and new, all the while keeping hope that one day Tsukiko will keep his promise.


Name: Evangeline, "Eva", "Eva-chan".

Age: 10

Appearance: Short red hair that's a bit choppy in parts, amber-colored eyes

Reference: TrueHeartKnight's Terminal City Creations: Tsukiko's Past 20050508_491_cutie14_display

Distinguishing Features: A burn mark etched along her right palm, as well as one along the back of her neck.

Personality: Stubborn, very defensive and possessive over Tsukiko, has a take-charge ask questions later attitude, tomboyish charm.

Bio: Evangeline was only three years old when her house was burned down in a freak fire accident. She was trapped and lost, and had witnessed both of her parents sacrifice themselves to try and save her. Alone and surrounded by flames, Eva cried as loud as she could. And it was that cry that lead a nine-year old Tsukiko to her.

Tsukiko had been with Sister Anastasia at the time and had been allowed to go with her to shop for supplies in the nearby town. During that time Tsukiko had caught sight of the smoke and had run off to explore, being as curious as he was. His curiosity led to him discovering the burning building and hearing the cries of little Eva. With no thought of his own safety Tsukiko went into the building and followed the cries to the young girl.

Miraculously, the two escaped the burning building and falling debris, and were treated to immediate medical attention, though nobody noticed the strange black vortex that has appeared inside the building before it crashed.

After the event, it was discovered that she had no other family to speak of or that she knew, and was left alone to herself. After much persuading and promising to take responsibility, though he didn't understand the reason Ana laughed, Tsukiko managed to bring the young girl back to the orphanage, and to her new home.

The memory of the fire, while still burned into her mind, was slowly healed over time and replaced with the new-found love of the orphanage and of Tsukiko, who had become Eva's special "Onii-chan". While the boy was called that by many other children due to him being the oldest, Eva took it to a higher level and developed a very strong bond to the boy who saved her. She refused to leave his side and stood by every decision and thing he did, causing the orphans to see her as Tsukiko's partner and their"Nee-chan". Due to this, Eva created a strong front for herself, refusing to show any weakness and become just as strong as her Onii-chan, leading her to develop a tomboyish personality and a fierce defensiveness towards Tsukiko. She still has nightmares of the fire, but relaxes and rest at peace when Tsukiko slept beside her.

For the next three years, Eva and Tsukiko were basically attached at the hip and became very close, and the young girl found herself finding peace in this new life.

However things changed on the day the orphanage was threatened and Tsukiko's powers awakened.

Eva feared for her Onii-chan when she saw how terrified he had become of his strange 'curse, and when she heard he was leaving, she fought back tooth and nail, refusing to watch another person she loved disappear.

However after much convincing and a heart-filled goodbye, Eva let Tsukiko leave, with the promise that he would return back the orphanage and to her.

Since then Eva has essentially taken the place of Tsukiko at the orphanage, acting as the head of the other orphans and making sure they don't cause trouble and are treated well, in hopes of showing her Onii-chan how amazing she has become for his return.
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