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TrueHeartKnight's Fairy Tail Character Empty TrueHeartKnight's Fairy Tail Character

Post by Decade on Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:32 pm

Name: Kazuko Hogosha

Age: 16

Appearance: Silver hair, Saphire eyes, wears a hoodie, slightly muscular body but is slightly short in height compared to most his age.

Reference: TrueHeartKnight's Fairy Tail Character Tumblr_m8xou06Ejn1qdpl6u

Distinguishing Features: Is sometimes seen talking to self, but is really talking to the Guardians.

Personality: Kind, Polite, Caring and Loving for children, A good listener, Selfless, Wishes to help those in pain or sorrow, Hates injustice and suffering, Will protect those in danger or being hurt, Will put self in harms way to protect others, EXTREMELY embarrassed and shy around women to the point of sometimes fainting

Guild: Cait Shelter

Bio: Kazuko was born into a world of harshness and cruelty. His father abandoning him before he was born, and his mother dying at the age of five, Kazuko was forced to grow up on the cold and cruel streets of the city he lived in. He scavenged for food and was forced to steal from others, all the while being treated like an outcast.

Despite this, Kazuko never let it break him. He lived with a small group of other orphans and found a place to call home and family, as they each looked out for and helped each other. Kazuko cared more for their safety and health than his own though, and so whenever they felt down or sad, he always put on a smile to cheer them up. This smile of his was often called beautiful by the females of the group, which always embarrassed Kazuko to such a degree he would sometimes faint.

However despite this, Kazuko still felt alone, as he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with his life or for the others. He wanted to try and make things better, to try and change things for others so they too could smile, but was afraid and unsure of how he would be able too, and feared failing others. Because of this he always secluded himself in his own thoughts and formed a set of imaginary friends who he could confine in and who supported and gave him strength. Strength to believe that there was a way to fulfill his dream. To show beauty in this world, and with it, hope.

That faith would be tested when at the age of eight, a group of thugs found the home of the orphans and tried to force them out so they could use it for themselves. The orphans and Kazuko refused, but were forced out viciously and fearfully as the thugs destroyed their home piece by piece. Watching his home and friends be hurt before him, Kazuko tried to stand up to the leader but was beaten down savagely by him and his strange magic. Despite this Kazuko still stood up, despite the cries of his family, and strangely enough, his imaginary friends. The leader having enough, created a powerful blade of magic to end the boy's life.

However one of the orphans, a young girl only four years old, ran in front of him to protect Kazuko. Terrified and panicked, Kazuko tried to force the girl away, but she refused even as the leader swung his blade. With no other option, Kazuko hugged the girl and turned his back to protect her, while screaming for someone to help them.

That help came in the form of a bright light from Kazuko's body, as four figures suddenly emerged and defeated the thugs. Kazuko watched in amazement, only to fall over unconscious a second later.

When he awoke, Kazuko found himself in the Mages's Guild Hall of the city. He was greeted by a beautiful woman named Jasmine, who explained that she had been watching the events unfold and had planned to intervene until Kazuko's unexpected burst of magic. Confused by everything, Kazuko was suddenly greeted by the voices of his imaginary friends, and was shocked when a light emerged from him and formed into a white knight with angelic wings.

What shocked him more though was when the knight introduced himself as Gabriel, one of Kazuko's imaginary friends. Jasmine and Gabriel quickly explained that Kazuko had a strong aura of magic about him, and that he had unknowingly unlocked it the first time he had made Gabriel in his mind. His magic allowed all of his friends he had created to come to life and have their own free wills, and were now able to take physical form, though Kazuko nearly fell into unconsciousness again from the sole act of Gabriel emerging.

Confused but happy, Kazuko couldn't help but cry tears of joy. His friends he had imaged for so long, the ones who had been with him and always defended him, were real. They were real and with him now. He was no longer alone.

After being told of the state of the other orphans, Jasmine offered Kazuko an apprentice ship, believing that he could become a great and powerful mage with his ability, but that he needed proper training and understanding of magic. While hesitant at first, Gabriel told Kazuko that he should accept, as if he did, he could meet his other friends, and that together they could fulfill the dream and promise he had of making the world a place full of hope and beauty.

Kazuko, now supported by his new friends, agreed to the deal and left the city with Jasmine after saying goodbye to the other orphans.

Years pass between master and student, as Jasmine helps Kazuko learn about the magic world and how to master his abilities. He learns how to summon all his friends and use their powers, and calls the magic he has created "Guardian Magic". At the age of thirteen however things change, as on his birthday Jasmine offers Kazuko a permanent place in her guild. While she had originally planned to have him join from the start due to his magic, she had grown close to the boy and begun to care for him greatly, and so felt it wouldn't be right to force him against his will. Instead she felt that he should choose his own path, and do whatever he feels his heart says.

Kazuko, after a brief discussion with his Guardians, kindly rejects Jasmine's offer. While he was grateful to her for everything she had done for him and cared for her greatly, he felt that the city where the guild was just wasn't his home anymore. He felt that if he was going to full master his abilities and be able to help others, he would have to find it himself. That he would have to travel the world, meet new people, see new things, and one day find a place to call his own. Though saddened by his decision, Jasmine accepted his choice and the two traveled together for one more year before parting, with promises that Kazuko would stay alive and be safe, so that one day he could see her again.

Two years later, Kazuko makes his way to the Guild known as Cait Shelter, as a very tiny girl with fairy wings sleeps inside his hood on his back.

Magic: Guardian Magic: A Caster-Type of magic developed by Kazuko himself. Kazuko is capable of summoning large and powerful magical spirits and creatures called "Guardians" from his body that assist him in any situation. These Guardians however are not mere constructs of magic however, as each one is an actual living and breathing creature that is born from and resides inside Kazuko through his magic. Each one is capable of their own thoughts as well and has their own free will, though they do seem to work in perfect unison with Kazuko and follow his words well.

Kazuko is able to mentally communicate with each Guardian, allowing them to work in tangent without having to say a word out loud to anyone. He is also able to use each Guardian's own power to a small degree on his own as well as at the same time, though they themselves are in weaker states. Kazuko is capable of summoning multiple Guardians at once, however the strain and will to do so grows as he must divide his magic and soul amongst them equally, which is dangerous if he is injured or unfocused. Because of this Kazuko has been limited to only calling two Guardians at max until he is capable of getting stronger.

According to Kazuko, the Guardians are created from his soul and magic, and are crafted from the bonds he makes with people. Whether this is a piece of his soul and mind that has been shifted into a living form or simply a construct brought to life is yet unknown.

Take Over Magic: Guardian Soul: Kazuko learned Take Over Magic five years ago, in hopes of having a better connection and understanding towards his Guardians. He is also practicing on a way to be able to fuse himself with any of his Guardians, in order to combine their strength and become an ultimate fighting force capable of defeating any foe. As of now Kazuko has still not fully grasped how to combine his own physical form with his Guardians, but is capable of taking on certain traits of each one.

Guardian: Gabriel

Appearance:TrueHeartKnight's Fairy Tail Character Celestial_by_JasonEngle

Bio: A set of angelic armor radiating with white light, Gabriel was the first Guardian born from Kazuko, and has a strong, noble, and honorable personality. He has a strong sense of justice and wishes to see the innocent and pained be healed of their suffering, similar to Kazuko. He hates injustice with a passion, and seeks to see evil and darkness be vanquished so that nobody may be hurt again. Of the Guardians he is the oldest and the one they see as leader next to Kazuko. Because of this he usually tries to keep them in line and focused, though he often finds that difficult with Kit and Cheshire, who just enjoy trying to mess with the angel.

Being a set of angelic armor, Gabriel is armed with a powerful sword and shield of light, capable of both great defense and offense. His spiritual body allows him to move at great speeds and possess immense strength, allowing him to fight even seasoned warriors. As his power is based on light, Gabriel is capable of forming several light spells used for both defensive and offensive purposes, as well as able to blind enemies. His wings also allow not only for flight, but a secondary weapon, as he can fire feathers of light at high speeds towards his enemies as well as deflect most basic attacks with his wings.

Kazuko is able to use a bit of Gabriel's physical strength on his own, allowing him to take more beatings and strike harder than a normal person. He can also summon a small light sword to his side and is capable of forming quick explosions of light to blind his enemies. Using Take Over Magic: Gabriel Soul, Kazuko can form his own set of angelic wings to allow for flight, though not nearly as well as Gabriel.

Guardian: Kit

Appearance: TrueHeartKnight's Fairy Tail Character Black_Veil_by_Culpeo_Fox

Bio: A black fox of pure flame, Kit has a rather calm but clever personality, always liking to make jokes here and there and enjoying a good fight and hunt. He gets along well with Kazuko and enjoys teasing the poor boy, whether it be him fighting, or with women. He also has a tendency of purposefully trying to piss off his opponent's so as he can outmaneuver them and use their anger to his advantage.

Being that he is a fox of pure flame, Kit is quite agile and fast, allowing him to move at high speeds as well as leap upon tall structures with ease. Since his body is pure fire, he has the ability to spread his fire anywhere he moves and touches, as well as choose what it burns. The flames can also act accordingly to Kit's will, as they can form a defensive armor or barrier around anything he wishes. Kit is also capable of taking a solid form with his flames which to allow others to ride on his back. The flames themselves are very strong, capable of burning almost anything outside the strength level of Dragon's Skin. Also since he is a fox, he has the instincts and senses of one, allowing him to hear and smell things others can't.

Kazuko is capable of using the speed and agility that Kit possesses, as well as a small amount of Kit's own flames from his hands and feet. While he is able to fire the flames from his hand and manipulate them slightly, he cannot control what they burn away, and so must be careful. Using Taker Over Magic: Kit's Soul, Kazuko can gain Kit's senses of sight, hearing, and smell, and his face partly transforms to that of a fox.

Guardian: Airi

Appearance: TrueHeartKnight's Fairy Tail Character Frolicking_Fairy_by_getty

Bio: A cute and tiny fairy, Airi is a kind and sweet Guardian who loves Kazuko very much. She has a childish personality and is extremely fascinated by even the tiniest of things. She is however extremely shy of strangers, and when not in a serious situation, usually hides behind Kazuko if summoned. She is so shy that Kit constantly teases her about it, stating that she is just too cute NOT to tease. Despite this she cherishes life and love, and believes that Kazuko can one day make this world beautiful and kind for everyone.

While lacking in combat skills, Airi is well versed in many forms of defensive and healing arts. She is capable of forming and activating many shields, seals, glyph, and binds with only a few simple words, allowing her to change the flow of battle easily to her allies favor. Her small size also allows her to go into spaces others cant, as well as able to easily maneuver around objects or attacks. While her healing magic is not as vast, she is capable of healing most physical and internal injuries, as well as cure minor illnesses. She is unable though to fix fatal injuries or stop curses, as she is not strong enough to cast such magic. Also if she is unable to identify the problem of someone, she can do nothing for them.

Kazuko is able to cast minor defensive shield spells and seals of Airi's on his own without trouble, though it takes a bit longer for him. He also is capable of using minor healing spells to close cuts and wounds on a person's body. Using Take Over Magic: Airi's Soul, Kazuko can shrink his size down to about double what Airi is, and forms a sec of dragonfly wings to allow for flight.

Guardian: Cheshire

Appearance: TrueHeartKnight's Fairy Tail Character Neko_by_tonee89

Bio: A clever and witty neko woman, Cheshire is a carefree and fun loving Guardian who barley wears clothes and always wants to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. She loves getting drunk and partying, and apparently can pull out random bottles of alcohol from nowhere, something every Guardian and Kazuko are unable to figure out. She also constantly tries to get others drunk so they can part with her, especially the Guardians. Cause of this she and Kit greatly enjoy each others company and enjoy just messing with people. She also has a strangeness for cute things, causing her to constantly dawdle on Airi. Despite her carefree attitude, she cares deeply for Kazuko and acts as a mother figure towards him and Airi. She offers strong advice and words to both when they feel down and lends them a lap or shoulder to cry on when sad. Of the Guardians she is the one who sees the good and bad of the world as an equal, believing that even beauty must start from pain.

Despite her attitude and personality, Cheshire is a fierce combatant in close combat. Agile, fast, and having very nasty claws and fangs, Cheshire is a force to be reckoned with in close quarters and is shown to be able to tear through nearly the toughest of metals with her claws. Her tail also serves as a distraction and fifth appendage for which she can use to attack enemies or distract them. She also has minor control over the wind, allowing her to create small gust at her opponents to push them back.

Kazuko has been trained by Cheshire in her combat style and is quite efficient in using it for close quarters. Using Take Over Magic: Cheshire Soul, Kazuko grows his own set of fangs claws, ears, and tails similar to a cat's. This allows him to be more dangerous in close quarters, as he gains an increase in reflexes, and his claws can cut through most metals.
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