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Naling's Fairy Tail Character Empty Naling's Fairy Tail Character

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:40 pm

Name:Akhiro Haname
Image:Naling's Fairy Tail Character Ag_akito_wanijima_render_by_spitfire95-d470npjEye:Right-Clear yellow pupils/Left-Yellow shark like eye

Distinguishing features:Eye patch that seems to cover his left eye frequently

Personality:Gentle nature,somewhat shy and innocent
Positive traits:Calm ,collective protective of others and optimistic
Negative traits:Naive
Likes:Kind people,animals,magic

Weapons:Shinbu knife
Magic:Celestial summoning-Virgo/Scorpio

Bio:Akhiro was simply a normal boy with a big dream which he wishes to make it into reality.He lived with his parents and lived happily however after his 9th birthday things began to change for him.It was late at night when he heard a scream of a familiar voice he rushed to the source without hesitation only to find what he dreaded the most.His parents were lying on the floor the remained motionless, next to them was a man holding a bloodstained knife.Shocked and unable to believe what has happened Akhiro cried out.

When he woke up he finds himself standing Infront of the same person this time the stranger is dead with a bloody message written on his chest that simply spelled out "KIRA".Understanding what he had done he ran away from home and started traveling all on his own hoping to find a new home.

During his travels he started developing an interest towards magic as it came useful to him for that he formed a contract with two celestial spirits Virgo and  Scorpio.

After 3 years of traveling Akhiro lived in solitude due to being treated as an outcast wherever he went.One morning he was surrounded by a group of thugs,Outnumbered he simply accepted his fate feeling that this could finally end his suffering however a bright light shone in front of him making him lose consciousness once he had awoken he finds himself in a secluded place and someone watching over him,The person didn't reveal who he was as he simply  left telling Akhiro to seek out the Cait Shelter Guild for protection.With nowhere else to go he ventures off to find what he hopes to be his home.
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