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The Invasion Begins: RISE OF THE JOKER

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The Invasion Begins: RISE OF THE JOKER

Post by Decade on Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:52 am

Upon a large white and red throne, a figure sat silently in the shadows with its' head rested upon the knuckles of its' right arm. Before it, a large red orb of energy floated in the air, as within the orb was shown the image of a boy screaming in pain as a dark and twisted red aura engulfed the boy.

The figure seemed to chuckle at the sight.


The figure pauses in chuckle as its' gaze turned past the orb and towards the voice. The source came from a beautiful blonde haired woman with ruby red eyes, wearing a set of blue leg stockings, a white silk dress, and a blue militaristic uniform. The woman's gaze however was cold and hard, as if willed by steel.

"Forgive my intrusion my lord, but there's been a situation. Approximately seven hours ago, outpost thirty-two, twenty-nine, and eleven were all lost in a series of surprise attacks by rebel forces," the woman spoke with a calm and monotone voice, "Several of our reversed fighters were lost in the attack, and the outpost are now in the hands of the rebels."

The figure remained silent as the orb before him now displayed the boy who was screaming was no longer doing such. Instead the boy seemed to give off a dark smirk as a crimson colored aura surrounded him.

"Who led the attack?"

The voice seemed to come from every direction, yet the woman knew it was from the figure before her. Despite the dark and twisted tone, the voice was young and full of life.

It was quite contradictory, but still terrifying.

"We believe it to be that human again. Zaio I believe his name was," the woman replied.

Despite being hidden in shadow, the woman could feel the figure smirking.


The orb suddenly floated upwards and out of sight, as the figure stood from its' throne. The act caused the woman to gasp slightly as she quickly bowed to one knee and hung her head respectfully.

"My lord, forgive me. I was careless in our defenses. If I had been more alert and not ignored those guerrilla tactics that had been happening maybe we would ha-"

The woman pauses as a hand reached under her chin and turned her gaze upwards. Her eyes met with a similarly ruby red, as they belonged to a young man with black messy hair that covered his right eye. The man wore what appeared to be a white and black kimono with a long black cloak on his shoulders, as well as a set of obsidian colored arm guards, leg guards, and a chest plate, all designed in a medieval fashion.

Despite the strange appearance and the terrifying eyes, the man had a kind and gentle smile.

"Now Jen-san, what have I said about bowing before me?" the armored figure spoke calmly with a smile.

"Master?" Jen spoke confused as the figure slowly lifted her up to her feet and patted her shoulder.

"Do not be ashamed for such a minor loss. Such thoughts and worries do not suit someone like you, who is filled with such darkness," the man spoke with a smile, "Besides, I had long since expected such an attack for the past few days. It was only a matter of time before those who would not see such beauty would attack in such a manner."

Jen blinked in shock, "You knew this would happen master?'

"Of course," the figure said as he moved past Jen with a smile, "It was inevitable after all. Those who do not seek or accept change will always try to rebel and turn against those who do. I knew they would eventually find the courage to openly challenge me in such a manner. That they would finally take the first step in a truly open assault upon the gift we have given them and this world."

The figure's smile then suddenly turned into a twisted grin.

"But it seems they still haven't learned their place, and instead choose to reject my gift to them. Such arrogance wouldn't you agree?"

Jen seemed to smile rather darkly as she nodded, "Yes my lord, quite rude of them to reject your generosity."

"Indeed," the figure spoke as he lifted his right hand. A dark red aura exploded outwards and formed into a demonic looking dragons helm, "Such an act can not go unnoticed any longer I believe. Besides, I grow bored simply watching from my throne," the figure's grin turned dangerously maniacal.

"I believe it's time to show this world just what it means to face the power of Void!!"

From behind the throne a large rumbling could be heard, as a massive figure could be seen moving around and rises from the ground. Jen didn't seem to notice nor care, as her gaze was focused on her leader, as he placed the helmet upon his head, as a dark crimson glow emerged from the left eye socket.





Music begins playing as several figures, each dressed differently and with different expressions fly by the scene. The movement stops upon a blue haired and blue eyed boy as he looks down at a Duel Monsters card in hand. A flash of red in the sky turns his gaze upwards towards a black cloudy sky, as a large black and red ring is seen circling a massive tower. Suddenly several monsters and creatures covered in red, black, and white armor emerge from the ring and fly around, each with a look of madness and darkness.


The boy looks up in shock, as his shadow shifts suddenly into a armored looking figure with a spear. The boy looks at the shadow only for it to vanish, and then turns his gaze up as a white dragon with black and white wings and a metallic head flies above and roars. The boy's eyes narrow as a large blue aura engulfs him and his body shifts into a large black armored figure with a crimson spear, purple wings, and red eyes, before soaring into the sky at high speeds

Raimei ga hibiku yoru, UMARERU REJENDO!!!~~ (Thunder booming into the night!! GIVE BIRTH TO A LEGEND!!!~~)

Several figures look up, each distinct. A boy with black hair and a similar colored cloak. A boy with silver hair and golden eyes. A girl with brown cut hair shaped like cat ears. A woman with long silver hair. A brunette boy. And finally a girl with black short hair.

Mienai asu ni obiete!! (Scared of the unseen tomorrow!!)

The black armored figure continues flying in the air at high speeds as several of the creatures chase after him.

Ugoke naku nari sou dakedo!! (I'm unable to move!!)

As the figure breaks through the atmosphere, the armored figure is seen having transformed, now having a set of large orange armored wings and jets along the shoulders and legs. As the figure spins in space to face his enemy, a snowy white creature with a bone staff, and a white armored humanoid with a blue visor emerge before him defensively.

GET UP!! RIGHT NOW!! Tokihanatsu nda Sora he (Unleashing to the sky!!~~)

The humanoid and white creature are replaced by spiritual forms of a boy with black hair and bandages on his head, and a brunette female with her hair in a pony tail. Both look down in shock and worry as a large red armored figure with a hawk symbol on the chest and a massive sword in hand flies at them. A spiritual form is also seen revealing a black and blond spiky haired boy, his eyes filled with madness and red streaks as he grins evilly

Sadame ga bokura tame shiteru!! (Testing our fates!!)

From a group of meteors, a set of demonic golden eyes forms as red lighting strikes around and a large figure emerges. The black armored warrior turns to reveal a large golden and green dragon with skeletal armor and a demonic looking face.

Zetsubou no yami ga kiba wo muku!! (Facing the fangs of the despairing storm!!)

The two figures stare at each other before fading into the blue haired boy and a black haired man with red eyes, as in the background lights and explodes are seen engulfing the stars. The two stare before turning their gaze towards something.

Arashi no naka de Me wo hiraite!! (Opening our eyes into a storm!!)

A large figure of of fire forms and shoots out twin pillars of flames, while behind it a large dark figure with a massive red blade is seen. A spiritual form is then seen of a man in a hood with a skull like mask on and his eyes narrowed firmly.

Uchiyabure yo Kizu darake demo!! (Attacking until breaking despite getting cut!!)

The black haired boy smiles as suddenly a blonde haired woman and a pale green-haired man form before him and transform into a sorceress like figure and a large demonic green warrior with large wings and claws as they deflect the flames, causing the blue haired boy to stare in shock.


As the explosions and flashes of light form, a large black dragon made of bones and having skulls engulfed in it is struck by a beam of red lighting. A red samurai female with twin curved blades flies up at the sight only to be struck by behind by a similar bolt.


The boy watches in shock as he transforms back into the black armored warrior, as the dragon and female samurai fall into earths orbit, burning up as they do. Without a second though the armored figure flies towards them at high speeds as the flaming behemoth and the demonic sword wielding monster face the skeletal dragon.

Raimei ga hibiku yoru, UMARERU REJENDO!!!~~ (Thunder booming into the night!! GIVE BIRTH TO A LEGEND!!!~~)

The figure flies forward only to halt as suddenly the inferno and demonic creatures are hurled past him and towards earth, both damaged and beaten. The figure stares in shock as the golden eyes of the dragon float in behind him.


The black armored figure turns and turns into the blue haired boy, as he raises his left arm revealing a blue and white duel disk. The dragon simply stares before turning into the black haired ruby eyed boy, who smirks and brings up a black and red crimson duel disk.

Ganjigarame no sekai wo, Tobidasu nda!!! (To the bound world, I fly out!!!"

Both boys stare and grab their deck as they draw five cards.


The earth is seen as the sun emerges from one end to reveal one half of the planet of life, and the other of darkness.

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