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The Shining one enters

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The Shining one enters

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:29 am

“We will be arriving in Terminal City within 20 minutes, please be sure to collect all your possessions and belongings”. The voice from the intercom blared as the train speed its way towards Terminal City.The people in the train started moving around, grabbing their luggage in preparation for their destination.

A girl sitting in the train woke up as she heard the voice. She had short black hair and bright red eyes. She appears to be wearing a yellow and dark blue sweater , a red skirt and a red ribbon tied onto her hair. The girl stretched out and yawned for a brief moment.

“That dream again….”

She looked outside the window ,admiring the site of the outskirts it reminded her of home making her feel homesick. Thoughts ran through her head as she recalls the day she left home. A loud beeping noise from her cellphone broke the silence causing her to snap back into reality. She took a deep breath and checked her phone, and her eyes widened as she reads the message.

“Hey Yumi-chan I just got news that Ikki just got dispatched, He should be at the University at the moment so it’s like a said right? Nothing to worry about, oh and tell Ikki for me that I said “hello” kay?”

Mizuki Senna

Yumi sighed in relief she was hoping for news of her brother and was finally relieved after finding no way to contact him.


The voice from the intercom blared out again

“We have now entered Terminal Transit Hub, please remain seated while the train comes to a complete stop, once its done proceed in an orderly fashion when told so. Thank you and have a nice day”

The girl calmly picked her luggage and stepped out of the train, she stretched her arms then turned her gaze towards the city she was amazed by huge it was.

“Sugoi….So this is Terminal City, its not like back home”

As she admired the view for a bit then turned her gaze back at the entrance of the train. Behind her was a blue haired boy slowly walked he appears to be weak and tired. Yumi sighed as she walked closer to the boy.She patted the boy’s head and smiled.

“Are you ok Atsuro-kun? “

The boy looked up revealing his bright green eyes, he gave a weak smile to Yumi as he spoke in a quiet tone.

“Im fine Yumi-chan just a little "train sick" is all,”

As she looked at him, her eyes started to form a yellow ring around the pupils for a moment she looked at Atsuro thoroughly and sighed. Then she placed her palm on his head forming a yellow warm glow over her palm. After a few seconds the light faded away and so did the rings around her pupils.

“Feeling any better now?”

Atsuro nodded in response, and for that Yumi gave a gentle smile to the boy as she turned around and  both of them started walking towards the exit of the Transit Hub.As they left the complex Yumi pulled out a small map of Terminal city showing her their destination.

“It’s not far from here” She turns towards Atsuro “Shall we go then Atsuro-kun”

Atsuro hesitated for a moment but then spoke out.

“Are you sure about this? I mean didn't your brother warn you not go to Terminal university?”

Yumi shakes her head showing signs of disagreement “I know, I know, but…..” she then recalls memory of Hibiki being severely wounded from that accident,"For once i can do something for him, now that i have this.....i no longer a little girl from before" She then took a deep breath calming herself down and walked towards the bus that will take them to their next destination.

“I hope Oni-chan isn't getting into trouble like before......”

She turns around facing Atsuro maintaining her cheerful smile again.

“Well are you coming are not?!”

"Of course"
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