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Sudden Arrival! The Abyss's MASTER?!

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Sudden Arrival! The Abyss's MASTER?!

Post by Decade on Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:30 pm


Tsukiko sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Trust me it's not like I wanted this eith-"

"How dare you!! Do you really think I would allow such a thing!? My father may have agreed but don't think that applies to me!!"

"Like I said, I didn't ask fo-

"To think a hooligan like you would be allowed in here!! And as my new guard and servant? What was papa thinking!? After all you've done to my family name and body!?"

"Body?" Tsukiko blinked confused.

"I will not stand for this..this...HUMILIATION!! Just you wait boy!! Once I speak with papa, I'll have you thrown onto the streets and back into the dirt pile you crawled fr-


The figure looking at Tsukiko jumped back in shock and stared at him eyes wide. That was quickly overwritten though as anger took over.


"Oh trust me there's PLENTY more where that came from!!" Tsukiko shouted, his anger and frustration reaching its' peak. He had TRIED to be civil about this, but if this girl wanted him to snap at him like this, like HELL he would stand by and do nothing about it, "Right now just shut up and listen!! I didn't agree to this and I sure as HELL don't want to spend another minute in this place anymore than you do!! But I'm stuck here with this situation as are you!! So just shut up, get over it, and put a fucking lid on it!!!"

The woman's fist clenched as her body shook in complete fury and embarrassment.

" little...ingrate...primal...uncivilized..."

"What? Got a problem? Then bring it on lady. Cause if you want another beat down," Tsukiko simply put his hands in his pocket and smirked, "I'll be MORE than happy to deliver it."

A scream filled the area as the woman charged with a shining gleaming fist a-

"Lady Ariana? Lady Ariana please wake up."

A moan was heard as a blond-haired female stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes, revealing a pair of matching rubies.


"Sorry if I disturbed your rest madam, but-"

"It's fine" the young woman quickly spoke as she pushed herself off the leather seating and rubbed her eyes slightly to awaken, "What is it?"

"I just felt to inform you that we have now arrived within Terminal City."

At that all sleep instantly vanished as the ruby-eyed woman snapped up and looked out the window of the vehicle she was in. Her face filled with slight amazement and wonder at the technological advances she saw as well as the large skyscrapers. The amazement quickly vanished though as her eyes narrowed and her mouth formed a thin line.

"And our target destination?" she asked with a rather stern voice.

"Approximately fifteen minutes."


The mouth on the woman suddenly seemed to grow until it formed a smirk.

"VERY good.."

The eyes of the woman returned to the outside of the car window, as her fingers gently traced a sort of face in the glass.

"I finally found you. You may have convinced father with your words, but I will not let you go so easily. If you thought you could leave without a word or escape under my watch, then you have another thing coming. Because nobody, NOBODY, just leaves Ariana De La Gallian!!!"

The woman's hand then pulled away, to reveal an etched picture into the glass to resemble a spiky haired boy with a very serious looking face.

"Especially you, my stubborn little servant.
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