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Post by Blizzardqueen on Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:04 pm

BlizzardQueen's Characters Eclipse-yui1-ep3_zps5770b0f9

Musha Vermillion

Job:Waitress in local cafe
Personality: She is a sweat heart who cares about others around her, and loves to listen to nature itself including rain or merely the ocean waves. She also appears to like to be around other people including her friends playing card games or just hanging out with them.

Likes: Japanese style or Mid-eastern foods, Going swimming at the Beach/Lake, Listening to the Ocean waves, Yugioh/Cardfight Vanguard and Pumpkins
Dislikes: Insects, Self-righteous people, Dark Legends Deck, Being bored to death and Brown Beans.
Dreams: She dreams to be a Singer
Strengths: She is very intelligent, Strong-Willed, Kind-hearted, great listener, a great singer and tough
Weaknesses: She gets Embarrassed when friends see her at the Cáfe, Loses track of time alot, Gets angry easy and Has a Craving for chocolate and sweets.
Yugioh Decks: "Sliverthorn" Deck and "Baator" Deck
Vanguard Decks: Raizer "Nova Grappler" Deck and Revenger "Shadow Paladin" Deck

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