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TrueHeartKnight's Persona Character

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TrueHeartKnight's Persona Character

Post by Decade on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:40 pm

Name: Hikiko Kinoshita

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Weapon: Yumi Bow

Personality: Cold, Intellectual, Blunt, Polite, Bookworm, Never speaks unless spoken too, Enjoys quiet, Cares little for friendship, Helps others who require assistance

Mannerisms: Speaks in a calm and polite tone, observes and calculates situations before moving or acting

Quote: "If you wish to go around making friends be my guest, but do it yourself and away from me. I have always been fine on my own, and will continue to do so."

Bio: A second-year high-school student, Hikiko has always been an outcast when it comes to the social norm of a teenager. Never speaking to anyone unless addressed. Always studying and keeping to his books. Always at a distance from other students or teachers.

And especially, not having one person to call a friend.

Because of this, many of the students look upon him with weirdness and difference. Nobody tries to get close due to his quiet but cold nature, and those that have usually leave soon after. Others meanwhile try to make fun of or insult Hikiko, though with little success. None of the students even know where he lives or what his family is like.

Yet Hikiko does not mind this and actually prefers to be alone. When not in class he is usually found reading in either the library, or outside sitting beneath the Sakura Tree near the school. He is also sometimes found with the archery club, where he displays tremendous skills with a bow, though he has declined captain Haruna's offer to join several times.

Despite his distant and cold persona, Hikiko is willing to lend an ear or aid to those who need it, even if they are put off by his presence. Because of this there are some in the school who actually go to him when in need of help, whether it be for lessons, helping to create something, etc etc.


Name: Black Knight


Arcana: Moon

Crescent Bisect (Slash Skill/Deals light Slash damage to one foe.) HP: 9%
Cursed Hand (Almighty Skill/Drains 35 HP from one foe.) SP: 5

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: None
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