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Chrono Voyage (Rp Sign up)

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Chrono Voyage (Rp Sign up) Empty Chrono Voyage (Rp Sign up)

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:41 am

Here you can sign up for the Rp just fill in the character sheet and your good  to go.

Race: (Humans , Demi-Humans and androids any doubts pls ask Zaio for more info.)
Height: (not nessesary)
Weight: (not nessesary)
Occupation: (If any)
Apperance: (Image or description)
Features: (Scars, tattoo,etc.)
Era: (Example: 2000 A.D. (Note:For reference please use this link

Element: (Leave it blank for now as that will be judged during the RP)

Zaio Volnutt
Zaio Volnutt
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Name: Ryuji Tetsuo
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