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Chrono Voyage Reference Sheet (Time Periods)

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Chrono Voyage Reference Sheet (Time Periods)

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:46 am

Reference for each era (This will be updated so be sure to check).


Time Period:65 000 000 B.C.

In this time period two intelligent races existed together they were humans and the reptiles. However the reptile race believe to be far superior to humans so they declared war against them. The reptiles are far stronger than humans which leaded to most of the human civilisation to go under hiding.Only a handful of the human population stand against the tyranny of the reptiles.

Yari Village (Human resistance)
Plicat Cave (Reptile)
Ptera Canyon (Human hidden)

creatures: expect loads of dinosaurs in this era.

Middle age:

Time period: 600 A.D.

Your classical Fuedal japan kinda world however there are a few humans that are born with the ability to use magic ,dangerous creatures and demons exist in this era. In this era 5 clans rule over this continent and are goverened by a clan lord. However there they are under the rule of an emperor who resides in the central clan.

Seiryu (Human)
Byakko (Human)
Genbu (Human)
Suzaku (Human)
Kohryu (Human)

Creatures: Animals that you would normally see in real life, Goblins and demons

Present: 2000 A.D.

Just the average Tokyo city. Like the middle ages however a rare number humans are gifted with magic. Monarch system still exists in this era so the country is ruled by an emperor.

Creatures: Real life for now

Future: 2500 A.D.

This era the world is in ruins after a certain event in between the present and future the world is now filled with mutated monsters, ghosts, ghouls,robots and androids. Only a few number of humans still live in this era and are suffering from starvation due to no vegetation to grow food. Their only source of food are stored in Domes which are guarded by state of the art guard bots who are programmed to kill any intruders in site.

Neo Tokyo

Creatures: Mutants, Ghouls, androids etc.
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