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Tales of Yggdra: Prologue

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Tales of Yggdra: Prologue

Post by Weiss Schnee on Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:40 am

Prologue: The Scholar's Apprentice?

In the northwestern mountains of the Imperial Province, one would not expect to find anything of remote value. In fact, most travelers would have no reason to travel west past the Imperial Capital at all. However, a gem was certainly to be found within the mountains. Inside of one of the most western natural caves a city sprung up among the darkness. This city came to be known as Aspio. A city made for scholars, all the lighting in the city was made with magitechnology. The buildings themselves were small, since usually they would hold either a business or a single resident.

In this city, a young man of stout height walked about towards a store. His disheveled hair moving about as he scratched his head.  "I think I'm lost again......" His blue eyes looked around at the various people moving about. He sighed, feeling defeated, until he saw the particular establishment he was looking for. As he walked in, the strange scent off various liquids seemed to mix almost flawlessly with the natural smells of the city. The man behind the counter smiled as the boy entered. "Well, if it ain't Doon again. What can I help you with today?"

The now identified Doon walked forward and laughed slightly. "Yeah, I'm back again. Rita needed some extra test tubes."

The man seemed to sigh slightly. "Alright then. That'll be 1200 Gald." Doon paid the man, but their conversation continued as the tubes were packed carefully into a container. "I still don't know how you put up with that woman...but I won't complain. Dealing with you is a lot easier."

"Guess I'll take that as a compliment. And like I said before, I signed up for this. I'm going to see it through to the end."

"Well, whatever. It's your funeral, not mine." He finished packaging the test tubes and wished Doon a good day. After replying, he headed off. As Doon left the little shop, he couldn't help but entertain the words the shopkeeper said. My funeral, eh? I wouldn't doubt it....

Doon headed off towards the very edge of the town. Out this way, lights were few and far between. Because of this, he was forced to move a lot slower than he wanted to, especially considering what would happen if he was late. Eventually, he arrived at a house that would appear to only house on floor on the outside. It was but a small hut in shape, yet housed two small "floors" and a small basement storage. Doon walked up towards the door, and reached into his pocket for a key. Upon clutching the object, he raised it to the lock, and listened as it turned and the door swung free.

He walked in and closed the door behind him. The house's entrance held two different paths. One had a staircase leading upward to the main floor, while a side door acted as the way to the basement. Doon walked up the staircase and placed the bag down on a small table before cupping his hands around his mouth. "Rita! I'm back with the tubes!"

After a short time, Doon was about to shout again before he heard a response from the back room. "Intruder....."

Doon suddenly gasped. "Wait! Wait! it's-"

"Die!" Doon dropped to the ground and watched as 3 fireballs shot over his head and slammed into the wall behind him. Despite the fact the house was made of hardened wood, the fire did nothing more than scorch the walls. The wooden floor creaked as a girl came walking out from the back room. She had short brown hair, sea green eyes, and didn't appear to be older than 16. She sighed and readjusted her goggles. "'s just you." Her disappointment was clearly visible. She walked over and grabbed the bag.
Doon stood up and looked at her with a look of annoyance. "Would you for once bother to check who it is BEFORE you shoot off magic?!"

Rita walked away towards the back room with the tubes. "Finally...I can continue my research..."

Doon sighed. "And you didn't even hear me...." He walked back with her. Upon crossing the threshold of the door, Doon found himself almost trip over a book lying on the floor. As he took in the back room he could see the multileveled bookshelves were in a complete mess. It seemed as if Rita attempted to cause as much of a mess as possible while still maintaining a walkway through the room. Doon groaned, knowing he'd be the one that would be cleaning the mess up. "So...what's on the agenda today?"

Rita stopped and turned from the table she had set up with various instruments, some of which Doon could only guess the purpose of. "Well, first...I'm going to finish studying these mineral samples we picked up from around Zaphias. Then, we're going to continue your lessons. Though, honestly I should probably just give up. You're completely useless..." She sighed and turned back to her work.

"Hey! If I remember last time, you said I made a lot of progress."

Rita nodded. "Yes. I would say you're almost as good as an 8 year old mage." She seemed to pay no mind to his groan.

"Nothing I do seems to be good enough..." He walked away and began to pick up the tomes scattered throughout, putting them back in place. His eyes stopped on a particular book he had never seen before. "Ancient Arts: Forgotten Magics of the Past"...why'd you pick up this book?"

Rita sighed, as if the answer was obvious. "Recently I have been detecting a lot of fluctuations in Mana around here. Specifically Mana related to the Summon Spirits."

"You mean like Efreet, Undine, and such, right?"

"Of course I do! Dear Martel, have you learned nothing in these two years?"

Doon's eyes narrowed as he looked back at Rita. "Of course I have! But maybe it would help if I actually felt like you cared about me at all, rather than me just being a slave!"

It was Rita's turn to get angry. "Slave? I have treated you as nothing less than my assistant. Which is exactly your job description if I remember. THIS is why I should have never agreed..." She sighed in exasperation. Before Doon could respond, a voice broke their argument.

"Umm...Ms. Mordio?" The unfortunate soul was almost barbecued by a flurry of fire balls.

"What the hell is it now?!"

The man was revealed to be an Imperial Messenger. "Umm..I have a message from Commander Scifo..."

Rita sighed. "And just WHAT does Flynn want?" The messenger handed her a letter. After she finished reading it, she turned to Doon. "We're heading off to the Capital."

Doon looked confused. "Ummm, not to sound bad...but why? You never told me you knew one of the Four Fangs."

Rita frowned. "I wouldn't say we're close. But there's an Elven Ambassador in Zaphias asking for the best Mage in the Empire. So, obviously they want me."

The messenger looked up. "So, you'll go? Great! We'll be ready to escort you as soon as you're ready." He quickly left.

Doon sighed. "I suppose this means I have to pack everything?"

Rita turned to him with a fierce expression. "I'm not done with you quite yet. Just remember that." She walked off, presumably to get ready. Doon nodded, mostly to himself as he began to pack everything they would need.

It was beginning to hit the middle of the afternoon when Doon finished. He walked outside of the house carrying a bag that seemed to be ripping at the seams. The soldiers that were there seemed almost concerned, but one quick glance from Rita made them back off. "He carries the stuff." Doon almost wanted to laugh at the notion she only trusted him with her stuff.

Eventually, they began to head off towards Zaphias, which took no time at all considering the carriage they were riding on. Rita would occasionally grab a book from her bag, but the trip seemed peaceful enough. Other than the fact the soldiers seemed tense to the tenth power.

Doon mustered the courage to ask. "Umm, is something wrong?"

The soldier turned to him and almost seemed surprised he cared. "What? Oh...well..." He seemed almost hesitant to speak before a nod from his supposed superior calmed him down. "Ms. Mordio was not our first choice. In fact, all of the court wizards attempted to approach the Ambassador. She did not even speak to any of them."

Another soldier cut in. "In fact, the only person she's talked to is Captain Scifo."

Rita scoffed. "Sounds like an Elf alright. Once she sees me she'll realize she's found what she's looking for." Doon rolled his eyes at that statement. The carriage started to slow down. "Oh? are we already here?" Doon hoped not. He wanted the bliss to last just a little longer.
Unfortunately for Doon, they were indeed there. Zaphias was quite a sight to behold. Being the capital of the Aiserian Empire would hold some merit, but the city would always prove to look better in person. Doon had never actually been in the city proper before.

The city itself was divided into two Quarters. The Lower Quarter was where the poor of the city came from, and where a friend of Rita's apparently was born in. It also held an old fountain that contained a blastia core that delivered water all throughout.

While the houses were partially in shambles, the buildings were still holding. The stained cobblestone remained true to it's intent; Built to house more residents than a normal building could hold. While this Quarter was the most populace, it was not on Doon's list of places to learn. The traffic coming in and out of the city was especially terrible today, as the soldiers had to order multiple crowds to part to allow them through.

Doon looked to the stares they got with the same indifference he always had. He had gotten used to it rather fast, considering Rita was a partial celebrity. He found it funny that someone as reclusive and violent as her had fans, but he supposed weirder things had happened.

As they headed through, Zaphias Castle loomed overhead as a stalwart watcher to everything that happened in the city. The Upper Quarter was, as one would expect, much nicer than the area they were leaving. The Senate and Emperor spared no expense too great to transform the Upper Quarter into the highlight of life in the country. Nearby the castle was a large barracks that would hold the Emperor's personal forces. It's structure was rigid, and seemed to yield nothing to the imagination.

Doon cast a sad look at the impressive houses that dotted the area. “Place seems nice…” He could definitely lament at the fact he basically lived in poverty compared to these people. Rita’s indignant attitude seemed to shine through no matter what, however.

“I’ve seen better,” was all she could say. It seemed to take forever before they actually arrived at the castle itself.  After a brief wait, a man came to meet them. He had styled blond hair, blue eyes, and wore the fancy outfit of an Imperial Captain. He turned to Rita and smiled softly. “Rita. It’s nice to see you.”

She immediately brushed past him. “Where is this ambassador? I want to get this over with.” It seemed she didn’t care for his response, as she kept going. The man sighed and muttered, “Seems she still hates me…”

Doon walked forward towards the man. “You must be Captain Scifo.”

He nodded and bowed slightly. “Captain Flynn Scifo. Pleasure to meet you.”

Doon returned the bow. “It’s nice to meet you too. Doon Reynard. I’m…..Rita’s assistant. It would be nice if you could show us where the ambassador is.”

Flynn nodded. “Of course. Right this way.” Doon, and eventually Rita, were led down corridor after corridor until eventually they arrived at a certain room. It appeared to house a small table complete with areas to hold utensils for signing treaties and the like. There was a woman standing near the table reading some documents. She had long dark blue hair, and bewitching red eyes. She had a long slender figure, and her elven ears were completely visible.

The outfit she wore seemed to be more akin to a normal adventurer’s garb rather than an ambassador. When the group walked in, she turned on a dime. She blinked slightly and smiled. “Ah. I see you found the mage I was looking for.”

Flynn nodded, and Rita began to walk forward. “Yes. The best mage in the Empire.”

The Elf nodded, and began to walk forward. However, she walked toward Doon rather than Rita. “Hello. My name is Daeris Lithron. I called you here because Heimdall is in need of your assistance.”

Doon blinked as his mind took a second to process it. “Umm….excuse me?!”

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